Here’s a nickel 3-3-5 wide nano blitz in Madden NFL 16

Here’s the nano set up from Games_and_Dames on the mut subreddit:

Any play works. It’s universal. I like Cover 4 or 2. Fastest acceleration OLB or DE at RE.

1. Base Align
2. Pinch Line
3. Move ROLB (left of screen OLB) out until his blitz angle changes.
4. Crash DL

Now this blitz will work with B gap just like this but you can take it up a whole ‘nother notch by doing the following.

1. Control RE (left of screen DE) and move him one click inside towards DT.
2. Hold LT+RT together. This is a workaround to get a turbo jump.
3. When you fly through the LG just sprint towards the QB and dive.

The downfall is having to user your DE but it’s so fast it doesn’t matter with 7 in coverage sometimes.