Gold and Silver count for MOTM promo – MUT 17 auction house series

These tables are to add to the above MUT 17 Market Monday video.

Team Number of affordable golds November December Gold count December gold Price 11-27-16
Seattle Seahawks 7 16 3200
New York Jets 17 17 1500
San Francisco 49ers 12 18 1900
Denver Broncos 13 19 1500
Indianapolis Colts 17 22 1500
Cleveland Browns 15 22 1400
Miami Dolphins 20 22 1700
Detroit Lions 20 22 950
Cincinnati Bengals 15 23 950
Los Angeles Rams 20 24 1500
Green Bay Packers 19 25 900
Pittsburgh Steelers 15 25 1100
Oakland Raiders 17 25 1000
Kansas City Chiefs 15 25 1900
Houston Texans 17 25 2900
Washington Redskins 23 26 1100
Buffalo Bills 17 26 1300
Arizona Cardinals 20 27 900
Chicago Bears 20 27 1000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 27 800
New Orleans Saints 22 28 900
Baltimore Ravens 17 28 1000
Minnesota Vikings 20 28 1600
Dallas Cowboys 20 29 1100
Carolina Panthers 20 30 1000
New England Patriots 25 30 950
San Diego Chargers 25 31 950
New York Giants 15 31 1100
Tennessee Titans 24 31 1100
Philadelphia Eagles 21 31 1100
Atlanta Falcons 20 32 1000
Jacksonville Jaguars 27 38 950


Team Silvers in game Silver price 11-27-16
Arizona Cardinals 19 2300
Los Angeles Rams 20 1800
Green Bay Packers 22 500
San Diego Chargers 22 1000
Indianapolis Colts 24 1100
Pittsburgh Steelers 24 550
Chicago Bears 24 900
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 1800
New Orleans Saints 24 1000
Cleveland Browns 25 700
Cincinnati Bengals 25 700
Oakland Raiders 25 1500
Atlanta Falcons 25 550
Dallas Cowboys 26 900
Carolina Panthers 26 1000
New York Giants 27 600
Seattle Seahawks 28 500
Kansas City Chiefs 28 1400
New York Jets 29 500
Houston Texans 29 700
Tennessee Titans 29 1200
Jacksonville Jaguars 29 500
San Francisco 49ers 30 750
Denver Broncos 30 650
Miami Dolphins 30 2500
Washington Redskins 30 850
Baltimore Ravens 30 1100
New England Patriots 31 800
Philadelphia Eagles 31 650
Minnesota Vikings 32 1200
Buffalo Bills 34 700
Detroit Lions 37 400

Auction house series – Make money off position hero sets

The video got a little choppy today for some reason. I suggest you just read below instead of watching today.

If you did what I said 2 weeks ago and bought the players I told you to you are rolling in coins like a pig in slop.

If you did what I said last week and bought Yanda under 100k, you lost some coins as he never went up. I personally am out about 150k in paper losses if I sold them now

But we’ll get to that in a little bit. Let’s talk about how to make some coins off PH speculators

Fast coins but it takes some leg work

Sponsor: Damon Harrison, because he’s going to make us some coins

DT Set and cost to do it

Suh                       57000

MCCoy                 9000

Dareus                 7000

Donald                 6000

Hankins               9000

4 Elite Badges    60000

DT Badges           5000       On Wednesday/Thursday

25 gold DTs         30000

15 Elite DTs         45000    Wilfork is cheap

10 Specific Gold 15000

Total                      243000

Minus Reward   -25000

Total Set cost      218000

Damon Harrison is selling for 350,000 coins

HUGE Profit for a half hours work

Same thing with RG set I calculated last week. For some reason people aren’t doing the sets as they should to get the profit off of it. It is investors offloading their pieces instead of building the set. They don’t want to put in the extra effort. So we will and make bank.

If you buy the players that will go into each set, say one of each base elite and RTTP for a position before it drops you can make out even better.

So I originally said buy and hold these pieces. People have been doing that, buying the highest overall base/RTTP in each position and selling cheap due to competition. So now we take advantage of the many speculators, buy their pieces they’re selling off and profit ourselves. But again, watch the market trend as this method gets out there more.

I feel I should re-iterate this in most videos, buy players as they are in packs or toppers. Like Sunday’s flashback topper, guess what was low yesterday/today?

And players are always lowest a couple hours after a new hot bundle with a good topper is put on the market, ideally Saturdays when a lot of people are on.

The first time flashbacks were put into packs I bought right as they came out and sold 4 days later at a 40%-80% markup.

I wasn’t able to get on Saturday morning and buy but next time either flashbacks or throwbacks or combine or whatever is put in packs, look to snipe a player low, hold until they are out of packs and sell


How to decide when to buy a bundle

Look at the topper. Give yourself the average return you think you could get from it. If the topper alone is about 50% of the coins you could get from buying it off the black market at a rate of 9 dollars per 100,000 coins, I’d say that’s a good bundle. And this ratio changes through the year.

If you were with me at the beginning of Madden 16 you heard me talk about how buying bundles was better than buying coins at the time.

Well people did that, sold for cash and made a good bit of money.

But as people leave MUT for the year a lot of coins go up for sale, therefore making the coins cheaper to buy as the sellers progressively ask less and less cash for them.

The bundle that stands out to me most was the Black Friday bundle. Basically 80 dollars guaranting you 400k with Mean Joe Greene. This topper alone was more than 100% of the coins you could get from the black market. The last best bundle we got. Every topper since then has been under the black market unless you got lucky.

So for example lets go through this Xfactor bundle with a guaranteed flashback.

A flashback could be great or terrible, but let’s take a center value of around 200k. So you are paying about $70 for 200,000 coins plus the booty packs. So that’s about $35 per 100,000 coins. Pretty terrible. The thing about today’s packs were the silver tickets which drew a lot of people into purchases. But those were best found in pro packs I believe so it had little value to add to our calculation especially since they are so hard to pull.

I bet the next best packs we get are guaranteed Ultimate Legend Toppers. I bet we get Golden tickets in the next week then either the Easter promo or UL topper this weekend.

But I could be wrong, what do I know, I’m just a fox on the internet.

Madden Market – Position hero speculation and making coins fast

Today we go through what a lot of people are talking about, making money off position heroes and other sniping methods to getting quick coins in Madden Ultimate Team 16.

Alternate title: Like Reno Jackson: “We’re gonna be rich!”

Twitter handle for the mut leaks: -No longer active, I heard from reliable sources that EA caught onto the leak and shut it down.