Rookie NFL Players with the best chance of starting and producing

Today I’m going to go through rookies and whether it would be smart to invest in them to make the sets for next year’s dynamic ratings. So we need to project both their playing time and if they are going to be productive for their teams. Their Madden rating won’t go up without both.

And make sure to check out rookie ratings in the base game here. Take every one of those base overall ratings and subtract about 6 points or so to get their starting MUT rating.

Jared Goff – QB

According to ESPN’s staff writer Nick Wagoner, Jared Goff will be the opening day starter. They said they are re-vamping the passing offense this year which would make sense with the investment they just made in Goff. But we’ll see if Tavon Austin, Kenny Britt and Lance Kendricks can be the guys Jared Goff wants them to be. It would be surprising to say the least if his production as a rookie QB puts him among the league’s best. Invest here with high skepticism.

Rating: 3 (1-5 with 5 being the best bet)

Carson Wentz – QB

He might not be active on game day since Philly has a three QB carousel. Wentz is a long term project as talked about by Eagles staff. Bradford is number one for the Eagles right now and Chase Daniel is the highest paid backup in the league. He’s paid better than a lot of starters right now. Both Bradford and Daniels would have to be injured for Wentz to see the field. Not a smart set to invest in. But then again a lot of us invested in beanie babies so do what you want.

Rating: 1

Ezekiel Elliot – HB

Girlfriend problems but it’s been said that she’s trying to blackmail him. I wish I was worthy of blackmail, that’s my kink. We’ll see how that turns out but in football news it’s been reported that he’s already earned the number 1 spot over McFadden and Morris. Big props to McFadden’s broken elbow earned from trying to save his phone from falling. Hashtag just Dallas things.

Rating: 5

Derrick Henry – HB

Backing up DeMarco Murray at the moment. Either Murray is ‘Dallas Murray’ and Henry is only a support player getting 5-10 touches a game or Murray is ‘Eagle Murray’ and Henry takes the reins early on and gets 15-20 touches. If the latter Henry will be an okay investment with the only concern being that the Titans line is one of the worst in the league. I’m not overly optimistic about anyone running behind it like I’m not overly optimistic anyone will remember the Titans this year.

Rating: 2

Corey Coleman – WR

He’s the starting WR in Cleveland who stands 5’11 and 190 pounds. WR’s that are good in Madden are tall and fast. He’s not tall but he’s fast as he ran a 4.37 at his pro day. His starting speed should be 93 or so which is valuable. But will he be productive and will his stats rise during the season? How much do you trust Josh McCown and RG3 to get him the ball? RG3 is a better deep ball guy so if you get Coleman hope RG3 gets the keys to Cleveland as Coleman goes streaking as well as the best of them. For me I trust the situation about as much as I would Adrian Peterson with my kids.

Rating: 3

Braxton Miller – WR

It’s hard to see him making a major impact on the field next year. But he’s fast and that’s valuable in Madden. His projected lack of targets makes him a hard sell if you are looking for him to make plays and improve through the year. So take him if you want a playmaker early on but don’t expect his value to hold steady or go up through the year. He’s like a gas station burrito, great for a quick fix but you won’t be too happy with yourself a little down the line.

Rating: 2

Laquon Treadwell – WR

He’s slow and even though he might get targets in Minnesota, slow WR’s have no place in Madden unless they can block well. HIs 58 run blocking on his 95 overall card doesn’t bode well for his Madden 17 card. I would pass on this set like we pass on Grandma’s potato salad. Get me sick once, shame on you, get me sick twice, I won’t get sick again.

Rating: 1

Hunter Henry – TE

What a great name. It’s no Hannah Hunt but it’s close. Madden’s not in love with his run blocking but he’s got great athleticism. Will he overtake Antonio Gates to get a bunch of targets, yards and TD’s as a rookie? It’s within the realm of possibilities with his skill set. I don’t know if the chances of that happening are particularly high.

Rating: 2

Ronnie Stanley – LT

Offensive tackles coming out of the draft have not performed particularity well in recent years. The Ravens have one of the best right sides in the league in Zuttah, Yanda and Wagner. The loss of Kelechi Osemele hurts the left side. So Stanley gets the starting nod and has as good of a chance at any rookie to provide production.

Rating: 4

Laremy Tunsil – RT (in Madden)

He’s moving to guard this year from his position of tackle in college. I’m not high on interior linemen making enough noise to move up or down ratings. Too bad his coaches can’t pay for his Madden rating to up for us.

Miami had a bad o-line last year but it does look a little better this year. I’m not a fan of investing in guards and I think you’d have to be in a gas mask of smoke to think he’d be a good one to invest in.

He’s not even in the NFL and is already involved in two scandals. At least it makes for easy jokes. And I’ll always go for cheap laughs.

Rating: 2

DeForest Buckner – LE

A 3-4 RE moving onto a team he’ll retire from. You can take that either as he’s really loyal or he’ll be gone before his rookie contract is up.  Him, Armstead and Ian Williams should provide a decent front 3 in their 3-4 scheme. He’ll start at the beginning of the year and should be productive enough in the 49ers scheme to get some points added. He won’t rack up the numbers like JJ Watt but I’d say he’s a fairly good bet to improve through the year.

Rating: 3

Joey Bosa – RE

Buckner is a 3-4 end and Bosa is a 4-3 end. Madden still can’t properly balance 4-3 defensive ends with 3-4 OLBs. So even though Bosa might be one of the more productive rookies, his card will always be nerfed by his competition at 3-4 OLB. He’ll be the starting left end in San Diego and should have all the opportunity to increase in rating. I’m not a fan of his balanced pass rush ratings they gave him in the base game so I think his stats improving won’t help him too much as it’s generally better to be high in either finesse or power moves. A jack of all trades but a master of no pressure.

Rating: 3

Kenny Clark – DT

Sitting behind Letroy Guion, Clark is not a starter in Green Bay. I’d put money that he’ll factor in with some play time through the year. I doubt he’ll get enough without an injury to Guion to realistically keep up with the rest of MUT’s overalls increasing. Unless something unforeseen happens, I don’t see a hugely productive rookie year from him.

Rating: 1

Sheldon Rankins – DT

Currently listed as the starter in New Orleans he’s a much better bet to get playing time than Clark. Unfortunately that playing time is in New Orleans where their levies hold up much better than their defense. But just having PT makes him the safer defensive tackle to get upgrades through the regular season. He was drafted 12 overall so the talent and opportunity is there for a solid season ahead.

Rating: 4

Leonard Floyd – LOLB

On the depth chard he’s currently sitting behind Lamar Houston in Chicago who has himself a pretty big free agent deal to earn. I do expect plenty of rotation on the field for Floyd even with Houston and McPhee there.

But unless he comes out like gangbusters I don’t see him playing full time and racking up a ton of statistics. The benefit of Floyd is that he’s 6’6 with decent speed. Will it be enough to make him a great user early? I’m not in love with the spec catch in 16 but we’ll see how much love they give it in 17. He’s a solid person to own early on but I don’t know how much ceiling he has sharing playing time in Chicago.

Rating: 3

Darron Lee – MLB

Currently behind both Erin Henderson and David Harris on the Jets depth chart. He still hasn’t signed his rookie contract so watch out for that. He’s got really good speed for a linebacker so he might have the makings of very good user at the beginning of the year. I worry with a potential camp holdout (although it’s doubtful). On the positive, Henderson is just a guy. I do expect Lee to see the field quite frequently through the year so with the way he runs, Darron Lee should provide good value for your team next year.

Rating: 4

Shaq Lawson – ROLB

He underwent shoulder surgery and should be back by November. That’s a little late in the year to get value for your team. And even if he was healthy, Rex Ryan took one of the best pass rushers of our generation and made him average. I can’t see it going better for Shaq this year.

Rating: Negative sideways 8

Jalen Ramsey – CB

Didn’t have a ton of interceptions in college so he might not put up the huge numbers that Madden devs want to see in order to increase his stats through the year. But that’s about it for the negative things I’m going to say about Ramsey. Barring injury I think he’s the best player to go after for the set seeing as he’s fast and at 6’1 tall enough to be a very good Madden corner. He should get plenty of playing time in Jacksonville so that’s not a worry. I would go after this man like Jacksonville chases British fans.

Rating: 5

Eli Apple – CB

Even faster than Ramsey and the same height. I only worry about his production on the field not giving us the same upgrades though the year that we might get with Ramsey. But still a very good choice for an early corner for your team with the added small chance he’ll get decent upgrades.

He’s currently the 3rd corner in New York behind DRC and Janoris Jenkins. He’s more comfortable on the outside but he’ll need to find a fit rotating around with the other two at the nickel. Optimistically he’ll keep up with other players in MUT and his speed and height make him a good early corner for your team.

Rating: 4

Karl Joseph

He’s coming off an ACL tear that limited him to 4 games last year in college. Reports are that he’ll be ready for training camp. Short for Madden at 5’10 but should have good hit power and speed in game. If he comes back healthy I can see him being a very productive and good safety in real life but nothing to write home about in Madden due to his small stature.

Rating: 3

MUT Men Episode #13 – June 20th, 2016


ThatDudeSly, Gutfoxx and Wyza all sit down and discuss Madden 17 including features we’d like to see, legends and other things we think should be improved upon. The 4th of July promo and ROTY promo are discussed with twitch drama and coin selling at the end.

Our channels:

MUT Men Episode #10 – May 31st, 2016


Gutfoxx and ThatDudeSly talk about the Memorial Day Promo and how it might be one of the best promos of the year and if a high overall non-sellable elite is the way to go in the future for Madden. The Salary Cap tourney and Sly’s experience with it. Scammers/impersonators of content creators on the sub and wrap up with talk of Golden Tickets and Boss cards from this past weekend.

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Gutfoxx’s guide to the Run and Shoot Offense Madden 16

This is the hardest playbook to master in Madden and you will throw a lot of interceptions when you are learning it. Do not expect quick results but do not be discouraged. It will come with time.

The Run and Shoot playbook is based completely on reading the defense pre-snap, post-snap and figuring out what your opponent is doing. So paying attention to his defense is paramount. You can not go into zombie mode and just throw the ball to a route, because either it’s going to break funny on you or you’ll make the wrong read. The option routes break depending on what coverage is called so it’ll take extra time to learn them but having the knowledge of what your WRs are doing to take advantage of coverages is very advantageous.

The only defense I’ve struggled against with this is a cover 3 nanoer that can stop the inside zone. If you are facing this very common defense, you need to beat it the way you do with a more traditional offense, flat routes and quick passes. Luckily most of the Run and Shoot has an RB blocking so the concepts aren’t reliant on an RB catching the pass when you need him to block the nano along with slide protection.

Please see this post on how to read defenses, you will need to know this to succeed with this offense.

This playbook needs very specific personnel to work.

I suggest 90 LP style for the added accuracy,  pass blocking and route running. The route running is key.

QB – No specific archetype. Get the best one you can afford. Throw power and accuracy is needed but accuracy will be boosted by LP. Mobility is a big plus against drop-8 coverages.

RB – Ideally a rotation of good backs. Your main should have good pass blocking, speed, all around solid stats. A speed back for arrow routes, a 3rd down receiving back and a power back for FB dives and the like.

FB – Not used in this playbook except kickoffs/kick returns and goal line. Go cheap here.

Wide receivers are the most important part of this playbook. You’ll always have 4 on the field so good depth at each spot is needed for fatigue reasons.

WR #1 – Tall spec catch guy, some speed. Needs to be able to stretch the defense. Run blocking for inside zone is a plus.

WR #2 – Same as #1.

WR #3 – SPEED (high 90s), Route Running (91 or more so LP over 90 means >96 RR) Combine Cooks is the ideal here.

WR #4 – Same as #3 (MVP Tavon Austin is very good here)

TE – Not used in this playbook except in kickoffs/kick returns and goal line.

Offensive line – Pass blocking, awareness and mobility is needed in that order. But with 90 LP you get +5 boost to pass blocking. So having a slightly better run blocker than pass blocker is okay. I would suggest having some backup o-linemen because they can get tired quickly in this offense.

Here is the artwork to help you visualize every play


Look at the play art in the link above or on your practice field. I’ve listed how each of them break against the different coverages. If I say “Cover 4 – Curl” Then in the option pattern, the player is running a curl route instead of the other choices presented. If I want you to audible I will say it.

And there is a lot of crossover between formations with the route combos they offer. The option routes behave the same no matter if you are in Pistol or Shotgun, just know what they do and you should be set when scrolling through menus.

Pistol Trips Open

Levels Switch

-Glitch against press man 2 or any man coverage. Best play in the game against man coverage IMO.

-Audible Drag inside Trips WR

-Audible Swing HB right (clearout of MLB)

-Middle WR has unbumpable crazy separation route. Need Speed and Route running. Combine Cooks is amazing here with LP style.

Four Verticals (hot route)

-Audible backside to a drag route.

-If you see one high free safety the middle WR should be open once it passes the yellow zones in cover 3. If they audible extra defenders deep, throw the drag.

PA Boot (hot route)

-levels concept. Find the most open WR crossing the field

Slot Corner

-A good “Sail” Concept (streak, corner, flat) but the funky corner route I’ve seen beat man at times although it’s not an amazing concept against it.

-Audible Streak Far Trips WR. Against press man, Audible RB to Check and release and inside Trips WR to Slant. Motion Middle WR in then snap so not pressed. Check and release can be great if LB assigned to RB gets engaged with OL.

PA Verticals

Cover 4

-Audible, Swing HB right

-Motion lone streak in

-Hit WR when it crosses formation

Cover 2

-Hit middle WR in the post

Cover 3

-Audible Streak Inside WR

-Audible Curl Far Right WR

-Audible Block HB

-Touchdown if defense doesn’t adjust and you read safety well.


Read Option

-Watch the DE and if he hesitates hold A to give to RB.

-IMO Read option is dead with mobile QBs. DE doesn’t bite at high levels of competition any more. You just have dive here which is only okay.

HB Dive

-With a spread defense I’ve seen some very good success with this play. Need to be quick through hole though because wide defenses collapse very hard.

HB Counter

-Another okay run. Counters just develop too slow this year with fast defenders. Haven’t had great success with this run.

Pistol Trips 4WR

61 X Choice

Cover 4

Far left WR – Out route – Good choice – Only 4 yards though

Middle WR – In route – longer to develop and can be tight window. Only throw if user chases in route.

Far right has a 1 on 1. SS stays with in route

-Read high low if you don’t hit out route immediately

Cover 3

Far left WR – Out route – Good choice depending on flat coverage

Middle WR – In route – meh, 2 hook zones make it hard to squeeze.

Far right has a 1 on 1

Short in route for a couple yards works.

Cover 2

DESTROYS IT – Everything is set up to get the middle WR free on the post route

Far left WR – Streak

Middle Trips WR – Post – Hit it when it gets open across the middle. Pass lead up.

If heat’s coming quick, hit short route.

Cover 2 man

Same routes as cover 2 zone. Streak on left, Post in Middle

Audible drag close trips WR and hit him

Hit post route if they get a good release. And even if they don’t with the speed and RR you should get separation between the safeties.

Against Mike Scrape (guide created before patch)

Throw far left.

-If they audible them to flat route, WR goes on auto streak for TD.

WR on left only runs slant when there is no underneath coverage like engage 8. And only against cover 3 or 4 over the top coverage, any hook or flats take him out of his hot slant.

60 Slide – Smart Route Trips Option routes for better depth (on 1st and 10 or equivalent)

Cover 2

Streaks on outside

Post route in center is money (remember to smart route) Float pass over MLB

Cover 2 man

Lone WR – Curl

Wide trips WR – Streak

Near Trips WR – Post

Middle Trips WR – Drag route – audible it.

Cover 3

Lone WR – streak

Near Trips – streak

Outside trips curl for curl flat combo.

Streak in seam is risky but better yards.

Curl flat combo is easy money if you read it correctly but fewer yards than seam route.

Cover 4

Lone WR – Curl

Wide Trips – Curl

Near Trips – Curl

Not the greatest against cover 4 but the curls all provide an outlet underneath the coverage.

60 Go – Not the best

Cover 2

Middle Trips WR – Post Route – Smart route for deeper post, pass lead up.

Cover 2 Man

Middle Trips WR – Post Route – Smart route for deeper post, pass lead up

Cover 3

Middle Trips WR – Seam route

Cover 4

Middle Trips WR – Curl route – Curl Flat combo.

Curl Flat Corner

Streak B – Sail Concept, not a sharp breaking corner route unfortunately but it goes deep and beats zone coverages. Just takes a little bit more to develop making it easier to user.

Z Spot

Streak B – Sail Concept – much sharper than curl flat above but shallower. Smart route for better depth.

Middle Slant

C-Route against man

Curl flat combo on right to beat zone

I’ve come to like this play. It’s better out of the shotgun sets though due to the arrow route from the HB there.

Pistol Spread

60 H Y Option

Motion WR on the short pattern to other side to create trips

Cover 2

A WR (post/in choice) – Post route – Hit it with Pass lead up and you have a TD

Y WR – Drag

Cover 2 Man

A WR – Post route

Y WR – out route

Cover 3

A WR – Square In

Y WR – drag

Cover 4

A WR – Square In

Y WR – non-motioned: hitch, motioned: drag

60 X Option

Cover 2

X receiver – Streak

Hit WR going for middle with middle lead to split the safeties or outside right WR, Chose based on safety position.

Cover 2 man

X receiver – slant

Hit either of the crossers as they should get separation from their men going across the field.

Cover 3

X receiver – Slant

Hit WR in seam

-or hit underneath drag. Or wait for outside slant and bullet it between defenders. It’s risky though. Need to throw the ball as the WR is crossing behind the DB/LB in the yellow zones or the other one will pick it.

Cover 4

X WR – Hitch – Not terrible if the flat zone doesn’t get underneath too quick. Not ideal though.

Cover 0 Blitz

X WR – Streak

Fade Smash – Against cover 4 only

Streak Both left WRs, can drag far right WR if you want something quick.

Hit crossing patterns underneath cover 4

RNS Switch Dig

Streak inside switch route, drag inside WR on other side. – Wait until crosser gets behind cover 4 for auto TD.

RNS Post Drag

Streak Middle right WR

Slant far right

Wait until far left WR crosses formation – large gain



Gun Trips HB Weak – Inside Zone, Option routes from above


This play has a routes that beat every coverage in game.

C-Route and Arrow route for man. (Fast HB on arrow to beat LB to sideline needed)

Audible – Streak inside trips WR to beat zone coverage with corner route.

PA Read

Effective with an overaggressive user at Safety. The Far right route should get open deep against man otherwise the underneath routes are okay.

Corner Strike

Similar look to smash just with 2 c-routes now.


Streak middle trips WR. –Destroys cover 4 with enough time. You all should know this play by now.

Inside Zone

We have very few runs in this playbook but this one is the best in the game and makes the whole thing tick. This will be the basis of this whole Gun Trips HB Weak formation. Run this then the option routes talked about above in the Pistol Sets

-Run blocking WRs are a must for inside zone. Sub in or get some that can do it all.

HB Screen

Self-explanatory – Should be used once a game to keep user honest.

Singleback Spread

PA Slot Crosses – Crossing patterns should be open against most coverages. Throw the one away from user defender.

61 X Choice

See above

60 Go

See above but the motion causes a very fast flat route.

Very nice in combo with the 61 X choice because it mixes up the user.

Flanker Dig

Streak Inside switch route for auto TD against cover 4.

Arrow route to HB is really good.

0-1 Trap

Great run against spread defenses.

Singleback Trips WR

PA FL Stretch

Levels concept again.

Let me know if you guys find anything else in this playbook. Thanks for reading guy!

Auction house series – Make money off position hero sets

The video got a little choppy today for some reason. I suggest you just read below instead of watching today.

If you did what I said 2 weeks ago and bought the players I told you to you are rolling in coins like a pig in slop.

If you did what I said last week and bought Yanda under 100k, you lost some coins as he never went up. I personally am out about 150k in paper losses if I sold them now

But we’ll get to that in a little bit. Let’s talk about how to make some coins off PH speculators

Fast coins but it takes some leg work

Sponsor: Damon Harrison, because he’s going to make us some coins

DT Set and cost to do it

Suh                       57000

MCCoy                 9000

Dareus                 7000

Donald                 6000

Hankins               9000

4 Elite Badges    60000

DT Badges           5000       On Wednesday/Thursday

25 gold DTs         30000

15 Elite DTs         45000    Wilfork is cheap

10 Specific Gold 15000

Total                      243000

Minus Reward   -25000

Total Set cost      218000

Damon Harrison is selling for 350,000 coins

HUGE Profit for a half hours work

Same thing with RG set I calculated last week. For some reason people aren’t doing the sets as they should to get the profit off of it. It is investors offloading their pieces instead of building the set. They don’t want to put in the extra effort. So we will and make bank.

If you buy the players that will go into each set, say one of each base elite and RTTP for a position before it drops you can make out even better.

So I originally said buy and hold these pieces. People have been doing that, buying the highest overall base/RTTP in each position and selling cheap due to competition. So now we take advantage of the many speculators, buy their pieces they’re selling off and profit ourselves. But again, watch the market trend as this method gets out there more.

I feel I should re-iterate this in most videos, buy players as they are in packs or toppers. Like Sunday’s flashback topper, guess what was low yesterday/today?

And players are always lowest a couple hours after a new hot bundle with a good topper is put on the market, ideally Saturdays when a lot of people are on.

The first time flashbacks were put into packs I bought right as they came out and sold 4 days later at a 40%-80% markup.

I wasn’t able to get on Saturday morning and buy but next time either flashbacks or throwbacks or combine or whatever is put in packs, look to snipe a player low, hold until they are out of packs and sell


How to decide when to buy a bundle

Look at the topper. Give yourself the average return you think you could get from it. If the topper alone is about 50% of the coins you could get from buying it off the black market at a rate of 9 dollars per 100,000 coins, I’d say that’s a good bundle. And this ratio changes through the year.

If you were with me at the beginning of Madden 16 you heard me talk about how buying bundles was better than buying coins at the time.

Well people did that, sold for cash and made a good bit of money.

But as people leave MUT for the year a lot of coins go up for sale, therefore making the coins cheaper to buy as the sellers progressively ask less and less cash for them.

The bundle that stands out to me most was the Black Friday bundle. Basically 80 dollars guaranting you 400k with Mean Joe Greene. This topper alone was more than 100% of the coins you could get from the black market. The last best bundle we got. Every topper since then has been under the black market unless you got lucky.

So for example lets go through this Xfactor bundle with a guaranteed flashback.

A flashback could be great or terrible, but let’s take a center value of around 200k. So you are paying about $70 for 200,000 coins plus the booty packs. So that’s about $35 per 100,000 coins. Pretty terrible. The thing about today’s packs were the silver tickets which drew a lot of people into purchases. But those were best found in pro packs I believe so it had little value to add to our calculation especially since they are so hard to pull.

I bet the next best packs we get are guaranteed Ultimate Legend Toppers. I bet we get Golden tickets in the next week then either the Easter promo or UL topper this weekend.

But I could be wrong, what do I know, I’m just a fox on the internet.