TheCrayonsMelt Interview

0:27 – What’s Crayon’s favorite Crayon, favorite to melt and how he got his name
3:16 – How long has Crayon’s been playing Madden and what his favorite year of the game was
5:28 – Did Crayon’s open as many packs in 25 as he did in 15?
5:46 – How did Crayon’s get into Youtube?
8:32 – How old is Crayon’s and how long he’s been with his wife
10:54 – Crayon’s initial subscriber boosts and how he’s taken off lately. What’s in store next for his channel and any new series?
13:14 – How Crayon’s met SilentGaming (
14:42 – What Crayon’s does for a living besides youtube
16:17 – Crayon’s best video that hasn’t gotten enough attention. (
17:27 – Crayon’s feelings on traits in MUT
24:44 – Why does Crayon’s like Madden 25 the best?
28:41 – Crayon’s guess for UL this weekend
31:07 – Why do they take Legend’s out year to year?
33:38 – Has Crayons wagered?
34:34 – Crayon’s thoughts on the 10 million coin wager
39:23 – What would you improve in madden if you could?
43:26 – Should Madden switch to 3 development studios like COD?
45:13 – Crayon’s offensive and defensive scheme
54:19 – Why did Crayon’s get into the Muthead forums?
58:28 – Any other youtuber’s Crayons wants to call out?
1:03:20 – last shoutouts

Relient K – The Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care:…
Pack Odds in MUT:…
Crayon’s Panthers Scheme video from 15:…
My Tennesse Titans Scheme video for 16:…

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Interview with HopkinMyVan on Madden Ultimate Team 16

Today I talk with HopkinMyVan from the MUT Subreddit about Madden Ultimate Team and other various topics. See the timestamps below for the subjects we talk about.

0:44  Hopkin’s Madden History
1:55 Hopkin’s review of Madden 15
3:05 What Hopkin is looking forward to most in Madden 16
4:15 How should I do my giveaway on Xbox One?
5:35 Will I get an account ban if I giveaway coins?
6:10 Hopkin got scammed. Here’s the story
10:05 What improvements does Hopkin think Madden 16 needs?
11:22 We haven’t heard any news on MUT 16. Where’s the news?
12:53 MUT subreddit drama
14:07 How long has Hopkin been on the Sub for?
14:26 Does Hopkin work the auction house
15:38 EA trax coming back
15:55 Base Madden ratings. Did Sherman get ripped off not being a 99?
18:07 Byron Maxwell’s catching
19:14 Is Hopkin jealous of us Xbox users who get the game early?