MUT Men Episode #13 – June 20th, 2016


ThatDudeSly, Gutfoxx and Wyza all sit down and discuss Madden 17 including features we’d like to see, legends and other things we think should be improved upon. The 4th of July promo and ROTY promo are discussed with twitch drama and coin selling at the end.

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Madden 17 – Improvements Wishlist

Today I give my improvement wishlist for Madden 17 because they are probably done patching Madden 16. But if they aren’t done patching then this video works for the rest of 16. Let me know what your wants are for Madden 17.

Alternate title: Gutfoxx complains constructively

My draft champions proposal:

I didn’t dedicate a video exclusively to changing the market like I said in the video. I made it my number one request to change in Madden 16 in my top ten changes video here: