The List of Madden Youtubers

List as of Today’s date, 2-12-18

Name  Subscribers  Specialty
QJB                       1,541,158  Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k, others. Bundle Openings
Antodaboss                          931,790  Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k, GTA. Vlogs
IMAV                          873,090  Let’s Play – Various. Vlogs on many topics with family.
YoBoy Pizza                          838,204  Let’s Play – Madden. Madden Challenges, Madden Franchise, What ifs
TD Presents                          689,831  Let’s Play – Madden. Youtuber Collabs – Guess Whos. Bundle Openings. Drafts
EA Sports                          636,447  EA promotional videos
ToKe                          628,109  Let’s Play – Madden and Sports Games. Bundle Openings.
MMG                          574,644  Let’s play Madden, Wheel of MUT, Mobile, Fortnite
Cookieboy17                          556,471  Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k. Top 10 Plays of the week
TDBarrett                          474,894  Let’s Play – Madden, Vlogs, reactions, what ifs and drafts
KayKayEs                          461,806  Let’s Play Madden, Pack Openings, What ifs, Challenges, Collabs, 2k, drafts
Cullenburger                          430,831  Let’s Play – Madden. Bundle Openings
MrGoldenMut                          190,271  Let’s Play – Madden. Bundle Openings.
RBT                          166,500  Franchise, What ifs, Road to Glory, Drafts, rebuilds
ThatWalker                          156,094  Let’s Play Madden, Drafts, fortnite, collabs
Jmellflo                          136,489  Let’s Play Madden, Wagers, Trash Talk Games, Tips
theflightmike                          113,025  Mostly 2k now, Let’s play Madden, Bundle Openings, What ifs
VictionaryHD                          106,015  Challenges, Bundle Openings, Let’s Play, Madden News, spin the wheel, vlogs
GoodGameBro                          105,828  Let’s play Madden, other sports
SportsGamersOnline                          100,565  Let’s Play Madden, Tips, 2k, MLB The Show and News
Not The Expert                             85,182  What Ifs, CFM
MikeMAACC                             75,855  Let’s Play Madden, What ifs, Squad builders, Drafts, Challenges
TexasBoy                             74,795  Team Builders, Gameplay, Bundle Openings, Card Impressions, Podcast
Xryan915                             66,009  Madden news, Market talk, Pack Openings, Card Impressions
Ckbirds                             63,336  Let’s play Madden, Challenges, What ifs, drafts, squad builders
maddendaily                             61,471  Gameplay tips
Bengal                             56,191  Let’s Play Madden, CFM rebuilds, Pack Openings, News, NFL podcast
Moonlightswami                             54,868  Franchise, NCAA 14, Podcast
YaBoySavage                             52,101  Let’s Play Madden, pack openings, road to glory
EricRayweather                             47,783  Tips, Pro Breakdowns, Let’s play Madden
Wheelz                             43,311  Let’s Play Madden, News, Predictions and Pack Pulls
Gmiasworld                             41,733  Let’s play, Madden News, Fortnite, CoD
MaddenAllStars                             40,052  Tips
Miguel “Gator” Lozada                             39,465  Pack Openings, Other games
xKINGxWOLFEx                             36,417  Tips
Scomo                             35,602  Let’s Play Madden, collabs, Pack Openings, Vlogs, MLB
Beardmohbox                             34,996  Simulations, Franchise, What ifs
zfarls                             31,375  Madden Tips, News,  Card first looks, gameplay
ThatDudeSly                             30,004  Madden News, Drama
Mayzomatic                             28,534  Let’s play Madden, Tips
ChewbaccaLemma                             25,737  Sniping
MaddenTalk247                             21,803  Let’s Play Madden, Trash Talk Games, NBA News
Gutfoxx                             21,429  Does guy stuff with friends
Madden Moneyshot                             20,781  Tips
Jeromepkr                             20,479  Let’s Play Madden, franchise re-builds, DC, CFM, What ifs
Madden School                             19,703  Gameplay Tips
4wardProgressMadden                             18,084  Madden Tips
Wyza                             17,961  Madden Franchise, gameplay and bundles
ProblemWright                             15,535  Let’s Play Madden
ReigningRavens 1                             15,409  Madden Simulations, Streams
ShopmasterTV                             14,788  Let’s Play Madden CFM, News, other games
This Is Popular Stranger                             14,546  Player Reviews, let’s play Madden
TT23                             13,592  Let’s Play Madden, Snipes, Wagers
ABGotGame                             12,318  Let’s play Madden, Tips
Cody Ballard                             11,588  Tips
Smart Madden                             11,010  Madden Tips
J Grizzly (JC MUT)                               8,038  Let’s play Madden, Pack Openings
Tino                               7,363  MUT Player Reviews
ThatMUTGamer                               6,963  MUT News, Gameplay, Sniping, Fortnite
Prometheusch x                               6,881  Tips
AkGkilla 97                               6,645  Let’s play Madden, Tips
TheActualCC                               5,754  Let’s play Madden, News
Ace Madden                               5,610  Tips
DubDot DUBBY                               4,818  Let’s play Madden, Tips
Somerandomcracka                               4,731  What Ifs, CFM, Simulations
FSM HoldeN                               4,399  Pro Breakdowns
Jay Oh                               4,292  Let’s play Madden, Bundle Openings, Other games
ny_kia31                               4,001  Let’s play Madden, Tips, CFM, live stream games and madden discussion
Madden Help                               3,779  Tips
Official Stiff                               3,548  Let’s play Madden, Bundle Openings
Bralen Miller                               3,024  Tips
Ish de’la Ish                               2,988  Let’s Play Madden, Tips/ebooks, Bundle Opening, Player Reviews
Logic Games                               2,919  Let’s Play Madden, News, Pack Pulls, Vlogs
mutwieners                               2,283  Let’s play Madden, Bundles
Mr. Smith                               2,204  Tips
Jay Himself                               1,993  Let’s Play Madden, Parodies
JoelCP_                               1,949  Wagers, Tips
PurpleSwordfish                               1,550   Let’s play Madden, Pack Pulls, other games
Tk Gamingallday                               1,294  Let’s play Madden
Visiondary                               1,006  Let’s Play Madden, Pack Pulls
King Cory                                   870   Let’s play Madden, Pack Pulls
Idolwild                                   841  Player Reviews, Tips, News
ATEmyWHEATIES                                   796  Let’s play Madden, Tips
Timebomb Tips                                   633  Tips, Let’s play Madden
Duece Close                                   552  Tips
Kaus                                   418  Testing, Schemes
George Jupin                                   150  Tips, Let’s play Madden
Madden Boys                                   137  Podcast
iGalaxis (xH3AdL1N3rx)                                   122  Let’s Play Madden, Pack Pulls
Gone but not forgotten – Dropped due to lack of uploads or change in channel direction
Adicards                             48,574  Let’s Play Fifa and Madden. No longer Active
PrimaGamesVideo                             40,035  Madden Tips. No longer Active but archive of good content
Routecombo                               8,484  Inactive
nanorossi                                   113  Madden news of the week, Past Madden greats, No longer very active
Maddenmastermind                             81,139  Let’s Play – Madden. Not active anymore.
MakeItWayne                             35,006  Let’s play Madden, Gauntlet, Madden Challenges (MLB Mostly now)
Visiondary                               1,006  Let’s Play Madden, Pack Pulls
Go On Volt                                   493  Pack Pulls
DJRobbyRob                             20,168  Vlog Channel now-Bundle Openings, Draft Champions Drafts
big j gleez                             12,788  Mostly Mortal Kombat now. Madden tips. Hasn’t posted Madden in quite some time though. >1 month
evanf1997                               1,127  Let’s Play Madden, Card reviews, Coin tips
Me llamo bear                                   144  Madden Testing
iflash3                                   108  Madden Gameplay, Call of Duty
Lunden                             47,374  Pack Openings, MUT News, Not active
Chris Smoove                       3,925,291  Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k, others. Bundle Openings
Lazarbeam                       1,164,733  Madden Challenges, Gameplay, Other Random Games
LostNUnbound                       1,341,872  Mostly 2k Now, Madden Challenges, Gameplay, youtube collaborations
Dcoop                          121,685  Let’s Play – Madden. Bundle Openings
Kouppa                             71,403  Let’s Play Madden
Kliquid                             43,155  Pink Slips, Bundle Openings, Budget Team Tips, Card Impressions
iJoshify                             41,499  Let’s play Madden, Squad builders, games, pack openings, challenges
thecrayonsmelt                             31,374  Pack Openings, Gameplay, Draft Champions Drafts, Pack and Go, Player impressions
What The Moose                             26,730  Let’s Play Madden, Madden News, Pack Pulls, budget squads
Cfonz                             26,544  Let’s play Madden, Challenges, Drafts
2Nice                             19,587  Let’s Play, Bundle Openings
GamingPowerHouse                             26,620  Overwatch and GTA
peter Jags                             17,982  Pack Openings, Let’s Play, Game Predictions (not active anymore)
S1L3NT Gaming                             13,581  Pack Openings, Draft Champions Draft. Not active anymore
themaddenlab                             12,983  Gameplay Tips-Not very active
Sgibs                             14,961  Tips, Player Reviews
Dmoney                             11,783  Nano set ups, tips, glitches and gameplay
TheChickfilacowz                               8,964  Let’s Play, Bundle Openings. Not active anymore
TekRaj Gaming                               9,118  Let’s Plam Madden, Player Reviews, Packs Openings
Knasty3890                             14,501  Pack Openings, Market, Madden News
MrZeddie15                               4,097  Let’s play Madden, Touney games, Tips
dre plays                               4,773  Let’s Play Madden, Bundle Openings, Not very active
JRTrax                               1,954  Let’s Play Madden, CFM, Other games
embrythegh0st                               1,476  Top Ten Compilations, Madden Gameplay, Bundle Openings
Spastic Toaster                               1,121  Madden Tips
WWCD Gaming                               1,006  Let’s Play Madden, Pack Pulls, Predicitons and Madden News
ebert42                                   667  Auction house sniping
GURU GAMES                               1,760  EA’s community guy does videos
Kraelos Krew                                   699  Bundle Openings
Rexder                                   792  (Spanish) Let’s Play Madden, Pack Openings, News
Mayne Gaming                                   154  Let’s play Madden, Pack Pulls, Market
VeeDii                               3,783  Let’s play Madden, Tips

Comprehensive list of Madden Youtubers

Here are the Youtubers that are active and specialize or contribute videos to the Madden universe. Please let me know if I’ve left anyone off you think needs to be added. I think that Gutfoxx way at the bottom has something special about him. Not sure what though. Let me know what you think of the list of Madden Youtubers.

*Let’s Play Madden means gameplay from MUT, DC, CFM.

Name Subscribers as of 3-11-16 Speciality
Chris Smoove   2,878,530 Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k, others. Bundle Openings
QJB   656,041 Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k, others. Bundle Openings
Antodaboss   568,863 Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k, GTA. Vlogs
EA Sports   474,442 EA promotional videos
Cullenburger   404,654 Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k. Bundle Openings
Cookieboy17   388,970 Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k. Bundle Openings. Budget team
IMAV   386,260 Let’s Play – Various. Vlogs on many topics with family.
Lazarbeam   359,634 Madden Challenges, Gameplay, Other Random Games
ToKe   328,791 Let’s Play – Madden and Sports Games. Bundle Openings.
LostNUnbound   259,782 Madden Challenges, Gameplay, youtube collaborations
MrGoldenMut   162,562 Let’s Play – Madden. Bundle Openings. Madden News. Highest ovr team poss
TD Presents   150,558 Youtuber Collabs – Guess Whos. Bundle Openings. Gameplay.
Dcoop   130,808 Let’s Play – Madden. Bundle Openings
Wyza   126,513 WWE, Let’s Play Madden Franchise and UT. Bundle Openings
KayKayEs   92,867 Let’s play Madden, Challenges, Bundle Openings, Vlog, Other games
theflightmike   86,047 Let’s play Madden, Bundle Opening, 2k, other games
Maddenmastermind   82,044 Let’s Play – Madden. Not Highly active anymore.
Xryan915   60,528 Pack N Play, Market/coin making talk, Pack Openings, Card Impressions
Kouppa   48,110 Let’s Play Madden
Lunden   47,426 Pack Openings, MUT News
TexasBoy   45,798 Madden Wagers, Market talk, Tips, Bundle Openings, Card Impressions
maddendaily   45,418 Gameplay tips, Let’s play, Bundle Openings,
Kliquid   38,838 Pink Slips, Bundle Openings, Budget Team Tips, Card Impressions
iJoshify   35,289 Let’s play Madden, Bundle Opening
MakeItWayne   31,516 Let’s play Madden, Gauntlet, Madden Challenges
VictionaryHD   27,943 Challenges, Bundle Openings, Let’s Play, Madden News.
thecrayonsmelt   27,353 Pack Openings, Gameplay, Draft Champions Drafts, Pack and Go, Player impressions
Miguel “Gator” Lozada   26,912 Pack Openings
2Nice   19,351 Let’s Play, Bundle Openings
peter Jags   18,705 Pack Openings, Let’s Play, Game Predictions
TDBarrett   17,378 Let’s Play Madden, Challenges, Vlogs
Gmiasworld   16,943 Let’s play, Madden News, Seems to actually hate the game.
Madden School   16,268 Gameplay Tips
MaddenTalk   16,097 Wagers
DJRobbyRob   15,658 Bundle Openings, Draft Champions Drafts
ThatDudeSly   16,312 Let’s Play, Pack Openings, Guess Who, Wagers, Card Impressions, COD
zfarls   14,782 Madden Tips, Card first looks
themaddenlab   13,242 Gameplay Tips
big j gleez   9,671 Madden tips. Hasn’t posted Madden in quite some time though. >1 month
TheChickfilacowz   9,285 Let’s Play, Bundle Openings
S1L3NT Gaming   7,380 Pack Openings, Draft Champions Draft
TeKRaJ Gaming   5,149 Let’s play Madden, Pack Openings and Player reviews
MrZeddie15   4,149 Let’s play Madden, Touney games, Tips
dre plays   3,172 Let’s Play Madden, Bundle Openings, Game of Thrones reviews
ny_kia31   2,876 Let’s play Madden, live stream games and madden discussion, NBA, MLB
ProblemWright   2,098 Let’s Play Madden, player reviews
Gutfoxx   1,754 Literally everything related to MUT
Tino   1,651 Madden Player reviews, gameplay, Q&A
Jay Himself   1,477 Let’s Play Madden, Bundle Openings, Tips, Madden News
embrythegh0st   1,322 Top Ten Compilations, Madden Gameplay, Bundle Openings
Ish de’la Ish   996 Let’s Play Madden, Tips/ebooks, Bundle Opening, Player Reviews
Somerandomcracka   942 Let’s Play Madden, Madden theme teams
evanf1997   909 Let’s Play Madden, Card reviews, Coin tips
Me llamo bear   74 Madden Testing
iflash3   74 Madden Gameplay, Call of Duty

Budget 4-3 defense – best cheap gold players MUT 16

The 4-3 has 4 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers. The defensive tackles are in the middle to stuff the run with the ends outside the offensive tackles to contain the run. In the NFL, teams like to have a defensive tackle to rush the passer and one big boy to stop the run. In Madden its a little different. The pass rushing DTs are too big of a liability against the run so I like two players in the middle to stop the run.

The defensive ends on the other hand will be responsible for both stuffing the run and rushing the passer. So I want guys with good speed to be able to get to the outside to contain both the run and any mobile QBs. You don’t want someone with 70 speed trying to chase down Mike Vick. So guys with good speed and pass rushing moves are needed at the ends.

The linebackers in the 4-3 do not rush the passer as frequently as those in a 3-4. The linebackers tend to play more pass coverage and let the D-Line do the pass rushing. So you want high zone coverage and play rec out of your linebackers in the 4-3.

So here is the optimized gold lineup for the 4-3, if you run any exotic blitzes where you drop a defensive lineman into coverage or rush a linebacker, adjust accordingly.

LE – 84 overall Jadeveon Clowney – 4-3 Defensive ends are terrible. Put linebackers here for better production and this Clowney is one of the best in the game at getting to the QB. His speed and acceleration will chase down a lot of scrambling QBs. He also holds up okay in the run game with 87 blockshed. (Backup Dan Williams 84 overall DT for run stuffing situations or opponents that exclusively run the ball)

RE – Anthony Barr 84 overall – Great Speed and power move to hunt down those mobile QBs (Backup Michael Brockers 83 overall DT for run stuffing situations or opponents that exclusively run the ball)

DT – Damon Harrison 83 overall. Some people love a pass rusher and a run stuffer for their DTs. In real life I support this. In Madden I want two run stuffers with high blockshed.

DT – Brandon Williams 84 overall. Same reasoning as above.

LOLB – Nigel Bradham 80 overall

MLB – (USER) Nate Askew (25 coins from EA marketplace) or Telvin Smith 83 overall.

ROLB – Sean Lee 83 overall or Telvin Smith 83 overall for more speed but less play rec

I would not suggest basing your scheme on man coverage with gold players. But it is good to mix it in to confuse the opponent. I am basing these recommendations on you playing zone cover 2,3, or 4 80% of the time.

CB – Ladarius Gunter 84 overall. Tall, decent speed, zone coverage and the second best blockshed for gold corners which is very important with the amount of outside runs this year.

CB – Darius Slay 81 overall – Tall, fast, okay zone. I heard that he plays above his overall.

CB – Quinten Rollins 84 overall – Good blockshed and tackle for an inside corner. Also his zone coverage is pretty good.

CB – Bradley Roby 81 overall – Usually a man specialist because I like to call cover 2 man out of Dime or Quarters in long passing downs.

FS – Dwight Lowery 84 overall – Good speed, zone and play rec. Ideal for a deep defender.  (Jimmy Ward if you run a lot of man)

SS – Nate Allen or Ron Parker both 84 overall. You can’t go wrong with either of these playmakers. I’ve heard great things about both.

Running offense – Best Cheap Budget Golds Players – MUT 16

If you want to put together a very run heavy offense on a budget, get the below players.

I have placed players in order they should appear on your depth chart. So the number 1 WR should be in the number 1 WR spot, 2 in 2, etc. If you want to sub in guys to get your styles above 90, then go right ahead! Have fun building your team.

QB – Johnny Manziel 84 overall is the top option here for running QBs but he’s 15k, Cam Newton’s 84 is great for the option offense and so is Marcus Mariota’s 76 if you promise me you’ll always slide with your QB and not take a hit. Otherwise get Matt Stafford for pocket passing situations.

HB – 1. Duke Johnson 79 overall – First down runner. OR Charcandrick West 82 overall TOTW has 93 speed with 92 elusiveness, 96 accel and 93 juke and would be a good alternative. OR Karlos Williams 84 overall TOTW if you want more trucking in your back but still great speed.

  1. Dri Archer 70 overall MF if you can afford it –For outside runs and tosses. If not his base silver does a good job getting out wide.
  2. Chris Ivory 84 overall TOTW for inside runs and short yardage
  3. Reggie Bush 77 overall for catching passes out of the backfield

Don’t let Duke get fatigued. Use Archer and Ivory generously.

FB –Patrick DiMarco 81 overall RTTP. After playing the game for a while I’ve come to realize awareness at this position is most important. A TE will suffer an awareness drop when moved to FB. All FBs are expensive but get Patrick DiMarco’s 81 overall RTTP card which has 82 awareness with 83 run block and 80 impact.

WR – You must get 91 Amari Cooper. Either do Journey 2 for him which isn’t too tough or scrape enough coins together. He is a gamechanger. You will get production from him that you won’t get from other players around his price level. He’s the game’s best value right now.

  1. Amari Cooper 91 overall (replace with Dorial Green-Beckham 83 overall until obtainable. Huge deep threat this DGB is.)
  2. Michael Floyd 84 overall TOTW
  3. Keenan Allen 83 overall 95 route running 93 CIT. Great for 3rd downs.
  4. Tavon Austin 75 overall – 95 speed for drags and beating man coverage with speed. Also should be your kick and punt returner.


1. Craig Stevens 77 overall 85 run block, 84 speed, 90 acceleration.

  1. Delanie Walker 83 overall 81 run block, 85 speed, 84 acceleration.
  2. Ladarius Green 83 overall 92 speed, 94 accel. Fast TE to sub in for drags and flats out of split close.

LT           1. Joe Staley. 84 overall. By far and away the best balanced. 92 run block, 88 pass block, 85 awareness

               2. King Dunlap 81 overall. 94 run block to sub in at TE when you need extra help on the edge

LG           1. Andrew Norwell 84 overall RTTP. If you pull your guards more on tosses get Clint Boling who has 83 awareness

C             1. Ryan Kalil 84 overall if you don’t plan on passing much at all.

RG          1. Kevin Zeitler 84 overall

RT           1. Lane Johnson 84 overall

               2. Derek Newton 80 overall (same reasoning as King Dunlap)