TheCrayonsMelt Interview

0:27 – What’s Crayon’s favorite Crayon, favorite to melt and how he got his name
3:16 – How long has Crayon’s been playing Madden and what his favorite year of the game was
5:28 – Did Crayon’s open as many packs in 25 as he did in 15?
5:46 – How did Crayon’s get into Youtube?
8:32 – How old is Crayon’s and how long he’s been with his wife
10:54 – Crayon’s initial subscriber boosts and how he’s taken off lately. What’s in store next for his channel and any new series?
13:14 – How Crayon’s met SilentGaming (
14:42 – What Crayon’s does for a living besides youtube
16:17 – Crayon’s best video that hasn’t gotten enough attention. (
17:27 – Crayon’s feelings on traits in MUT
24:44 – Why does Crayon’s like Madden 25 the best?
28:41 – Crayon’s guess for UL this weekend
31:07 – Why do they take Legend’s out year to year?
33:38 – Has Crayons wagered?
34:34 – Crayon’s thoughts on the 10 million coin wager
39:23 – What would you improve in madden if you could?
43:26 – Should Madden switch to 3 development studios like COD?
45:13 – Crayon’s offensive and defensive scheme
54:19 – Why did Crayon’s get into the Muthead forums?
58:28 – Any other youtuber’s Crayons wants to call out?
1:03:20 – last shoutouts

Relient K – The Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care:…
Pack Odds in MUT:…
Crayon’s Panthers Scheme video from 15:…
My Tennesse Titans Scheme video for 16:…

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Interview with the_wop and UltimateTeam – Madden Ultimate Team 16

Interview series is back! Today I interview the_wop and UltimateTeam from the MUT subreddit. We go through many subjects. Luckily I wrote most of them in the timestamps. Read below if you’d like to skip to certain sections or don’t and watch it all like a real human bean.

the_wop stream:

0:47 – Start of interview, Their Madden history
5:12 – Their spirit animals and choice of doritos
7:11 – On subject to Madden 16 and how we like it
10:29 – Aggressive catching and how to counter it
11:52 – percentage they run man vs. zone
13:00 – Flats are dead
13:22 – Rundown of each of their squads and players they did and didn’t like
17:56 – Nano blitzes and how to beat them ft. Mike Scrape 3
21:32 – Do they blitz more or sit back in coverage more?
23:13 – How to defeat quarter man-press blitz with snap motion
25:49 – Thoughts on /r/maddenultimateteam
29:09 – Does Wop have any plans for giveaways in the future?
30:28 – What do they think of Volhar
32:04 – Thoughts on the Auction House
33:13 – How Ultimate Team makes money on the market
35:33 – Bundles every day in Madden 16 and their effect on the market
39:36 – Why doesn’t EA let us buy coins directly from them?
42:28 – Favorite plays on offense
53:16 – How is Herman Moore working out for Wop?
54:10 – Shoutouts from Ultimateteam
58:59 – Shoutouts from The_Wop

Interview with HopkinMyVan on Madden Ultimate Team 16

Today I talk with HopkinMyVan from the MUT Subreddit about Madden Ultimate Team and other various topics. See the timestamps below for the subjects we talk about.

0:44  Hopkin’s Madden History
1:55 Hopkin’s review of Madden 15
3:05 What Hopkin is looking forward to most in Madden 16
4:15 How should I do my giveaway on Xbox One?
5:35 Will I get an account ban if I giveaway coins?
6:10 Hopkin got scammed. Here’s the story
10:05 What improvements does Hopkin think Madden 16 needs?
11:22 We haven’t heard any news on MUT 16. Where’s the news?
12:53 MUT subreddit drama
14:07 How long has Hopkin been on the Sub for?
14:26 Does Hopkin work the auction house
15:38 EA trax coming back
15:55 Base Madden ratings. Did Sherman get ripped off not being a 99?
18:07 Byron Maxwell’s catching
19:14 Is Hopkin jealous of us Xbox users who get the game early?

One on One with Kliquid

Interview with Kliquid. Our conversation ended up going around 3 hours in total. I cut it down to its current form. See the marks below for specific topics we got into.

Kliquid’s Youtube:
Kliquid’s Twitter:

0:00 – The junk you are listening to right now
0:35 – How he came up with the Kliquid name
2:42 – How Kliquid met xRyan915, LundenRTR, ChaseplaysMadden
3:31 – How Kliquid balances his life between family, a job and youtube
5:26 – Kliquid’s new Karaoke project/job
6:20 – Kliquid’s priorities
7:05 – YouTube and how he does it for fun
8:47 – MMA writing
10:39 – Kliquid’s dabbled in politics
11:33 – Mythbusters
14:28 – Pink Slips and his personality
15:32 – Kliquid’s biggest Pink Slips loss
16:54 – Why he does the Pink Slip Series and giving back to the community
17:43 – Youtube and Madden drama he’s been involved in
20:01 – People impersonating Kliquid
20:43 – Vendetta’s against Kliquid
21:38 – xRyan915 reputation being tarnished by being labeled scammer
23:09 – Kliquid’s price
23:54 – Thoughts and likes/dislikes in Madden 15
28:39 – Madden 16 glitch fixes and new glitches
29:39 – Gamechanger community
31:55 – Smart people break the game and EA needs to patch it more often.
35:48 – Hope for Madden 16
37:57 – Defensive improvements in Madden 16
39:33 – Man Coverage
41:12– Draft Champions mode
47:00 – MUT 15 league and professional Madden E-Sports
55:32 – Tourney mode in Madden
58:45 – EA Trax in Madden 16
1:01:42 – Penalty trait and penalties in Madden 16
1:07:54 – PA End Around
1:08:48 – Joe Montana 16
1:12:14 – Kliquid’s Youtube future
1:17:38 – Growing Youtube Viewers
1:21:05 – Doing things differently than other you tubers
1:24:47 – Kliquid recommends other Youtube channels.
1:29:20 – Fantasy football Podcast
1:33:40 – PS friends list not allowing you to play H2H seasons

One-on-One interview with ThatDudeSly

A one on one conversation with YouTube Madden sensation ThatDudeSly. We talk about a whole range of topics. The different segments are linked below. If you are only going to watch one part, watch starting at 9:28 through the part where Sly says that YouTube saved him from having to have multiple women in his bed all of the time.

ThatDudeSly’s YouTube:
ThatDudeSly’s Twitch:
ThatDudeSly’s scammer video we mentioned:

Skip to the part you want:
0:00 – Introduction
0:22 – ThatDudeSly’s Twitch Drama
5:24 – Drama with Embrythegh0st
7:56 – Why did Sly decide to get into Youtube
8:44 – Sly is top 200 on the PS4 leaderboards
9:18 – Sly’s favorite part of Youtube
9:28 – How Youtube saved Sly
10:53 – Sly regrets having 2 or 3 girls in his bed
12:06 – Is Sly turning Youtube into a full time career?
13:25 – Why did Sly start trying to catch scammers?
14:17 – ThatDudeSly’s imposter
14:53 – Does EA care about Scammers?
17:44 – What’s Sly’s favorite Scammer reaction?
18:13 – How did Sly grow his YouTube channel so fast in the last month or so?
20:48 – Madden 16 thoughts
21:27 – How long has Sly been playing Madden?
22:39 – Cheese in Madden and being the best player possible without it
24:45 – Sly’s money play, the wheel route out of trips
26:55 – What is Sly’s biggest wish for Madden 16
28:55 – Will Sly get Joe Montana 16?
29:46 – What’s Sly’s squad look like this year?
30:43 – Sly’s observation on the best Auction house players
31:14 – Does Sly believe in the equalizer?
32:55 – Sly’s stockpile of elite badges and speculation from a month ago
34:15 – What are Sly’s thoughts on the newly released CW and ULs?
35:20 – Taylor Mays and users on Defense
36:30 – Does Sly user corners?
37:25 – Talk about that weirdo GutFoxx
38:22 – Voiceovers vs. Commentary

Embrythegh0st interview on Madden Ultimate team 15 and 16

This video is an interview with Embrythegh0st. We talk about everything from his rep issue with Xbox to how to stop plays on the field to his thoughts on Madden 15 and 16. We run through a little bit of his gameplay at 17:35 and learn how he got so good at the game at 39:33. See below if you want to skip to certain different sections.

Embrythegh0st’s youtube channel:
His One million coin giveaway:

Madden sections in description-
0:00 – Intro BS with just me that you’re unfortunately listening to now.
0:30 – Embry talks about his history in madden
7:39 – One million coin giveaway
9:40 – Rep issue with Embry and Xbox’s rep system
17:35 – Embry game play and how to stop face catching
18:58 – How to stop lob streaks
19:44 – Swat vs. Catch on lob streaks
20:53 – How to stop roll out QBs with duel edge heat
22:11 – How to deal with roll out QBs when the TE blocks down
22:55 – Improvised screens and regular screens with drags
24:14 – A and B gap blitzes and how to defend them
26:49 – Recent under center exploit
28:06 – Why cross drags is an amazing play
28:18 – How to stop the PA End around
30:37 – How Embry users a play on defense
33:08 – Embry’s thoughts on Madden 16’s cover athlete choice
35:04 – Embry’s thoughts on the potential new passing system in Madden 16
36:50 – Embry’s overall opinion on Madden 15
38:01 – Embry’s observation that each receiver had their own canned catching animations
39:33 – How much time in practice mode did Embry put in?
40:15 – Embry’s favorite MUT promo this year