Silver Studs – Putting together a silver/bronze squad in MUT 16

Silver and bronze budget players

Offense edition

Silvers top out at 71 this year and that will be the cap for this video on players. They don’t add silvers or bronzes as the year goes on so this video should be good for anyone looking to build a budget team at any time in the upcoming year in MUT 16.

You don’t have to have a better team than the opponent, you just need to outthink him and with these players doing their specific jobs we assign them, they will play equally to cards in the mid 80’s. I apologize as this video will be a little lengthy and dry at times as I explain why certain players are chosen. This video isn’t for a casual Madden player. It’s for a silver baller. I’ll do defense next week and gold players as we move forward, probably after Madden 16 has launched and I’ve played with these players.

I’m going to post my script on my website so you can go through each position that I did and critique my script grammar. Look in the description for that.


Obviously Dri Archer stands out. 64 overall with 96 speed. Run him on the outside but be weary of his 69 carry. He’ll drop the ball like I do on my responsibilities.

Your 3rd and 1 back should be 71 overall Peyton Hillis. 85 truck, 86 ball carrier vision and 82 strength means he’s the best silver back at taking a hole, falling forward and picking up that 1 yard you need. Taking a hole and falling forward, that was oddly sexual.

Your 3rd and long pass catching back should be Dexter McCluster – 80 catching, 76 catch in traffic, 78 route running and 79 spec catch with 93 agility and 90 acceleration means he can do a little with the ball after catching it to pick up the first down.

Kenjon Barner also offers a lot with his 92 elusive, 92 agility, good spin and juke. But he has 87 speed with 69 carry. Might be worth a try because of the elusive combo of stats.

If you don’t feel comfortable with Dri Archer or Barner as your main back with their 69 carry, and I wouldn’t be. Look at Jeremy Langford for his 88 carry, 92 speed and 91 acceleration. You won’t break many tackles with this guy but he offers speed and ball security.

But Truly, you might want to #splurge early at this position and get Jerick McKinnon and Tevin Coleman.75 and 74 overall. Both are crazy fast and have good carry. McKinnon is really good at elusiveness and Tevin with Truck. But that’s cheating for this video talking about golds. It’s like competing against Jordan, we’re only in this for silver.


I like to run the ball and for the O-Linemen to get to who they are supposed to block. The main stats I look at in this order are awareness because they better be finding blocks like its minecraft in here, strength, run block, pass block,  acceleration and speed, then. Pass block is under impact in importance for my guards.

So here are my silver targets for o-linemen

LT – Anthony Collins 69 overall – 91 strength, 84 awareness 85 run block, 83 impact. Pass block is low at 71 unfortunately

LG – Not many good choices here but I’ll go with Chad Rinehart 71 overall. 84 awareness means he’ll find his guy to block. Once he finds them there might be an issue with his low blocking stats. Will Rackley 69 overall might be another one worth looking at.

C – Kevin Boothe 71 overall at center. I’ll use this guy unless I pull the guy frequently because his slow acceleration might not get there in time

RG – Khalif Barnes 69 or Vladimir Ducasse 70 are the best at this position for the silvers

RT – Byron Bell 67 overall has good awareness and strength.

WR – Six categories, burner to outrun the defense, red zone target/face catcher, possession guy to pick up the first down, run blockers, all around number 1 receivers, for which there are none at the silver level and playmakers, agile little guys that can pick up good yardage with the ball in their hands on screens and drags.

The fastest Silver and lower WR is Mario Alford at 97 speed. Just crazy to start the year. But his acceleration is 94. These two add up to the same number as Marquise Goodwin. He has 95 speed and 96 acceleration. I might prefer Goodwin on the long bombs because he has an 82 spec catch vs Mario’s 65 in case he needs to use it on aggressive catches. You could also get Saalim Hakim (96 speed, 95 acceleration) so you never run out of guys that can run deep fast.

For cheap tall players, get Ramses Barden and Kris Durham. 6’6. That’s all I have to say with these two. But I could also tell you about Barden’s 90 acceleration and 85 speed with a 95 Jump and 85 spec catch. Durham’s a little faster at 88 speed but with worse other stats than Barden. So I’d go with Barden near the end zone. If anyone deserves a Golden Ticket, it’s one of these two 6’6 beast WRs.

For possession guy, you want someone with good catch, catch in traffic, route running and strength is a nice add to hold on to the ball. Other stats factor in but those are the big 4. There aren’t many possession types in the silvers that are amazing. I’d say Devon Bess because he has by far and away the best route running so you know he can get open on those quick breaks but his catch in traffic isn’t great.

Tyler Locket might be the best slot of the silvers because he has good enough route running. 96 agility, great speed, decent catch in traffic and other stats. But again, I’m not in love with either of these guys for the role.

Number 1 WR will be Sammy Coats. He’s only 6’1 but he has 91 speed, 91 acceleration, 93 jump. Mid 80’s CIT and spec catch. Not great catch and don’t ask him to deliver a pizza because he can’t run a route to save his life. 62 run block, 62 impact block with 75 strength is amazing. I’m putting him at my number 1 or 2 early and either running the ball or streaking him on a play action.

Dorial Green-Beckham is a great choice too. He’s 6’5 with 89 speed, 89 acceleration, 89 spec catch, 87 catch in traffic, low route running and low run block means I’d put him as my number 5 WR and sub him in to number 1 when I want to go to him deep. A poor man’s megatron as he was called on Muthead.

At number 2 would be Ramses Barden mentioned earlier because he also has decent run blocking and impact and strength.

Playmaker is the next type. Jacoby Ford, DeAnthony Thomas or Mario Alford could be good guys for this roll. Not great catching stats but electric with the ball in their hands

TE – So TE and WR’s are an interesting subject. In Madden 15, you could put one at the other and vice versa so they should be considered together. If so, then Gold Toilolo is the best face catching/tall WR because of his 6’8 height. But I’ll break these down separate from WRs. There are three types of TE, Run Blocking, Catching and Face Catching. You can mix those to create the perfect TE, but you won’t find those in silvers. So lets find a guy to fit what you want to do.

First, Receiving. If you want a pure speed TE to outrun the safeties, put a WR there. If you want a TE there, look at Derek Carrier. 70 overall on the 49ers. 88 speed, 90 acceleration at 6’4. He can’t run a route but has mid 70 catching and 92 agility.

There are a ton of tall guys to catch tall passes at TE. Jesse James on the Steelers is 6’7. Zach Sudfeld the same, Matt Spaeth is there. But if you just want to throw to a tall guy, #splurge and get Toilolo. He’s a low gold.

For a pure receiver, Trey Burton 69 overall is a good blend. 5th highest route running of a silver TE at 67 but he has a 87 speed, 89 acceleration and 89 agility.

If Trey drops too many balls for you because of his 73 catch in traffic, pick up Tyler Kroft. 2nd best route running and an 80 Catch in traffic with decent speed stats.

For a TE that you sub in to run block for you, go with Michael Palmer 71 overall. 84 run block and 82 impact block. better run blocking stats than a lot of silver linemen.

The best blend I’ve seen on silver TE is DC Jefferson 83 strength, 79 CIT, 81 run block, 75 impact block. The fact that he’s 6’6 really tops it off and he’ll be my opening day number 1 TE. His biggest problem is the 51 route running. If you have a corner or post route. Sub in one of the TE’s I listed above as a receiving one to run that route. Like Trey Burton or Tyler Kroft.

Taylor Thompson is another good balance for a silver TE. 80 run block, 86 speed and 88 acceleration. He’s also 6’6. He’ll be a special team star long after you’ve moved onto better TEs.

Any of those three, Michael Palmer, DC Jefferson and Taylor Thompson would also make decent Full Backs.

ON to Full Backs

There are running full backs, receiving full backs and blocking full backs. I don’t use a full back much except blocking and occasionally picking up the 1 yard for a first down. If I want them to catch a pass, I sub in my 3rd down running back or a TE.

Their most important job is blocking. And David Johnson 71 overall looks phenomenal for the job. 85 run block, 81 impact block, 81 strength. But most importantly 87 acceleration and 77 speed to make sure he can get to the hole. He will be my FB.

But if I see David Johnson not finding his blocks, I’m switching to John Conner who has similar, slightly poorer stats but 4 points higher in aware. The most important job in blocking is finding the guy you need to block. If 72 awareness can’t do it. Hopefully 76 will. If that doesn’t work, I’m running only in single back formations.

Frank Summers and Spencer Ware look pretty good for picking up 1 yard on a FB dive. Both have 85 truck with Frank being slightly heavier but Spencer having a huge carrying advantage. his carry is 94. If I were to pick. I’d go with Spencer Ware because you do not want to fumble when diving into a line.


QB should be the position you upgrade to the highest possible thing you can afford because it’s the most important position bar none. I’d say a QB is 39% of your teams success. Luckily we as the player are able to play as that QB. James Cameron knows having a good avatar is important.

At the silver level and really any level for that matter, but especially with the flaws and warts here, I recommend going with a multiple QB system.

There are two types of QBs. Cancer QBs. Also known as the mobile kind. And pocket passers.

We’ll start with the bad news, mobile QBs.

Tyrod Taylor is obviously the jumping off point. 87 speed and 92 acceleration.  90 throw power is decent early. Use this guy when you intend to roll out. His accuracy is absolutely terrible though.

I think the developers did a decent job on Tebow. I’m intrigued by him. And not just the feelings I suppress. He stands out among QBs for his high strength and high ball carrier vision for running up the middle because he’s the only QB made for scrambling up the middle instead of around the edges. His acceleration is also 10 points higher than his speed. I’m a big fan of acceleration over speed on QBs. It just too bad his accuracy stats are trash even for his overall. But people in MUT 15 did say he outplayed his accuracy. And his throw animation comes out of his hands quick.

Brett Hundley is a player that is quite intriguing. Very mobile, 91 throw power is decent and 87 throw short is great. You want him in there if you are going to play a dink and dunk offense. There aren’t many better than him.

There aren’t any great throw medium mobile guys. But if you need to roll out of the pocket and throw medium, I guess I’d stick with Tyrod Taylor. Austin Davis is decent at the job though.

Garrett Grayson 67 overall is your best bet to throw deep and be mobile. Although I don’t love his throw power. I’d take a solitary creature to throw deep. Like Ryan Mallett.

Ryan Mallett is a very interesting case. He has the highest acceleration minus speed score on silver QBs. You see the 57 speed as unusable, and it might be. But the 75 acceleration makes him a little more bearable if he has to move at all. Unlike I am on Thanksgiving. But Mallet has 97 throw power, 80 short, 81 medium, 76 deep. Not terrible.

For pocket passers, Go with Jimmy Garoppolo short and medium because he does them both well with Mallett as your deep guy. Although Garoppolo’s 90 throw power leaves you more vulnerable than Mallet’s 97 for those medium passes.

My QBs to start the year will be Mallet, Tyrod Taylor and Tim Tebow because I need him. Although I’m thinking heavily about rostering Hundley.

Kickers and Punters

Their scale is a little different. The silvers go up to 79. But this is pretty simple. Just take the guys with the best kick power. Greg Zuerlein should be your kicker and Marquette King should be your Punter/kickoff starter because of his speed and acceleration

So here is my ideal silver Madden 16 lineup:

QB: Ryan Mallet, Tyrod Taylor, Tim Tebow

HB: Dri Archer, Peyton Hillis, Dexter McCluster, Jeremy Langford

FB: David Johnson (John Conner), Spencer Ware

WR: Sammy Coats, Ramses Barden, Devon Bess, Jacoby Ford, Dorial Green-Beckham, Marquise Goodwin,

TE: DC Jefferson, Taylor Thompson, Michael Palmer, Derek Carrier

LT: Anthony Collins

LG: Chad Rinehart

C: Kevin Boothe

RG: Khalif Barnes

RT: Byron Bell

Kicker: Greg Zuerlein,

Punter/KOS: Marquette King

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