THE MUT MEN MADDEN PODCAST #102! MUT Draft Updates, Exploits, Combine and Q&A


Today Tex and Gutfoxx talk about MUT Drafts finally being updated, NFL Replay promo, our wishlist for 19, exploits that are exploding online in 18, the combine promo, what happened to the MUT 13 devs, MUT vs. Diamond Dynasty and have the listener Q&A at the end. Let us know your questions for next week in the comments!

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #90 – Eric Rayweather on Custom Audibles, Motivators and Competitive Madden


Gutfoxx and Texas are joined by Eric Rayweather to discuss Madden Youtube, Clickbait, The newest patch including Custom Audibles, Working with EA on content, Protests at the next Competitive Madden tourney, Microtransactions, if MUT is too expensive, Motivators, The Madden Community, People quitting, Card Art, The Christmas Promo and if Thresholds ruined Madden 18.

The MUT Men Podcast #83 – Problem Wright on Competitive Madden and it’s Future


Tex and Gutfoxx are joined by the GOAT Problem Wright to discuss Competitive Madden and it’s future, what can EA do better about it, if there is a skill gap in Madden, DC as a competitive mode, His disadvantage streaming before tournaments, if glitches are okay to be used by competitive players, what needs to be patched and much more

MUTMen Podcast #28 – October 1, 2016 – Kraelo, Kliquid and EA handing out bans


Gutfoxx, Kliquid and Kraelo talk about the boneheaded moves by EA. The glitched sets and the bans handed out to the community overshadowed the great new content.


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