Tennessee Titans Offensive eBook

Ebook in video Format:


Here’s a quick guide to coverages (outside of the 1 play TDs)

Cover 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RpCsN3V8gk

-Down the middle (posts, TE streaks thrown w/ inside lead)

-Sideline WR fades with a TE streak and an out route from middle WR in trips. Or PA sideline fade.

-Deep corners (flood concepts)

Cover 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWLK6DrrLio

-Seam routes (between safety and corner, thrown earlyish)

-Flood concepts (streak, corner, flat on 1 side)

-smart routed outs

-comeback routes

-if it’s pressed, streaks with John Ross

Cover 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etz0ZwNaZhg

-curl/flat combo

-short patterns and rac it

-flood patterns with a trailing in route to distract user

-if it’s pressed, streaks with John Ross


-smart routed outs


-Ohio concepts

-Streak/In route combo (dig)

Man Coverage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCihoVv1c3U

Cover 0 Man w/ cloud flats




-”chair” routes

-”speed” routes (rounded cuts)

-wheel routes

-In’s and Out’s smart routed to the first down marker on long downs

Cover 0 all out blitz (i.e. mid-blitz)



-block everyone and chair route

-block everyone and a post route

-speed routes

-Motion routes (HB swing passes)

Cover 1 Man (watch the deep safety, see if he moves)


-”chair” routes

-”speed” routes (rounded cuts)

-wheel routes

-In’s and Out’s smart routed to the first down marker on long downs

Cover 2 Man




-”Speed” routes (rounded cuts)

-In’s and Out’s smart routed to the first down marker on long downs

How to read this breakdown: top to bottom from left to right with vigor. Also, when there is a “-” or a number, that means it’s a second (or more) set up on the same play. The (*/10) is my rating of the formation. If I were you I would learn the higher rated formations first.


Wing Tight (4/10)

Runs are below average except the belly weak – It’s a strong one. The other runs will get 2-3 yards mostly b/c it’s 1 on 1 blocking so you need to hope for no blocksheds.

PA Roll Lt – Streak TE on left, drag TE on right. Make user decide between C route and post route. Or go underneath.

-With no blocking HB: Streak both TEs, out route HB.

PA Misdirection –

  1. Streak TE on left, In route far TE. Look deep corner to drag route to trailer
  2. Streak inside TE on right, out route far right TE, in route WR. look crosser to out route

Wing Pair (6/10)

HB Dive is good if you cut it far to the left. Or just find the opening based on the D.

HB inside zone is okay but dive is better

Stretch is not bad at all flipped weak. Strong stretch only if advantage

Power has too many bodies to block strong side. Run weak it’s okay but check bodies.

Counter works well

TE Attack – run it stock. A beautiful 4-verts play. Watch the user and throw away from it.

PA TE Seam – in route far TE, streak WR. Watch crossers and check down if needed

PA Sprint HB Flat – Steak near TE, throw to HB out of backfield

PA X burst Cross – In route curl TE, throw to HB out of backfield

Any pass play – swing HB left, drag TEs for improvised screen

TE Drive – Stock, make your reads, speed route by TE beats man easily. Post route good against cover 2

Singleback Ace U Off (1/10) – nothing we can’t get elsewhere

Singleback Ace Close (1/10) – nothing that’s not better in deuce close

Deuce Close (9/10)

Great formation because it’s balanced so you can flip the play (X+RT) to switch the direction without the opponent noticing you flipped it.

Bench – run it stock or curl HB for quicker middle option. Read TE out to WR corner route to RB. Throw to side away from user.

TE Angle – block RB. Read Streak to corner to drag to trail. Leaving RB on a swing is fine but would rather have blocker. Can motion RB right/left to pick up a blitz but it’s not needed in 18 since RBs are smarter than 17.

PA Misdirection – block RB.

  1. Streak TE near corner, drag other TE
  2. Out route TE near corner
  3. Streak route TE near post, out route TE

PA Stretch shot is okay, others have had more success on it than I. Does okay against 0-man coverage if you block HB. Make sure it’s a guy with good route running.

Good runs in order are HB Wham, HB Stretch, Counter Wk, HB Zone weak. Wham and stretch are great and should be run 80% of the time.

Singleback Wing (5/10)

HB Dive is awesome

26 Duo is okay. HB dive has faster handoff

The counter is okay, pretty bad so far as counters go

Close PA Sail –

  1. Streak WR, Streak inside TE, Slant middle TE, read hi-lo on user
  2. Comeback route to far WR, he’ll be 1 on 1 in a cover 2 or anything not a purple route

PA Misdirection

Stock is fine – read the user but don’t forget the backside Z route, it’s decent. Smart route it.

TE Attack – Drag far right WR for a really good levels concept

Wing slot (7/10)

PA FL Dive – The reason this formation is good. Block HB, In route outside WR. Corner gets open if you let it. Post route is really nice. Throw bench right away if it’s open. Make them respect the short part of the field.

-To Beat cover 4 – streak HB, motion out right. In route far WR. Same reads as above.

U Drive Check – Our back to the left play. Block or swing HB left (for easy few yards) then just read. Drag routes are good unless usered. If usered low, go post high on cover 2.

-Cover 4 – “Smart Route” Post and it’ll be under cover 4 safeties. But drag route should be okay

X-curl – only against cover 4. Stock works

PA Post Shot

-Cover 2 – post route in the middle of it. Drag outside TE for levels

-Cover 3 – 1 play TD, streak slot, roll out right.

-Cover 4 one play TD –  inside post is the winner. Out route TE, roll out right and wait.

-Cover 4 – drag outside TE, drag far WR and pick the level. The post and TE crosser are decent

Slot Post – Streak outside TE, drag outside WR, block HB. The TE on a check and release will take responsibility for blocking then let go of DE a lot so leaving him on that assignment is playing with fire.

PA WR Fork – Can hold right trigger for early get off of play action. Speed out from WR- Can be motioned across with clearout streak from TE to open middle for him. Post against cover 2.

Setup – Streak outside TE, slant inside TE, motion across Slot.

PA Boot Left – Solid play if d is expecting right pass or run. Corner gets deep and opens lane for TE underneath.

Runs – Toss, motion Bryant over, like you’re setting up the PA WR Fork. Otherwise Toss is bad w/o motion. Even then it’s not the greatest. Flipping the run you need to motion over TE or motion inwards the slot WR for crackback block.

Zone weak is only good if your opponent is usering the guy you’re running at. It freezes the other LBs off the LOS. Might be play rec issue? But try and run it so the inside zone isn’t pointing directly at a DT.

Stretch is okay either way. Depends on if the opponent respects the dive

HB misdirection (flipped) is solid. Flipping needs to be done backwards though lol.

Wing stack (5/10)

Titans Spot Stick – Motion inside WR out, streak him. Max protect, drag inside TE. Deep corner.

PA Fork – solid Man beating route, see wing slot for set up.

4 Verts – throw quick to outside WR at snap against cover 3

PA Power O – The power play of this formation. Backside post destroys man and cover 2. Out route TE and look to bench concept that side first. Can motion out the slanting WR for a better levels concept to distract user.

Under – 1. fade outside WR, drag inside TE, block RB. Levels concept. Post route TE is great.

  1. Leave stock.

Runs – HB Belly weak is good

Bunch ace (3/10)

FL Drive – motion bunch WR across, streak. Deep corner or trail routes

PA End Around – Stock

PA Boot Slide – either stock or streak lone WR

4 verts – motion out bunch WR, hit early against 3 or 4 and late against 2.

PA Fork Shot – streak TE, drag backside WR. Pick post or corner depending on user. Otherwise drag is gonna be wide open.

Trips Y Slot (2/10) Only 1 play is great, but it’s really great

PA Slot Cross Shot – Stock works – Get speedy WR on the post route and it beats cover 3 over the top. Also will beat 2 and 4. I dragged WR on far right for my in game adjustment as a check down.

WR Screen, wait a half beat before throwing but nice because no fake handoff.

Slot Wheel – Man beater, speed route from TE

Singleback Doubles


Z Post Y Out – 6 yard line, hot route Right WR, drag slot His post stays along back of end zone

-10 yard line – Far left WR runs to back of End Zone on speed in

PA Zone Shot –

Cover 3- one play TD, comeback route lone WR, streak Slot.

Cover 4 – one play TD, comeback route lone WR, leave other two alone.

PA Y Corner – Cover 0/1 Beater on the chair route. Other side flood concept

I Form

I FORM SLOT (6/10) Best I Form Passes in Book

Toss cannot be flipped, pretty bad.

Y Cop – Streak outside WR, swing/out route HB or FB. Deep corners are amazing right now.

PA Ctr Shot – Slant TE for levels look. Can swing HB for check down

PA Cross F Wheel -Great crossers. Streak TE, out route FB

FB Flare might be okay for beating 2 or 3 in seam. Flood concept on right

Post Wheel Shot – good play for getting under 2/4. Smart route the Z route. Can slant/drag inside WR. Option route HB for check down.

PA Sprint HB Flat – Pass lead down the post route

I Form Tight (3/10 limited use in pass game)

26 Duo is a good run

PA Titans Shot – check the WR route if it beats cover 4

Y-Dig – same question. Also check TE speed route, motion it over?

HB Pass lol

I Form Wing (2/10)

Post Shot – Very similar to the other post shot plays

HB Power G – it’s okay this year. Power-O still better IMO

PA Spot is okay on the goal line, the WR is along the back of the end zone line

Strong/Weak I

Strong Pro (4/10)

26 Duo is a good run.

Counter is solid

DBL Pump n Go’s is for cover 0/1 man coverage and the only reason to be in this formation outside of 26 duo.

FB middle is meh but it’s an angle route and they’re pretty solid this year.

Z close PA sail is okay with the post and sail concept

Z Close F-Flat is good for the TE post

Z close F-Trail is fun

PA Slide and PA Sprint HB pass are okay to throw quick to RB/FB

Strong Wing (?/10) – I need to test these Wing plays more

PA Sprint HB Flat is legit a power play – Streak inside TE and you have PA end around from 15

Post shot to throw a curveball off HB flat. A left play to go against the right side attack of the PA Sprint play.

Power O and Counter weak are solid runs. Their effectiveness will be what makes this playbook work.

Weak Wing (2/10)

Exact same as Strong Wing and Pistol Weak I Wing. Test which runs work the best for you.


Pistol Weak I Wing (2/10)

PA Boot Slide – streak TE, Smart route post

Post Shot – Smart route post

HB Power O and Counter Weak are the runs that will make this formation work or not.

But the same plays as Weak Wing and Strong Wing

Pistol Strong Slot Open (0/10)


I don’t talk about runs much in the shotgun formations. Make sure and mix them in though. The inside zones, draws, 0-1’s and others aren’t half bad.

Gun Slot Offset (7/10)

PA HB Swing – Not as good as other motion screens but still solid if your opponent isn’t expecting it with his user. Good play to “throw around” blitzes

Mtn Inside Zone – get the user chasing the swing and inside zone him. Normally pretty solid with a vacated user.

HB Cross Screen – another play set up off the Swing, solid screen if the user chases, dead in the water if they hold theirs

Mtn Y Cross – Another play that sets up off the swing screen, drag the far WR if zone as the In Route at 15 yards sits evenly with hook curls and neither route will be any good if the user holds and another hook curl is near.

Shakes – C routes and HB flat routes, what’s not to like? Well I haven’t had the greatest luck with this play this year. It should work better than it has though. An enigma at the moment.

Gun Wing Slot offset (9/10)

Any play – streak inside TE, Streak HB, flat route outside TE. Hit RB quick for small gain

Inside zone is solid but not the best, motion over TE for better run. Will set up motion with other plays.

Ohio Spacing – only use against cover 4

PA Jailbreak Screen – Not as amazing as other jailbreaks but still okay if the user doesn’t recognize it and is in zone coverage

PA Double Post – Best play in the formation – TE corner and slot post are great.

  1. Out-route inside TE, drag backside WR for checkdowns.
  2. Drag outside TE for levels concept
  3. Motion across TE on the crossing pattern. Will be out pattern now. Good to confuse for inside zone and will get to the flats on a unique route. Great on short side of field. -With TE motion it’s a Cover 2 killer down sidelines with outside WR fade since TE sucks zone down.
  4. Slant inside post, smart route outside post. Quick throw to outside post
  5. Slant outside post, motion in, snap right behind post route, baits user. Can’t be done on short side of field for some reason.

Stick Nod Vertical –

  1. Motion across Slot for the post. Smart route it, streak stick nod TE, slant outside TE, look levels
  2. Smoke screen outside WR and look to corner route, it’s almost unstoppable. Short side of field it’s good. In route outside TE to distract user

Wheel Post Drag –

  1. Best way to run is to in/slant slot, smart route the Z route (if 10 yards and under on down marker) and look for levels concept. Block HB or put on out route.
  2. Motion slot across, wait for it to open up in the middle on wheel
  3. Smart route Z route, slant slot, motion slot across, snap while it’s in motion for delayed slant. watch levels concept

Any play to kill coverages

  1. Streak slot, curl route outside WR, Streak outside TE, block HB and inside TE. Motion WR in a step and hike it. Pass lead outside or inside depending on coverage.

Gun Trips TE Offset (8/10)

DO NOT USE PA BUBBLE or SCAT, route is broken (could be beneficial but it’s unpredictable)

WR screen is okay

Inside zone and 0-1 trap are good runs

Any Play – kills cover 3/4 – Streak inside WR, curl outside WR, slant or drag middle WR. Pass lead WR outside. Extreme Speed needed on inside WR. Worked in online H2H, practice mode a little tougher.

PA Crossers

  1. 1 play TD against cover 3, fast guy at middle WR, streak inside WR, slant route underneath for check down. Wait until the middle WR gets behind the far cornerback.
  2. 1 play against 4 – streak inside WR, slant middle, wait for outside to get over the top. Pass lead right. Wide side of field is easiest but any part works
  3. Drag TE and read crossing routes – middle WR generally good if you throw quick in the seam against 3 or wait until in the middle against 2.

X Under

  1. Drag middle WR, look levels, all routes hit tender area. First look is HB to TE then to post route
  2. Streak inside WR (optional only to distract safety), smoke route outside WR. Look corner to flat on left. Corner is OP right now.


  1. Look seam in cover 3 or post, otherwise check down to drag. Optional to slant far WR for other option across middle

Gun doubles HB WK (3/10)

PA Read – leave stock or block HB, read zone coverage and hit open guy. Cover 3 the comeback, cover two the post.

Strike HB seam – C routes and flat routes, what’s not to love

PA Jailbreak screen – the only reason to run this formation as it’s the best Jailbreak in the playbook. Mix in the other plays to keep opponent honest.

Gun Bunch (5/10)

It’s not the greatest bunch in the game. Worse than last year’s Titans Gun Bunch.

Y Curl – Option route HB, sucks down LB, hit WR going in the seam

Verticals – motion outside WR, hit early against cover 3 or 4 and late against cover 2 once he’s over top the zone. Can slant lone WR for other route across middle

Corner strike –

  1. Motion outside WR out and hit early against cover 3. Otherwise check levels on left and right. Quick throw to TE and HB in flat are great to rac catch a few yards.

-corner routes are decent if you can hit the tight window or they are playing underneath coverage.

-on short side of field, RB flat route is nice even against hard flats, can still pick up a couple yards unless manned up.

Bench Pivot is good against cover 3 as the out route gets out there quick. Streak middle WR – can hit him over the top in cover 3 with pass lead outside

Mesh –

  1. Streak Middle WR – Corner route is as close to money as you’ll get. Otherwise check down to TE/drag
  2. Streak Middle WR, Motion outside WR across formation, Slant far left WR, block HB, watch crossing levels as there is a lot of space across the field.

Gun Tight Flex (10/10) Best Formation in the book

Some competitive Madden players only stay in this formation the whole game.

PA Post Shot –

  1. Run it stock or in route the outside right WR for a shorter check down
  2. Drag TE, optional motion right WR out a step for a deeper cross. Streak RB out of backfield for a nice behind coverage throw. Or out route him to hit flats. (I like blocking him most but out route is popular)
  3. Block TE (motion across to stop a blitz) and playmaker crossing route up the field. You don’t even need to block TE to get the playmaker cheese
  4. Motion inner post route across – flat route TE and look to corner. (we have other similar motion below)

Slot curl – Stock, block RB. Can smart route corner to first down marker and In route TE and Smart Route him to first down for a better levels concept.

Double Spot –

  1. Streak WR on HB side, out route WR on other side for bench concept and flood concept on the two sides.
  2. motion left corner across, drag outside right WR, In route left WR, block HB

-user has to choose corner or post

        -look in route first, crossing post 2nd, corner 3rd.

        -Can also streak route HB for dump off

Inside Hi Lo – Good against cover 2, either the post route or the wheel route beats those zones. Quick outside throw to wheel works against cover 3 or 4 if the opponent doesn’t have guy very close.

Bench – solid on its own. Can do a backside in if you want to throw off opponent.

Cross – The Outside WR cross gets to a tender area. Can motion him out if wanted.

-Streak RB for a nice outlet behind crosses

Gun Dbls Y-Flex Offset (6/10 -1 play that’s truly glitchy)

Fork Wheel – this is glitchy – two posts and a deep corner. Love this play. Smart route Z route, block HB, drag slot. Go ahead, make my day.

Corner strike – motion the two WR side C route towards the LOS. Best on short side of field. Streak slot guy, drag other slot, Optional: back side WR to In Route Smart Routed

Y-Shallow Cross – Good for beating 0 Man coverage

Angle Smash – only reason to run it is angle route from HB

Gun Trey Open (4/10 near goal line it’s got good back of end zone pass plays)

Comeback Under – 2 speed routes to beat man coverage – motion middle WR across and you have two good options against man

Read Dig – Speed in route to beat man coverage

Y-corner near the goal line is the money play. Block HB, smart route TE, look for him in the corner. Backside WR on In route is great too. Read him to underneath ins as second reads.

PA Read also has a bunch of end line routes near goal line

Read Dig is good on the goal line – smart route lone WR, block HB

Trail shake is okay. Used to be better in Madden’s past.

Gun Empty Base Flex (2/10)

Y Corner – drag the hitch WR for levels concept

Middle Hi Lo – beats cover 2 but good luck going against cover 2 in 5 wide

WR screen – solid, only reason to run this 5 wide as it’s pretty trash overall

QB draw – another solid play that your opponent might not expect. Make sure and cover the ball though.

Here’s an imgur post for a quick guide of the book: https://imgur.com/a/QXpE4

Shoutout to @TheBabyCreamer on twitter for putting together the quick guide

That’s it. Good luck everyone!

Gutfoxx’s guide to the Run and Shoot Offense Madden 16

This is the hardest playbook to master in Madden and you will throw a lot of interceptions when you are learning it. Do not expect quick results but do not be discouraged. It will come with time.

The Run and Shoot playbook is based completely on reading the defense pre-snap, post-snap and figuring out what your opponent is doing. So paying attention to his defense is paramount. You can not go into zombie mode and just throw the ball to a route, because either it’s going to break funny on you or you’ll make the wrong read. The option routes break depending on what coverage is called so it’ll take extra time to learn them but having the knowledge of what your WRs are doing to take advantage of coverages is very advantageous.

The only defense I’ve struggled against with this is a cover 3 nanoer that can stop the inside zone. If you are facing this very common defense, you need to beat it the way you do with a more traditional offense, flat routes and quick passes. Luckily most of the Run and Shoot has an RB blocking so the concepts aren’t reliant on an RB catching the pass when you need him to block the nano along with slide protection.

Please see this post on how to read defenses, you will need to know this to succeed with this offense.

This playbook needs very specific personnel to work.

I suggest 90 LP style for the added accuracy,  pass blocking and route running. The route running is key.

QB – No specific archetype. Get the best one you can afford. Throw power and accuracy is needed but accuracy will be boosted by LP. Mobility is a big plus against drop-8 coverages.

RB – Ideally a rotation of good backs. Your main should have good pass blocking, speed, all around solid stats. A speed back for arrow routes, a 3rd down receiving back and a power back for FB dives and the like.

FB – Not used in this playbook except kickoffs/kick returns and goal line. Go cheap here.

Wide receivers are the most important part of this playbook. You’ll always have 4 on the field so good depth at each spot is needed for fatigue reasons.

WR #1 – Tall spec catch guy, some speed. Needs to be able to stretch the defense. Run blocking for inside zone is a plus.

WR #2 – Same as #1.

WR #3 – SPEED (high 90s), Route Running (91 or more so LP over 90 means >96 RR) Combine Cooks is the ideal here.

WR #4 – Same as #3 (MVP Tavon Austin is very good here)

TE – Not used in this playbook except in kickoffs/kick returns and goal line.

Offensive line – Pass blocking, awareness and mobility is needed in that order. But with 90 LP you get +5 boost to pass blocking. So having a slightly better run blocker than pass blocker is okay. I would suggest having some backup o-linemen because they can get tired quickly in this offense.

Here is the artwork to help you visualize every play


Look at the play art in the link above or on your practice field. I’ve listed how each of them break against the different coverages. If I say “Cover 4 – Curl” Then in the option pattern, the player is running a curl route instead of the other choices presented. If I want you to audible I will say it.

And there is a lot of crossover between formations with the route combos they offer. The option routes behave the same no matter if you are in Pistol or Shotgun, just know what they do and you should be set when scrolling through menus.

Pistol Trips Open

Levels Switch

-Glitch against press man 2 or any man coverage. Best play in the game against man coverage IMO.

-Audible Drag inside Trips WR

-Audible Swing HB right (clearout of MLB)

-Middle WR has unbumpable crazy separation route. Need Speed and Route running. Combine Cooks is amazing here with LP style.

Four Verticals (hot route)

-Audible backside to a drag route.

-If you see one high free safety the middle WR should be open once it passes the yellow zones in cover 3. If they audible extra defenders deep, throw the drag.

PA Boot (hot route)

-levels concept. Find the most open WR crossing the field

Slot Corner

-A good “Sail” Concept (streak, corner, flat) but the funky corner route I’ve seen beat man at times although it’s not an amazing concept against it.

-Audible Streak Far Trips WR. Against press man, Audible RB to Check and release and inside Trips WR to Slant. Motion Middle WR in then snap so not pressed. Check and release can be great if LB assigned to RB gets engaged with OL.

PA Verticals

Cover 4

-Audible, Swing HB right

-Motion lone streak in

-Hit WR when it crosses formation

Cover 2

-Hit middle WR in the post

Cover 3

-Audible Streak Inside WR

-Audible Curl Far Right WR

-Audible Block HB

-Touchdown if defense doesn’t adjust and you read safety well.


Read Option

-Watch the DE and if he hesitates hold A to give to RB.

-IMO Read option is dead with mobile QBs. DE doesn’t bite at high levels of competition any more. You just have dive here which is only okay.

HB Dive

-With a spread defense I’ve seen some very good success with this play. Need to be quick through hole though because wide defenses collapse very hard.

HB Counter

-Another okay run. Counters just develop too slow this year with fast defenders. Haven’t had great success with this run.

Pistol Trips 4WR

61 X Choice

Cover 4

Far left WR – Out route – Good choice – Only 4 yards though

Middle WR – In route – longer to develop and can be tight window. Only throw if user chases in route.

Far right has a 1 on 1. SS stays with in route

-Read high low if you don’t hit out route immediately

Cover 3

Far left WR – Out route – Good choice depending on flat coverage

Middle WR – In route – meh, 2 hook zones make it hard to squeeze.

Far right has a 1 on 1

Short in route for a couple yards works.

Cover 2

DESTROYS IT – Everything is set up to get the middle WR free on the post route

Far left WR – Streak

Middle Trips WR – Post – Hit it when it gets open across the middle. Pass lead up.

If heat’s coming quick, hit short route.

Cover 2 man

Same routes as cover 2 zone. Streak on left, Post in Middle

Audible drag close trips WR and hit him

Hit post route if they get a good release. And even if they don’t with the speed and RR you should get separation between the safeties.

Against Mike Scrape (guide created before patch)

Throw far left.

-If they audible them to flat route, WR goes on auto streak for TD.

WR on left only runs slant when there is no underneath coverage like engage 8. And only against cover 3 or 4 over the top coverage, any hook or flats take him out of his hot slant.

60 Slide – Smart Route Trips Option routes for better depth (on 1st and 10 or equivalent)

Cover 2

Streaks on outside

Post route in center is money (remember to smart route) Float pass over MLB

Cover 2 man

Lone WR – Curl

Wide trips WR – Streak

Near Trips WR – Post

Middle Trips WR – Drag route – audible it.

Cover 3

Lone WR – streak

Near Trips – streak

Outside trips curl for curl flat combo.

Streak in seam is risky but better yards.

Curl flat combo is easy money if you read it correctly but fewer yards than seam route.

Cover 4

Lone WR – Curl

Wide Trips – Curl

Near Trips – Curl

Not the greatest against cover 4 but the curls all provide an outlet underneath the coverage.

60 Go – Not the best

Cover 2

Middle Trips WR – Post Route – Smart route for deeper post, pass lead up.

Cover 2 Man

Middle Trips WR – Post Route – Smart route for deeper post, pass lead up

Cover 3

Middle Trips WR – Seam route

Cover 4

Middle Trips WR – Curl route – Curl Flat combo.

Curl Flat Corner

Streak B – Sail Concept, not a sharp breaking corner route unfortunately but it goes deep and beats zone coverages. Just takes a little bit more to develop making it easier to user.

Z Spot

Streak B – Sail Concept – much sharper than curl flat above but shallower. Smart route for better depth.

Middle Slant

C-Route against man

Curl flat combo on right to beat zone

I’ve come to like this play. It’s better out of the shotgun sets though due to the arrow route from the HB there.

Pistol Spread

60 H Y Option

Motion WR on the short pattern to other side to create trips

Cover 2

A WR (post/in choice) – Post route – Hit it with Pass lead up and you have a TD

Y WR – Drag

Cover 2 Man

A WR – Post route

Y WR – out route

Cover 3

A WR – Square In

Y WR – drag

Cover 4

A WR – Square In

Y WR – non-motioned: hitch, motioned: drag

60 X Option

Cover 2

X receiver – Streak

Hit WR going for middle with middle lead to split the safeties or outside right WR, Chose based on safety position.

Cover 2 man

X receiver – slant

Hit either of the crossers as they should get separation from their men going across the field.

Cover 3

X receiver – Slant

Hit WR in seam

-or hit underneath drag. Or wait for outside slant and bullet it between defenders. It’s risky though. Need to throw the ball as the WR is crossing behind the DB/LB in the yellow zones or the other one will pick it.

Cover 4

X WR – Hitch – Not terrible if the flat zone doesn’t get underneath too quick. Not ideal though.

Cover 0 Blitz

X WR – Streak

Fade Smash – Against cover 4 only

Streak Both left WRs, can drag far right WR if you want something quick.

Hit crossing patterns underneath cover 4

RNS Switch Dig

Streak inside switch route, drag inside WR on other side. – Wait until crosser gets behind cover 4 for auto TD.

RNS Post Drag

Streak Middle right WR

Slant far right

Wait until far left WR crosses formation – large gain



Gun Trips HB Weak – Inside Zone, Option routes from above


This play has a routes that beat every coverage in game.

C-Route and Arrow route for man. (Fast HB on arrow to beat LB to sideline needed)

Audible – Streak inside trips WR to beat zone coverage with corner route.

PA Read

Effective with an overaggressive user at Safety. The Far right route should get open deep against man otherwise the underneath routes are okay.

Corner Strike

Similar look to smash just with 2 c-routes now.


Streak middle trips WR. –Destroys cover 4 with enough time. You all should know this play by now.

Inside Zone

We have very few runs in this playbook but this one is the best in the game and makes the whole thing tick. This will be the basis of this whole Gun Trips HB Weak formation. Run this then the option routes talked about above in the Pistol Sets

-Run blocking WRs are a must for inside zone. Sub in or get some that can do it all.

HB Screen

Self-explanatory – Should be used once a game to keep user honest.

Singleback Spread

PA Slot Crosses – Crossing patterns should be open against most coverages. Throw the one away from user defender.

61 X Choice

See above

60 Go

See above but the motion causes a very fast flat route.

Very nice in combo with the 61 X choice because it mixes up the user.

Flanker Dig

Streak Inside switch route for auto TD against cover 4.

Arrow route to HB is really good.

0-1 Trap

Great run against spread defenses.

Singleback Trips WR

PA FL Stretch

Levels concept again.

Let me know if you guys find anything else in this playbook. Thanks for reading guy!

Offensive E-Book Madden NFL 16 Tennessee Titans

Today we go over how to vertical and inside zone out of the Tennessee Titans playbook along with some adjustments you can use to defeat different defenses.

The true power of this playbook relies on the fact that inside zone and verticals are stock audibles in many of the shotgun sets.

Alternate title: I share some of my favorite plays not named inside zone and verticals, but also talk about inside zone and verticals.

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Dime Flat E-Book – Madden NFL 16

Today Embry and I go through the 46 playbook and talk a lot about how to play the Dime Flat vs various offenses. We also go through the 46 normal and 4-4 defense.

The Dime Flat is only in the Gold playbooks, the 4-3, 46 and Cover 2

Embry is a top 20 player on Xbox One currently and has a deep knowledge of the game. I was #blessed that he agreed to do this video. Thanks Embry!

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-You can find scripts and budget teams here

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gutfoxx
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Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/gutfoxx
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