MUT 16 PLAYER STATS and news, Legends revealed, giveaway details

This morning’s video is about all the MUT 16 news that’s fit to print. I also talk about the giveaway that happened and the one that will be happening on my channel on Thursday/Friday and the big one on Saturday.

All MUT 16 stats:

New article launched after I recorded:

Draft champions trailer:

1 MILLION COIN GIVEAWAY. ThatDudeSly’s subscribers. Madden Ultimate Team 15

Hello, another video in my long line of giveaway videos. Today we give some coins away to ThatDudeSly’s subscribers. But don’t worry Gut’s guys, I haven’t been near my Xbox One, but I will purchase your players soon enough.

ThatDudeSly’s giveaway Video:
ThatDudeSly’s channel:

My Twitter: