The MUT Men Podcast #198 – A Steelers Fan & MUT Content Creator with 4.2 Million Followers on Tiktok

Today we have Matt Petitto on who’s come into huge success on tiktok and I pick his brain about that because most every content creator I know has made their start on Youtube or Twitch. We talk about the new media, huge talk about the Steelers at the start and then obviously MUT stuff like what’s wrong this year and if Refs on the field are the biggest needs.

The MUT Men Podcast #195 – Walker on EA needing to Cater to Casuals

Today we have Walker on the podcast to discuss his real life football experience, how he got into Madden youtube and how it’s changed over the years. EA’s mistakes around catering to competitive and the things they need to do to focus it back on what it should be, fun. We then talk about his plan to step away from the youtube game to finish his career and move on with his life.

The MUT Men Podcast #187 – TDPresents on why NMS and past drama that found him

Gutfoxx has TDPresents on the podcast to discuss why EA and Madden has shifted all of his content to no money spent and franchise and the many ways they’ve failed us over the years. Then we discuss the two Major with a capital M drama moments he got into over the years on youtube and how he navigated those topics along with a little NFL and other random shenanigans like why he HATES TDBarrett for stealing his name.

The MUT Men Podcast #186 – MMG on Why Madden Mobile Died

Gutfoxx is joined by MMG on the Podcast to discuss a wide variety of topics from why Madden Mobile was so big and the history around what killed it and if console could go the same way if EA doesn’t wake up. We talk about Pack Strike, the YouTube game and how he looks at it in regards to views and growth. How he’s dealt with controversy over the years and talk a little NFL in there too and why the Lions have another losing season.