The MUT Men Podcast #174 – Wheelz on Packs, EA Paying Streamers, MUT 10, TOTW, Ultimate Kickoff and more!


Fox and Tex are joined by Wheelz to discuss Madden and it’s competition with 2k and how it’s made EA make the game free, pay streamers to play it for publicity, the meta of Madden, his MUT 10 thoughts, pack odds and if they’re worth pulling, Dawkins being invisible on the auction house, escape artist, MUT Master requirements and much more.

Some of the X-Factor Abilities for Madden 20

Gambler – Aaron Rodgers
Bazooka – Patrick Mahomes
Fearless – Philip Rivers, Drew Brees
Pro Reads – Tom Brady
Blitz Radar – Russell Wilson
Jared Goff and Dak don’t have one
First One free – Melvin Gordon III, Todd Gurley, Saquon, Zeke
Satellite – Alvin Kamara
Juke Box – Tarik Cohen
Double Me – DeAndre Hopkins, JuJu, Kelce, Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Adam Thielen, Mike Evans
Double-Move Elite – Davante Adams
Slot-O-Matic – Keenan Allen
Rac ‘Em Up – Antonio Brown, George Kittle
Tyreek Hill doesn’t have one
Max Security – Zach Ertz
no o-linemen ones
Fearmonger – JJ Watt, Von Miller, Aaron Donald, Fletcher Cox
Unstoppable Force – Calais Campbell, Myles Garrett, Geno Atkins, Cameron Jordan, Khalil Mack, DeMarcus Lawrence
Tackle Supreme – Jadeveon Clowney, C.J. Mosley
Run Stopper – Jurrell Casey
Reach Elite – Danielle Hunter, Ryan Kerrigan
Strip Specialist – T.J. Watt
Unfakeable – Leighton Vander Esch
Shutdown – Luke Kuechly, Bobby Wagner
Pick Artist – Xavien Howard, Kyle Fuller
Shutdown – Jalen Ramsey, Stephon Gilmore, Chris Harris Jr, Bryon Jones
Acrobat – Denzel Ward
Zoned Out – Darius Slay Jr
Enforcer – Jamal Adams, Landon Collins
Reinforcement – Derwin James, Harrison Smith
Zone Hawk – Eddie Jackson
no kicker/punter ones

Gold and Silver count for MOTM promo – MUT 17 auction house series

These tables are to add to the above MUT 17 Market Monday video.

Team Number of affordable golds November December Gold count December gold Price 11-27-16
Seattle Seahawks 7 16 3200
New York Jets 17 17 1500
San Francisco 49ers 12 18 1900
Denver Broncos 13 19 1500
Indianapolis Colts 17 22 1500
Cleveland Browns 15 22 1400
Miami Dolphins 20 22 1700
Detroit Lions 20 22 950
Cincinnati Bengals 15 23 950
Los Angeles Rams 20 24 1500
Green Bay Packers 19 25 900
Pittsburgh Steelers 15 25 1100
Oakland Raiders 17 25 1000
Kansas City Chiefs 15 25 1900
Houston Texans 17 25 2900
Washington Redskins 23 26 1100
Buffalo Bills 17 26 1300
Arizona Cardinals 20 27 900
Chicago Bears 20 27 1000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 27 800
New Orleans Saints 22 28 900
Baltimore Ravens 17 28 1000
Minnesota Vikings 20 28 1600
Dallas Cowboys 20 29 1100
Carolina Panthers 20 30 1000
New England Patriots 25 30 950
San Diego Chargers 25 31 950
New York Giants 15 31 1100
Tennessee Titans 24 31 1100
Philadelphia Eagles 21 31 1100
Atlanta Falcons 20 32 1000
Jacksonville Jaguars 27 38 950


Team Silvers in game Silver price 11-27-16
Arizona Cardinals 19 2300
Los Angeles Rams 20 1800
Green Bay Packers 22 500
San Diego Chargers 22 1000
Indianapolis Colts 24 1100
Pittsburgh Steelers 24 550
Chicago Bears 24 900
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 1800
New Orleans Saints 24 1000
Cleveland Browns 25 700
Cincinnati Bengals 25 700
Oakland Raiders 25 1500
Atlanta Falcons 25 550
Dallas Cowboys 26 900
Carolina Panthers 26 1000
New York Giants 27 600
Seattle Seahawks 28 500
Kansas City Chiefs 28 1400
New York Jets 29 500
Houston Texans 29 700
Tennessee Titans 29 1200
Jacksonville Jaguars 29 500
San Francisco 49ers 30 750
Denver Broncos 30 650
Miami Dolphins 30 2500
Washington Redskins 30 850
Baltimore Ravens 30 1100
New England Patriots 31 800
Philadelphia Eagles 31 650
Minnesota Vikings 32 1200
Buffalo Bills 34 700
Detroit Lions 37 400

Madden 17 Budget Players – Silver 4-3 defense

The 4-3 has 4 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers. The defensive tackles are in the middle to stuff the run with the ends outside the offensive tackles to contain it. In the NFL, teams like to have a defensive tackle to rush the passer in the b-gap and one big boy to stop the run in the a-gap. In Madden its a little different. The pass rushing DTs are too big of a liability against the run so I like two players in the middle to stop the run with high blockshed.

The defensive ends on the other hand will be responsible for both stuffing the run and rushing the passer. So we want guys with good speed to be able to get to the outside to contain both the run and any mobile QBs. You don’t want someone with 60 speed trying to chase down Cam Newton. So guys with good speed and pass rushing moves are needed at the ends. Fortunately for us in Madden 17, QB scrambling is nerfed so we need to focus as much on getting off the block as chasing down QBs.

The linebackers in the 4-3 do not rush the passer nearly as frequently as those in a 3-4. The linebackers tend to play more pass coverage and let the D-Line do the pass rushing. So you want high zone coverage and play rec out of your linebackers in the 4-3.

So here is the optimized gold lineup for the 4-3, if you run any exotic blitzes where you drop a defensive lineman into coverage or rush a linebacker, adjust accordingly.

LE – Devin Taylor – Left end in the 4-3 is probably the weakest spot for any silver position in the game. I had a hard time deciding who to put here as there weren’t many great cards.

RE – Danielle Hunter – Whereas left end is bad, right end brings us a stud that has really good speed, blockshed and pass rush moves. Hunter is a very strong card for a silver.

DT – Terrence Cody – One of the biggest SOBs in the game. Highest blockshed silver DT, high strength. Ideal for the 3-4 DT. Just slow as molasses so make sure he isn’t in the game on obvious passing situations. Make sure he is DT #2 on your depth chart.

DT – Josh Chapman – Same reasoning as Cody. Big and good blockshed. 70 speed means he can chase down QBs as your 3 technique.

LOLB – A.J. Klein – If your LOLB is on the field, you are in a base package of 4-3. So the chances that the opponent is running the ball is high. You need someone to stop that run effectively. 81 blockshed with 81 speed means you have a nice combo. You can get someone faster like Mike Morgan or Mike Mohamed with good zone coverage to help against the pass but I think Klein fits the style of 4-3 LOLB in Madden best.

MLB – Zaviar Gooden – (user) 86 speed is great for a LB user. His 66 blockshed is a liability but he’s a user, run around blocks instead of through them.

ROLB – Deion Jones – 85 speed with 82 blockshed is good for an LB and someone that would make a good user if need be. If you want to go with a player with higher play rec I don’t fault you. Pick up James-Michael Johnson in that case.

CB – 1. Trae Waynes, 2. Anthony Brown – Speed is the name of the game at corner and it’s the end all be all we look for in silver players. Here we lose a bit of blockshed for top end speed in our outside corners.

CB – 3. James Bradberry, 4. Sanders Commings – Fast and has decent blockshed at 65. The nickel and dime corners will sacrifice some, but not much speed for more blockshed.

FS – Antwon Blake – 89 speed is crazy for a free safety. For our standard cover 3 scheme we need someone really fast and that can diagnose plays. He actually has pretty decent play rec for a silver, his zone coverage at 71 is a little low though. Unfortunately we have to sacrifice blockshed here but our front 7 having the highest blockshed possible should make up for it. He can sweep by and clean up without having to take on blockers.

SS – Sean Richardson – Tall and fast. Has good zone coverage and okay blockshed for playing in the box. His pursuit is underwhelming. I wouldn’t be mad if you went with Ryan Murphy instead due to his great mix of stats and height.

Madden 17 details with thoughts and observations

Release date of August 23rd. Madden 16 was August 25th.

Play it 5 days early with EA Access on Xbox One

We need to care who’s on the cover because influences the game. I wanted a defensive player like Von Miller on the cover because usually they focus on gameplay for the guy who’s on the cover and pass rushing with the pocket forming needs serious help.

But let’s move forward

Expect a bigger focus on the size of the player making a difference. It’s a fine line between stats and a players height and weight as to what a player does. I don’t know how they’ll re-do trucking, tackling and hit stick but it would only make sense they do something so a 220 back with 99 trucking can’t truck stick a 340 pound Damon Harrison.

They said in their blog which I’ll link below that different player sizes now will allow different animations. I like this development because for years and especially in 16 we’ve heard a lot of people complain about animations. The biggest being how any WR can replicate Odell’s famous leaning back catch.

But going into 17 it seems they upped the running game. It was said that if you put the difficulty on Rookie the game will do it for you. They took the biggest complaint this year in the passing game, the pre-determined animations on aggressive catches and put in into another facet of the game. I fear the game is turning more and more into a Metal Gear Solid cut scene with quick time events taking place between picking plays, taking a lot of the control away from players.

You know I’ve always wanted a proper football simulation similar to “Football Manager” on the PC for Soccer. But I never thought Madden would turn into that simulation.

Now I’m not an expert on game design, but what I think makes a good game is something that I feel I have complete control over the avatar and that my moves on the controller quickly and faithfully are replicated on field. If a system comes in with new “Path Assist” that helps me navigate and anticipate downfield, I worry that it could take some control away from me and move me randomly towards a hole I wasn’t planning on going.

You know the most frustrating part of Madden on defense for me is? It’s when you are holding down Y because you want to intercept passes and the game takes control of your player away from you when you aren’t even near the ball to intercept it. You do a stumbling animation like you just hopped off the drunk bus at full speed in college.

This is what I worry the new Path Assist will become. And you might say, turn it off, do it yourself. But what if it’s like the other assists Madden has where it’s just more effective than manual moving because of the animations you get with the assists? Say I could read holes and run like Problem Wright with the assists on. Why not play with it on? I guess we’ll see if it’s any good but why would EA put it in the game if it isn’t any good? They don’t introduce mechanics for us to ignore them.

I may be a little harsh there with the criticism, but a lot of the hard core players want full control over their players on the field and not to feel like every interaction comes down to a Random Number Generator in the game deciding their fate.

But let’s move on.

They talk in the blog about the spin and juke and how the elusiveness of the smaller guys will have them play a lot different than the big guys like gronk who truck over dudes and stiff arm them. Then we get a cinematic of gronk spinning and juking around tackles.

But the hurdle looks sweet. That’s something bigger guys definitely do because smaller DBs almost always go for the ankles on large runners like TE’s and full backs. If Madden 17 is able to make it where a 180 pound DB can’t take down Gronk without going low, the hurdle is back baby! Can’t wait.

Again, it’ll all come down to how Madden balances things. These could either be issues or non-starters because of how well they are balanced. My guess is that something is going to be overpowered at the beginning of the year and they’ll have to adjust the sliders a few weeks in.

Also talked about in the blog is gap play and improved zone coverages. And for you man children out there like me, no, gap play is not when you hide from your mom in the clothes racks at The Gap.

But I’m very excited about these changes. If you don’t know what football Gap play is, it’s where each defender is assigned a gap to defend against the run. I wonder if they’ll be able to properly create 2 gap run defenders like some teams run. You don’t see it as much in today’s NFL but Nose Tackles are usually responsible for 2 gaps in a 3-4 if they are playing head up on the center.  So this is really neat, we’ll see how the run game plays next year with that and force defenders setting the edge like they are assigned in real life.

And I guess that leads me into my next point of pass defense and pass rush. So with these new force defenders setting the edge on runs we can expect them to drive the outside shoulder of the tackle. I hope this means against the pass a proper pocket is formed where speed rushers try and run around offensive tackles to get to the QB. In Madden 16, if you don’t have QB contains on, guys can easily drop back 10 yards and scramble around edges. You don’t see that as much in the NFL because QBs sit in the pocket that is formed by speed rushers trying to get around the edge and the tackles trying to push them wide. If you see an NFL QB taking more than a 5 or 7 step drop, they’ll get killed by edge rushers running right around the tackles.

But count me as optimistic that we’ll see some improvements on it next year. They didn’t specifically mention that they are trying to create a more realistic pocket, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get it.

Next, another area they said they are looking at is Zone coverages. They are adding 8 new zone concepts never before seen in Madden. Now I’m not sure what these zones are so I can’t really talk about them. But I think what people want is for defenders to act smarter to routes coming through their zones. Like if a safety is in a deep blue, don’t let a long developing shot play get behind you. And that’s exactly what they say next, defenders will have more awareness and threats to each zone and can pattern match receivers. This is what I’m pumped about. No longer will you have a guy acting stupid if you put him in a purple and the corner route just goes a bit too deep for him. I hope he can recognize the pattern and stay with it. It’ll be interesting to see how play rec and awareness factors into the game next year and if low end guys will still forget how to cover corners like almost all of them do in 16.

Next, they said they focused on special teams with icing the kicker which was a feature in NCAA. Unfortunately studies have shown no effect on a kicker after a timeout. What they should have focused on was punting and how the ball always rolls forward like it’s a round basketball instead of a funky shaped abject that bounces around like a drunk on the dance floor. Maybe a rugby style kick and pooch punt will be in 17. Maybe, although I doubt anyone would notice changes to the punting game because no one in Madden punts.

In the trailer, the first scene is a fake field goal and they even talk about new special team fakes. Fake field goals don’t happen much in real life and if they happen a bunch in Madden people are gonna bitch. So I talked earlier about how they don’t add features for us to ignore. I really hope this is a feature people ignore. If fake field goals make big impact on gameplay it’s a mistake for Madden.

And since we can’t block field goals without getting kicked out of official EA tournaments, as they’ve posted, why even come out in a field goal set? Just come out in base defenses to stop it.

And as to the overall large re-vamp of special teams, I really couldn’t care less. Nobody picks up a football game to play special teams. Special teams to football is like yard work to home ownership, it’s a necessary evil when playing games. I liked that kicks were automatic as nobody likes kickers deciding games or really anything involved with that part of football.

Competitive Madden 17 – They didn’t mention it. I’m hoping we get a better ladder in MUT and season structure for salary cap mode. I’m not going to talk about this as I’ve mentioned it before in videos and have put out a video on what I want improved in Madden 17 already.

Connected franchise mode. They said they are putting a focus on it for 17. I’m cautiously optimistic about what that means. Do we get a better story for our players that we pick like NBA 2k or is the draft and owner mode being updated? Maybe both but only time will tell. They’ve bragged about CFM improvements for years and only slight improvements or side-provements as I like to call it have happened because I like to make up words.

Armsleves and other aesthetics. -I know it’s important to get things right but the feedback I’ve seen online, there are some people who just bitch and bitch about it. I’ve seen hundreds of comments on it. Seriously guys, if you want to dress men in different clothes, go buy a ken doll. Gameplay and features are number 1 in Madden.

Loyalty rewards – Just get MHC since you can sell them for coins. You won’t be able to sell 85 overall Gronk but there is a set you can complete to give you a 90 overall gronk in Madden 16 and an 85 overall Gronk in Madden 15.

So overall I really love that the Madden developers are listening to the hardcore audience on what needs fixing and after reading the blog I am quite hyped about Madden 17 being the best one yet. Madden 16 was a very good improvement on 15 and let’s hope it keeps going in the future.

Madden 16 Salary Cap Beta – My impressions and thoughts

Before I start I’m going to say, read the blog linked below. The things I say won’t make a lot of sense unless you already have a grip on what this is going to be. Please go read the blog now.

My thoughts on Salary cap mode

It’s for the MUT Middle class. Because you need to own these players in your binder, the poor players who don’t have much time or coins won’t be able to get into a fair game right away like they are able to in Draft Champions.

It’s clear to me EA knows how to cater to different markets to bring in the entirety of the football loving world. Except females of course. But that’s because it’s football.

So the poor are catered to in draft champions, the rich in MUT and now the middle class with this mode.

And as to the rich, they will keep playing MUT. That is true unless they find themselves wanting to get into the competitive scene in Madden. As you guys have heard me talk about many times, this salary cap mode is the ultimate form of competitive madden. No Seahawks vs. Seahawks the entire tournament, no random luck deciding whether you get to pass the ball with John Elway or Mark Sanchez, you now get a more leveled playing field but with almost limitless customization. This is what competitive madden will be in the future. Or at least I pray. I talked about this more last year in my “Can Madden be a Competitive Esport video” which I’ll link below.

And I mention in that video about EA’s competitive sports division. I can totally see another big live event taking place this summer with this new mode. I would lube yourselves up and get ready to grind if you want to get in the tourney.

A couple more things mentioned in the blog. They mentioned that players will be given a salary cap number based on stats not overalls. First, as TexasBoy has mentioned plenty of times and now EA has confirmed, overalls don’t matter. Look at the underlying stats. I hope EA re-does their algorithm for overalls in 17 to match overalls to what they think actually matters in how players play on the field.

But this will be hella interesting to see what EA starts to rank more heavily. I’m guessing they are going to back off on awareness for some positions like RB and QB.

But the more they weight awareness or other meaningless stats, the better opportunity we have to find budget ballers for the mode. Stay tuned to the channel for more on finding these players and what EA is signaling for what matters more at different positions.

The thing that stood out to me was the seasons structure. It’s terrible. For something like draft champions where you want badges and rewards it works fine. But I want to see a little variety in my game modes. Not being able to change around the roster between games to fit a shifting meta is a bad idea from a game development standpoint. The great part about this mode is your ability to tinker with the rosters to find the right balance. You aren’t allowed to in draft champions for obvious reasons, since you play out your draft.

My solution is to implement a different ladder. I know I talk about Hearthstone a lot on this channel but they get a lot of things right. Since this looks like the competitive mode for Madden, have the ladder count down ranks from 50-1 with guys moving up and down based on wins and losses and then legend ranks after that where a Elo style ranking of guys would come in. EA could then transparently take the top 64 players in the legend rank at the end of the season for their tournament.

This solves my gripe because games will be played transparently against players near your rank and you can sub out guys between games. The rewards can be given out either per win or per milestone or both. Like 3000 yards passing in a season gets you a pro pack. And so on.

And, I understand the need to charge for the mode, to balance out the economy so that way you aren’t giving rewards out for free. I’m not going to offer any alternate solutions here like using the MUT contracts on players because I think that’s a bad idea, I think they should make it free because you are looking for a low barrier to entry to find the best players in Madden. We already have to buy the players and put them in our binders, that should be enough of an investment.

So, moving forward. What does this mean for MUT? Well, until we see the full inventory of players and what their salary cap numbers are it is hard to tell. Will this new mode cause a rise in the price of golds and elites? I don’t know. The budget ballers we have now won’t go up in price like we think. Cause EA said Za’darius Smith will now be priced according to his stats and not his overall.

But is the market flooded enough with high golds and base elite range players that they won’t take a huge bump with the new game mode? Only time will tell. I’m guessing this new demand for these players will cause a slight bump but it’ll be spread amongst so many different players that it’s going to be tough to make large profits. The best way to turn a buck is to find a mistake by EA in rating a player and buying a ton of that player.

But I assume with new players releasing through the summer that the cap numbers will adjust themselves relatively often. Maybe once a week? If they don’t re-adjust themselves we’ll run into long term issues with the program as the newer players generally have better stats like Speed. Since speed is OP, the newer cards will just be flat out better than the older ones. It isn’t as much an issue with madden 16 as there is only a little over 4 months of it left but moving into 17 I could see it being a bigger issue.

They can handle it one of three ways. The first two are to either reduce the old cards cost as the season goes along or raise the cap occasionally to fit in the new ones. Of those two I like raising the cap monthly as the season progresses the best.

The third option is to not adjust the cap at all through the season and let players figure it out themselves with the new cards. At this point I assume EA will go forward this way but that is speculation.

The biggest key to making coins off this new mode will be identifying if EA screwed up and isn’t weighing a key category enough or weighing it too much. Like Blockshed for CBs or on the other side, awareness for defensive players. I’ll be particularly interested in how they rank strength compared to base MUT. We’ll see how the BCA players turn out with that one.

And another point to be made is that it looks like positional worth has been taken into account so QBs cost more than Left ends and so on.

But 1,000 points divided by 34 spots means each player needs to average 29.4 points. High overall cards can easily double that or triple it for Golden ticket Johnny Manziel.

Roster breakdowns: 34 spots
QB1 – fine
HB1 – Only 1 HB, I know they turned down fatigue and injuries off but my god, you are almost forced into a backup here if you plan on running the ball even 50% of the time. And that’s a big bugaboo for me. They are essentially forcing us into it’s use like Call of duty modern warfare forced us into using juggernaut or stopping power perks to be competitive.
FB1 – Forget what I said, stash your HB 2 here. Unless you run in the I-form or strong close or HB dives/tosses on the goal line. What am I talking about. Of course you do. Time to freak out again by the lack of depth at HB.
WR – 4 of them. Solid depth. No complaints here.
TE – 2. Makes sense. But why more TE’s than HBs? I think a lot of players use HBs more than TEs. Seriously a pain in the ass there.
O-line – 1 of each. I’m fine with this decision. But I think Stamina will be underrated for this position.
1 LE and 2 RE, essentially 3 DEs. – Good decision
2 DTs. Fine
1 LOLB and 1 ROLB
2 MLBs.
4 CBs
1 FS
2 SS
1 k
1 P
2 Flex Players to use as you wish.

So 16 on defense and 14 on offense, 1 kicker and 1 punter. Interesting that they provide more depth on defense. I don’t have a problem with it though. The only thing I want is an HB2.

The biggest concern I have with this mode, as with any madden gameplay is the cheese. If you can custom pick your run blocking TEs and Tackles then I assume someone can cheese more effectively than draft champions. But that’ll be the meta. If everyone starts quick toss cheesing, people will bring better run stuffers. And if everyone brings run stoppers, you should bring speedy WRs to beat them deep.

But we’ll talk more though strategy at a later date because this video is getting lengthy and we’ll really need to dive into the weeds there. We’ll talk about player prices and how to construct and spend on your roster. This is like draft champions on steroids. Nice work EA. I love the new mode.

EA Blog:

Can Madden become a competitive E-Sport:

Gutfoxx’s guide to the Run and Shoot Offense Madden 16

This is the hardest playbook to master in Madden and you will throw a lot of interceptions when you are learning it. Do not expect quick results but do not be discouraged. It will come with time.

The Run and Shoot playbook is based completely on reading the defense pre-snap, post-snap and figuring out what your opponent is doing. So paying attention to his defense is paramount. You can not go into zombie mode and just throw the ball to a route, because either it’s going to break funny on you or you’ll make the wrong read. The option routes break depending on what coverage is called so it’ll take extra time to learn them but having the knowledge of what your WRs are doing to take advantage of coverages is very advantageous.

The only defense I’ve struggled against with this is a cover 3 nanoer that can stop the inside zone. If you are facing this very common defense, you need to beat it the way you do with a more traditional offense, flat routes and quick passes. Luckily most of the Run and Shoot has an RB blocking so the concepts aren’t reliant on an RB catching the pass when you need him to block the nano along with slide protection.

Please see this post on how to read defenses, you will need to know this to succeed with this offense.

This playbook needs very specific personnel to work.

I suggest 90 LP style for the added accuracy,  pass blocking and route running. The route running is key.

QB – No specific archetype. Get the best one you can afford. Throw power and accuracy is needed but accuracy will be boosted by LP. Mobility is a big plus against drop-8 coverages.

RB – Ideally a rotation of good backs. Your main should have good pass blocking, speed, all around solid stats. A speed back for arrow routes, a 3rd down receiving back and a power back for FB dives and the like.

FB – Not used in this playbook except kickoffs/kick returns and goal line. Go cheap here.

Wide receivers are the most important part of this playbook. You’ll always have 4 on the field so good depth at each spot is needed for fatigue reasons.

WR #1 – Tall spec catch guy, some speed. Needs to be able to stretch the defense. Run blocking for inside zone is a plus.

WR #2 – Same as #1.

WR #3 – SPEED (high 90s), Route Running (91 or more so LP over 90 means >96 RR) Combine Cooks is the ideal here.

WR #4 – Same as #3 (MVP Tavon Austin is very good here)

TE – Not used in this playbook except in kickoffs/kick returns and goal line.

Offensive line – Pass blocking, awareness and mobility is needed in that order. But with 90 LP you get +5 boost to pass blocking. So having a slightly better run blocker than pass blocker is okay. I would suggest having some backup o-linemen because they can get tired quickly in this offense.

Here is the artwork to help you visualize every play


Look at the play art in the link above or on your practice field. I’ve listed how each of them break against the different coverages. If I say “Cover 4 – Curl” Then in the option pattern, the player is running a curl route instead of the other choices presented. If I want you to audible I will say it.

And there is a lot of crossover between formations with the route combos they offer. The option routes behave the same no matter if you are in Pistol or Shotgun, just know what they do and you should be set when scrolling through menus.

Pistol Trips Open

Levels Switch

-Glitch against press man 2 or any man coverage. Best play in the game against man coverage IMO.

-Audible Drag inside Trips WR

-Audible Swing HB right (clearout of MLB)

-Middle WR has unbumpable crazy separation route. Need Speed and Route running. Combine Cooks is amazing here with LP style.

Four Verticals (hot route)

-Audible backside to a drag route.

-If you see one high free safety the middle WR should be open once it passes the yellow zones in cover 3. If they audible extra defenders deep, throw the drag.

PA Boot (hot route)

-levels concept. Find the most open WR crossing the field

Slot Corner

-A good “Sail” Concept (streak, corner, flat) but the funky corner route I’ve seen beat man at times although it’s not an amazing concept against it.

-Audible Streak Far Trips WR. Against press man, Audible RB to Check and release and inside Trips WR to Slant. Motion Middle WR in then snap so not pressed. Check and release can be great if LB assigned to RB gets engaged with OL.

PA Verticals

Cover 4

-Audible, Swing HB right

-Motion lone streak in

-Hit WR when it crosses formation

Cover 2

-Hit middle WR in the post

Cover 3

-Audible Streak Inside WR

-Audible Curl Far Right WR

-Audible Block HB

-Touchdown if defense doesn’t adjust and you read safety well.


Read Option

-Watch the DE and if he hesitates hold A to give to RB.

-IMO Read option is dead with mobile QBs. DE doesn’t bite at high levels of competition any more. You just have dive here which is only okay.

HB Dive

-With a spread defense I’ve seen some very good success with this play. Need to be quick through hole though because wide defenses collapse very hard.

HB Counter

-Another okay run. Counters just develop too slow this year with fast defenders. Haven’t had great success with this run.

Pistol Trips 4WR

61 X Choice

Cover 4

Far left WR – Out route – Good choice – Only 4 yards though

Middle WR – In route – longer to develop and can be tight window. Only throw if user chases in route.

Far right has a 1 on 1. SS stays with in route

-Read high low if you don’t hit out route immediately

Cover 3

Far left WR – Out route – Good choice depending on flat coverage

Middle WR – In route – meh, 2 hook zones make it hard to squeeze.

Far right has a 1 on 1

Short in route for a couple yards works.

Cover 2

DESTROYS IT – Everything is set up to get the middle WR free on the post route

Far left WR – Streak

Middle Trips WR – Post – Hit it when it gets open across the middle. Pass lead up.

If heat’s coming quick, hit short route.

Cover 2 man

Same routes as cover 2 zone. Streak on left, Post in Middle

Audible drag close trips WR and hit him

Hit post route if they get a good release. And even if they don’t with the speed and RR you should get separation between the safeties.

Against Mike Scrape (guide created before patch)

Throw far left.

-If they audible them to flat route, WR goes on auto streak for TD.

WR on left only runs slant when there is no underneath coverage like engage 8. And only against cover 3 or 4 over the top coverage, any hook or flats take him out of his hot slant.

60 Slide – Smart Route Trips Option routes for better depth (on 1st and 10 or equivalent)

Cover 2

Streaks on outside

Post route in center is money (remember to smart route) Float pass over MLB

Cover 2 man

Lone WR – Curl

Wide trips WR – Streak

Near Trips WR – Post

Middle Trips WR – Drag route – audible it.

Cover 3

Lone WR – streak

Near Trips – streak

Outside trips curl for curl flat combo.

Streak in seam is risky but better yards.

Curl flat combo is easy money if you read it correctly but fewer yards than seam route.

Cover 4

Lone WR – Curl

Wide Trips – Curl

Near Trips – Curl

Not the greatest against cover 4 but the curls all provide an outlet underneath the coverage.

60 Go – Not the best

Cover 2

Middle Trips WR – Post Route – Smart route for deeper post, pass lead up.

Cover 2 Man

Middle Trips WR – Post Route – Smart route for deeper post, pass lead up

Cover 3

Middle Trips WR – Seam route

Cover 4

Middle Trips WR – Curl route – Curl Flat combo.

Curl Flat Corner

Streak B – Sail Concept, not a sharp breaking corner route unfortunately but it goes deep and beats zone coverages. Just takes a little bit more to develop making it easier to user.

Z Spot

Streak B – Sail Concept – much sharper than curl flat above but shallower. Smart route for better depth.

Middle Slant

C-Route against man

Curl flat combo on right to beat zone

I’ve come to like this play. It’s better out of the shotgun sets though due to the arrow route from the HB there.

Pistol Spread

60 H Y Option

Motion WR on the short pattern to other side to create trips

Cover 2

A WR (post/in choice) – Post route – Hit it with Pass lead up and you have a TD

Y WR – Drag

Cover 2 Man

A WR – Post route

Y WR – out route

Cover 3

A WR – Square In

Y WR – drag

Cover 4

A WR – Square In

Y WR – non-motioned: hitch, motioned: drag

60 X Option

Cover 2

X receiver – Streak

Hit WR going for middle with middle lead to split the safeties or outside right WR, Chose based on safety position.

Cover 2 man

X receiver – slant

Hit either of the crossers as they should get separation from their men going across the field.

Cover 3

X receiver – Slant

Hit WR in seam

-or hit underneath drag. Or wait for outside slant and bullet it between defenders. It’s risky though. Need to throw the ball as the WR is crossing behind the DB/LB in the yellow zones or the other one will pick it.

Cover 4

X WR – Hitch – Not terrible if the flat zone doesn’t get underneath too quick. Not ideal though.

Cover 0 Blitz

X WR – Streak

Fade Smash – Against cover 4 only

Streak Both left WRs, can drag far right WR if you want something quick.

Hit crossing patterns underneath cover 4

RNS Switch Dig

Streak inside switch route, drag inside WR on other side. – Wait until crosser gets behind cover 4 for auto TD.

RNS Post Drag

Streak Middle right WR

Slant far right

Wait until far left WR crosses formation – large gain



Gun Trips HB Weak – Inside Zone, Option routes from above


This play has a routes that beat every coverage in game.

C-Route and Arrow route for man. (Fast HB on arrow to beat LB to sideline needed)

Audible – Streak inside trips WR to beat zone coverage with corner route.

PA Read

Effective with an overaggressive user at Safety. The Far right route should get open deep against man otherwise the underneath routes are okay.

Corner Strike

Similar look to smash just with 2 c-routes now.


Streak middle trips WR. –Destroys cover 4 with enough time. You all should know this play by now.

Inside Zone

We have very few runs in this playbook but this one is the best in the game and makes the whole thing tick. This will be the basis of this whole Gun Trips HB Weak formation. Run this then the option routes talked about above in the Pistol Sets

-Run blocking WRs are a must for inside zone. Sub in or get some that can do it all.

HB Screen

Self-explanatory – Should be used once a game to keep user honest.

Singleback Spread

PA Slot Crosses – Crossing patterns should be open against most coverages. Throw the one away from user defender.

61 X Choice

See above

60 Go

See above but the motion causes a very fast flat route.

Very nice in combo with the 61 X choice because it mixes up the user.

Flanker Dig

Streak Inside switch route for auto TD against cover 4.

Arrow route to HB is really good.

0-1 Trap

Great run against spread defenses.

Singleback Trips WR

PA FL Stretch

Levels concept again.

Let me know if you guys find anything else in this playbook. Thanks for reading guy!

How to read coverages in Madden

How to (generally) read coverages pre and post snap.

Cover 2 – Two high safeties, CBs either on line of scrimmage facing in towards ball or 5 yards off line of scrimmage. Flooding one side of field wins for offense.

Cover 2 man – Two high safeties. CBs are pressed to line facing WR. Release, quick cuts and speed win.

Cover 3 – One high Free Safety, CBs are 8 yards off ball facing in towards ball. Flooding one side of field or throwing short win.

Cover 1 man – Very similar look to cover 3. Rarely run online though. Need to read after snap if they mix it in. Quick cuts/speed win.

Cover 4 – 2 deep safeties, CBs 8 yards off ball facing towards ball. Flooding one side of field wins. Also switch routes deep.

Cover 0 – All out blitz, no safety deep. Throw drag/slant, quick pass to fast HB on arrow route.

If they base align, then you have to read the safeties and defense’s movement after the snap. Safeties stay high and CBs low, cover 2. If the DBs follow individual WRs, man. If one safety drops to the box, cover 3. If CBs and Safeties drop, cover 4.

Make that market coin in MUT 16 with position heroes


Today we are going to talk through making some coins off the position hero market shifting through it’s launch week and who I think the best players are to speculate on going forward.

And I’m sorry for the length ahead of time but there is a lot of information to get you all so you can both understand how we are making coins as well as the cheat sheet since I’ve already done the research.

Sponsor: Trying to scrounge you up some coins before Golden tickets hit in 2 to 3 weeks. Need mad pro pack stacks.

So a few weeks ago I talked through a strategy on how to make coins on position heroes involving a twitter account that was leaking information

Unfortunately for us that has been shut down.

But today’s video is how to make money on the sets without speculation or prior knowledge.

First of all, make sure you’re up when the server changes over. Take a look at the set. Find the most rare player in the set. It’ll be a 74 overall gold or the highest rated card, in that order. Buy whatever that card is. Even if it gets to 100k. And really it doesn’t even matter if you are on when it switches over as our money is made through the week.

The collectable is really expensive at the beginning, and this is the key to success, people calculate what it costs to do the set and price accordingly. Well lucky for us the collectable goes down in price dramatically through the week. But when something falls in a set, something else goes up in price.

So, let’s talk about the Position Heroes so far

TE –  (released 2-14) Go and look at muthead. RTTP Delanie Walker 89 overall peaked on the Saturday feb 20, the Saturday following his PH release. Second highest rated card didn’t move much at all through the week. A dud investment.

LOLB (2-14) Price spiked on Justin Houston 89 overall then went down some before hitting it’s peak the weekend following his set. It’s lower now than it’s peak, last weekend.

And if you look at the other cards required for the LOLB set, Ryan Kerrigan spike the day/morning of the release and has only gone down back to his pre-PH set price. A bust for our method.

And especially with the solos that give out free players, I don’t see the low overall elites/golds being worth our time. Best I guess is if you have them sell within the first 30 minutes of server changeover or whenever EA posts their blog.

FB – (2-21)

CB (2-21) – Hard to draw conclusions on these sets because of the 74 overall gold in the CB set and the wonkiness of the Full Back class. But looking at Phillip Gaines, he was 100k+ through the first day before getting to 300k by that night. He then went down in price for a couple days before spiking back up the next weekend. It’s due to more people being on and doings set during the weekend.

WR – (2-28) Funny thing happened today with the WR’s. We were expecting 74’s or 89 overalls to be in the set as the rare cards. But EA curved us with the 90 overall Antonio Brown and no 74s. So the 89 Dez and 89 RTTP Maclin which are both in the set and thought to have been a good investment haven’t really moved much. Dez is up a little but Maclin has flatlined. Dude’s dead.

I’d sell your lower overall base elite WR’s and CB’s as soon as possible for those that invested into them.

The money shot here seems to be that 90 overall Antonio Brown. His buy now price is 98k as of this recording. I expect it to be 150 next Saturday after the collectables flood packs through this week. Again, take all my advice with a grain of salt. If you lose your shirt I’m not buying you a new one.

He’s only going up in price and by next weekend you will all see a return on investment. Like a high end prostitute, it takes quite a bit of currency to get into him, but the payoff will be worth it.

FS (2-28) Also released today and same goes for Weddle as Brown

So who are the candidates to buy and hold? And all of these are very risky bets. If the 74 overall golds get added back, this is pointless speculation. But with the highest risks come the highest rewards.

So as we’ve seen the most rare or highest overalls get the biggest bump in coin value. As expected in any market. So, let’s go through the highest overalls from the base set or Road to the Playoffs to try and determine which cards are winners. I will post this information on my website so you can all reference it at any time. I’ll link it in the description.

QB Rodgers 91 38k, Brady 90 38k, No 89 overall QB (up in the air, money on Brady)

HB Lynch 90 40k, Le’Veon Bell 89 35k, DeMarco Murray 89 26k, (tough to call, money on Bell)

WR – Calvin Johnson – 89, (2 months est. hold time)

LT – Joe Thomas 90 70k, (Good bet)

LG – Evan Mathis 89 – 40k (Best bet)

C Rodney Hudson 89 RTTP 70k, Nick Mangold 89 35k (IDK, money on Mangold)

RG – Marshal Yanda 90 62k

RT – Sebastian Vollmer 89 54k (another best one)

LE – JJ Watt 91 68k, 91 Campbell RTTP 91 41k, Cameron Wake 88 6k (I don’t know, I’d guess Campbell)

RE – RTTP Ansah 89 83k, Robert Quinn 88 8k (Ansah is the Answer)

DT – Ndamukong Suh 89 40k (good bet to be a winner)

MLB – RTTP Shazier 89 42k, Luke Kuechly 89 52k (50/50 too tough to call)

ROLB – Terrell Suggs 88 9k (Only low priced potential high rewards choice, I’d say our speculation winner) (Could also mean the return of a 74 gold for this set since no real “rare” cards, Shaun Phillips 74 overall sitting at about 6.5k could pay off handsomely. Mike Neal 73 overall but 11k could be a winner too)

CB – Richard Sherman 89 73k, (2 months est. hold time)

SS – RTTP Chung 89 12k, Kam Chancellor 90 71k, (I don’t think it’ll be Kam. So process of elimination means Chung)

And once again take all of these guess with a grain of salt. All we can do is diversify our investments and hope the wins are greater than the losses.

TheCrayonsMelt Interview

0:27 – What’s Crayon’s favorite Crayon, favorite to melt and how he got his name
3:16 – How long has Crayon’s been playing Madden and what his favorite year of the game was
5:28 – Did Crayon’s open as many packs in 25 as he did in 15?
5:46 – How did Crayon’s get into Youtube?
8:32 – How old is Crayon’s and how long he’s been with his wife
10:54 – Crayon’s initial subscriber boosts and how he’s taken off lately. What’s in store next for his channel and any new series?
13:14 – How Crayon’s met SilentGaming (
14:42 – What Crayon’s does for a living besides youtube
16:17 – Crayon’s best video that hasn’t gotten enough attention. (
17:27 – Crayon’s feelings on traits in MUT
24:44 – Why does Crayon’s like Madden 25 the best?
28:41 – Crayon’s guess for UL this weekend
31:07 – Why do they take Legend’s out year to year?
33:38 – Has Crayons wagered?
34:34 – Crayon’s thoughts on the 10 million coin wager
39:23 – What would you improve in madden if you could?
43:26 – Should Madden switch to 3 development studios like COD?
45:13 – Crayon’s offensive and defensive scheme
54:19 – Why did Crayon’s get into the Muthead forums?
58:28 – Any other youtuber’s Crayons wants to call out?
1:03:20 – last shoutouts

Relient K – The Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care:…
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Crayon’s Panthers Scheme video from 15:…
My Tennesse Titans Scheme video for 16:…

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