MUT Men Episode 93 – Madden Podcast – ChewbaccaLemma Gets Banned for Sniping and Slump on No Money Spent


Tex and Gutfoxx are joined by the guys from the Muthead podcast, ChewbaccaLemma and Slump to discuss Chewy’s auction house ban, The communities outrage at EA, our final ratings on the Christmas promo, the upcoming playoff and TOTY promos, EA’s server issues, Tex’s Power Up Theory and the Last TOTW of the year and if the program was a black hole.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #92 – MMG on the Christmas Promo, Madden Mobile and the Calvin Glitch


Gutfoxx and Tex are joined by MMG to discuss Madden Mobile and how EA’s small team is ruining that with overmonitization, The Christmas Promo, The Calvin Glitch, Advice for people who just got the game, Out of Position Cards, the Market Crash, The MUT Sub’s Secret Santa Scams, New Madden Champion, Words for up and coming Madden Youtubers and EA’s Marketing in Madden 18.

The MUT Men Podcast #91 – xRyan915 on the Christmas Promo and MUT Squads


Gutfoxx and Tex are joined by xRyan915 to discuss the Christmas promo and the gifts/out of position cards, Ryan’s favorite MUT and Madden, the limited time cards we’re getting, what to expect going forward, EA’s pre-recorded competitive Madden tourney, Weekend League Rewards, the Motivators Controversy, MUT Squads and the Meta there along with Mircrotransactions and pack odds.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #90 – Eric Rayweather on Custom Audibles, Motivators and Competitive Madden


Gutfoxx and Texas are joined by Eric Rayweather to discuss Madden Youtube, Clickbait, The newest patch including Custom Audibles, Working with EA on content, Protests at the next Competitive Madden tourney, Microtransactions, if MUT is too expensive, Motivators, The Madden Community, People quitting, Card Art, The Christmas Promo and if Thresholds ruined Madden 18.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #89 – Savage on MUT 18 content and if Madden gameplay is any good


YaBoySavage joins the MUT Men Madden Podcast to talk about Madden 18 being too easy and not fulfilling like previous years, the meta making it that way, the upcoming freeze promo, competitive madden and if EA is just throwing money away, if we had fun during the Black Friday promo and if it left the rest of the time too boring and if EA is to blame for addictive personalities wasting their money on Madden Ultimate Team.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #88 – Cullenburger on The Blitz Promo, Microtransactions and What’s to Come


Texas and Gutfoxx are joined by Cullenburger to discuss packs, the blitz promo potentially being the best one we’ll see all year, microtransactions in games and if they’re going to stay, legends in Madden 18, Market investments, Weekend League rewards, Barry Sanders and the promos that are coming for us including what we’d like to see for the Christmas promo.