The MUT Men Podcast #150 – The Patch, Super Promo Ideas, Final Thoughts on TOTY and the Limited Duo Squads Event


Tex and Foxx go through the patch and what worked and what didn’t along with what we’re hoping to see in the Super Bowl promo, we give our final thoughts on team of the year and if EA was right to release TOTY like they did and not have anything else accompany it, we talk about the limited event and if these types of things are good for the game.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #149 – Director Seaich on Team Of The Year, Playoff content and EA Finessing


Foxx and Tex are joined by Director Seaich to discuss team of the year, if we liked it from the solos to the sets and the packs, we talk about EA promising a fantasy pack for the solos but only giving a single card, the 6 team of the year cards in packs every two days, potential Super Bowl content date, no playoff content, the death of content and Texas pointing out more of EA’s finesses over the year.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #148 – TOTY Predictions, is Gutfoxx Cheesy and more!


Tex and Foxx debate what makes a cheesy Madden player, Tex talks about why team building isn’t as fun for him this year, TOTY predictions are made, the glitches that EA constantly puts out, everyone is qualified for weekend league, rating the playoff promo, zero chill sets and why the economist screws it up along with other shenanigans.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #147 – Boogey on the playoff promo and zero chill reactions!


Gutfoxx and Texas are joined by Boogeyonline to go through a variety of topics including our thoughts on zero chill and it’s highs and lows along with some of the recent community drama, football outsiders, the coming playoff promo, if Michael Vick was a good idea this early, was snow a good idea, what’s the deal with elite badges going forward, will there be a new patch soon and the ideal promo taking from those past.

The MUT Men Podcast #146 – Christmas Promo, Snow, XL Presents, Ghosts, Reroll sets, end game cards and what’s coming next?


Tex and Gutfoxx go through everything Zero chill including the presents, if our opinion on snow has changed, the gifts, recycled legends, the pros and cons of the promo, how has it been so far, how many end game cards do we have now, sets, top non-madden youtubers and much more!

The MUT Men Podcast #145 – Bengal on Presents, Zero Chill, Franchise and more!


Foxx and Tex are joined by Bengal on the podcast to talk about Zero Chill and presents along with ghosts, out of position, franchise mode and the issues with it, the glitch that happened Tuesday, Series 4 and if it was any good along with TOTW not happening for the next couple of weeks, the meta of Madden and NCAA football.