Madden 17 – Improvements Wishlist

Today I give my improvement wishlist for Madden 17 because they are probably done patching Madden 16. But if they aren’t done patching then this video works for the rest of 16. Let me know what your wants are for Madden 17.

Alternate title: Gutfoxx complains constructively

My draft champions proposal:

I didn’t dedicate a video exclusively to changing the market like I said in the video. I made it my number one request to change in Madden 16 in my top ten changes video here:


MUT Pack Opening – Christmas Style, presents galore!

Today we open a bundle of Christmas packs! See what I get. Is it good or bad? Naughty or nice?

Alternate title: Christmas comes but once a year but bad packs from EA come daily.

Speculation on the present players form Madden Mobile:


Madden Pack Opening – Ghosts of Madden & Out of Position Players

Today we open an Ultimate Freeze bundle and 15 pro packs trying to pull presents. We talk about out of position players, Bo Jackson, Ghosts and more.

Potential unreleased players:

Out of position players:

Ghosts of Madden Past, Present, and Future:


Madden Gameplay & Budget Team Talk


Today we talk about the budget teams I put together on the website and do some gameplay.

Run heavy gold offense:

Pass heavy gold offense:

3-4 gold defense:

4-3 gold defense: