Silver Studs on defense in MUT 16. Putting together an effective budget squad

Silver Studs MUT 16


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EA doesn’t add silvers or bronzes as the year goes on so this video should be good for anyone looking to build a budget team at any time in the MUT 16 season.

As you learned in my last video on offensive silver players, they top out at 71 this year. And that will be the cap for players in this video. And again, I apologize as this video is lengthy as I explain my choices for each position. I will post my script on my website for those that would rather read than listen. Look in the description for the link.

Before putting together a defense, you need to decide whether to use a 3-4 or a 4-3. I will be starting the year with a 4-3 because 3-4 LBs early can’t play coverage if you drop them into zone at all. As the year progresses and more of them have that skill I might switch over.

And this breakdown of defense will be especially important for draft champions because if you see these players in your generated lineup, then you might want to pick another player because of how effective these cards are for silvers.

We’ll start with cornerbacks, Watching Madden 16 clips and playing Madden 15, having good scheme corners is the second most important position behind QB.

CB #1 – Keith McGill – 6’3, 69 overall, 87 speed, 96 accel, 86 agility, 90 jump, 82 zone, 71 hit power. Bad: 76 man, 47 awareness, 64 play rec. Good in a deep cover 3 only.

Byron Jones – 6’1 67 overall, 97 jump, 89 speed, 90 accel, 93 agility, 81 zone, bad catching, 52 awareness, 49 play rec, 70 man coverage. Cover 3 deep corner

Tharold Simon – 70 overall, 6’3 86 speed, 87 acceleration, 86 agility, 84 jump, 80 hit power, 66 aware, 69 play rec,

6’1 with 97 jump or 6’3 with 84 jump? which is more valuable? I’m not sure. But Simons other stats give him a big leg up on Byron. Although Byron’s smaller legs are like a friggin frog legs with the way he can jump.

Then you have a whole stable of corners at 6’2 who provide good height and decent other stats. with high 80’s speed to keep up with this year’s WRs.

Marcus Cooper – 68 overall – 6’2 88 speed, 86 acceleration, 81 agility, 90 jump. 74 hit power. 70 man, 74 zone, 65 awareness, 60 play rec

Neiko Thorpe – 62 overall, 6’2 90 speed, 88 accel, 89 jump, 85 agility. 49 aware, 53 catch, 53 play rec. Bad everything else. Bronze cover 3 corner

Rashaan Melvin – 68 overall, 6’2 89 speed, 88 acel, 87 agility, 89 jump

Sheldon Price – 60 overall, 6’2, 88 speed, 85 accel, 89 jump, 83 agility, 64 spec catch, 51 aware, 42 play rec, 67 zone, 51 aware, 42 play rec

Dontae Johnson – 68 overall, 6’2 88 speed, 88 acceleration, 87 agility, 87 jump.

Marcus Cooper – 68 overall, 6’2, 88 speed, 86 acceleration, 90 jump

Pierre Desir – 63 overall bronze, 6’2, 86 speed, 88 accel, 90 jump. 74 catch, 73 spec catch, 79 zone. Terrible aware and play rec.

If you get all those 6’2 in corners, we could call you Bob Baffert with a stable that size. There’s a joke for all you horse racing fans.

Couple other 6’1 guys are decent, but unneeded with the taller guys around. Guys like Nolan Carroll and AJ Jefferson

Nolan Carroll – 6’1 87 speed, 88 accel, 70 aware, 65 play rec, 89 jump

But there are two bronze 6’3 guys that you can get if you are doing a bronze squad.

Tommie Campbell – 61 overall, 6’3, 86 speed, 88 acceleration, 86 jump, 89 agility, 77 hit power

Stanley Jean-Baptiste – 63 overall, 6’3, 83 speed, 87 accel, 89 agility, 95 jump. Will be perfect to stop the deep lob streak. You just have to hope he can get back there with his 83 speed. 42 aware, 52 play rec. Might be better as a safety.


Tracy Porter 68 overall

Drayton Florence 70 overall Both with okay intelligence stats. Like a Gutfoxx in school.

The main difference between Silvers, golds and above is the intelligence stats. The physicality is very similar between them all. And with a nickel, you want an intelligent SOB to pick passes and read run vs. pass. The choices aren’t great here and you’ll probably not see a ton of production, but those were my choices for nickel/dime CBs. If I were to choose between these two, I’d pick Porter for his speed and catch advantage. Even though his zone is significantly worse.

But taking it further, DJ Moore – 91 agility, 87 acceleration, 90 jump, 68 aware, 76 play rec, 82 zone coverage, 47 block shed, 77 catch, 77 spec catch, 74 catch in traffic. All amazing for his level. What’s the catch you ask? Well, he has 82 speed. I think I’m going to try him at nickel/dime and see if that speed makes him unplayable or if his intelligence makes up for it. Although, I’m pre-disposed to thinking he won’t be able to make plays. Like Riley Cooper in real life.

I might just say screw the intelligence and go for an all speed lineup with silvers and see if that works. If so, I’d still take my huge outside CBs, but put on the inside:

User corner –

Onterio McCalebb – 59 overall, 94 speed, 91 accel, 91 jump, 92 agility, 76 spec, which is 2nd best for silver corners, bad hit power though at 44. And only 5’10. If I don’t use the speed lineup, I would totally have this guy as my number 5 CB for special teams sweeper on the edge and a guy I could sub in at nickel to user.

If you are looking for a stud man corner in silver, I got what you need: Ronald Darby – 92 speed, 88 agility, 90 acceleration with 84 man coverage. Very good stats for a silver if you want to run a man scheme. There are some other decent ones for this scheme, but I would suggest not running a man scheme with silver players unless you want to lose.

But back to the speed lineup. I might run with a pure silver speed lineup on defense. That way, when one guy makes a mistake, there are 10 other hellscreamers there to cover up because they can close so quickly. In that case, go with guys like Greg Ducre and Darryl Morris at CB.

Add in the fact that Zfarls is saying outside tosses work well this year, we’ll want guys who can get to the edges quickly. But that may be more for LBs since DBs start on the outside in nickel and dimes.

And keep in mind top end WRs like Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and Julio Jones all have 88-89 speed. You won’t need a ton of it early to keep up. Unless the opponent puts Breshad Perriman or Mario Alford on the outside on a streak.

FS: Cooper Taylor: 68 overall, 6’4 88 speed, 88 acceleration, 89 jump. His other stats aren’t anything to write home about. If he isn’t your starter, have him as your number 2 FS both for his special teams ability and for his height being able to knock the ball down on hail mary’s at the end of half and game.

For the speed lineup, get Lonnie Ballentine or Dezmen Southward, Dezmen is 6 feet tall, 92 speed, 92 agility, 93 acceleration, 97 jump, 79 hit power. Special teams stud. Bad catching though like my catches of the common cold every couple of friggin months.

But Lonnie Ballentine is better, 61 overall, 6’3, 91 speed, 92 accel, 85 agility, 88 jump, 89 hit power. 42 aware, 59 play rec. hooves for hands

If you want someone with a good blend of skills back there, get Usama Young. 71 overall, 6’0, 87 speed, 92 accel, 92 jump, 73 aware, 67 play rec, 79 zone.

SS: This position starts and ends with Taylor Mays, 71 overall, 6’3, 92 speed, 91 agility, 94 accel, 95 jump, 86 hit power, good blockshed for a silver at 68, 70 spec catch. Should be your user to start the year.

And since we are basing our defense around a cover 3 where our SS plays in the box, if you don’t user the SS and get Taylor Mays, (get him for special teams anyways) play rec is of the highest importance. A very nice, well rounded card with high end play rec for a silver is Jimmy Wilson, 70 overall, 70 play rec, 74 aware, 86 speed, 86 accel, 86 agilility, 88 jump. A nice balanced card. Not as sexy as Taylor Mays though. Wilson is the Toyota of silver SS.

RE –


I hate that Vic Beasley just misses the cutoff at 72 overall. Hint, Hint. 88 speed, 87 strength, 89 accel, 86 finesse moves. I wouldn’t look at silver DEs with him there.

Danielle Hunter 61 overall would be a good bronze DE with 87 speed, 90 accel. Not great on the pass rush moves or blockshed though. But if a team is killing you on the run, switch to a 4-6 formation and sub a 3-4 DE to play the run.

But I think Randy Gregory 68 overall is a good silver 4-3 RE. 84 speed, 88 accel, 78 strength, 87 finesse moves and good pursuit at 87. If you back him up with Mario Edwards jr who has 88 strength and 87 block shed with okay speed, you’ll be money against the run.

For a 3-4, you want a heavy, strong man who can shed a block. Arthur Jones, 71 overall is the best man for the job. 337 pounds, 92 strength with good balanced stats across the board. I wish his blockshed was a little higher than 83 though, but life can’t be all puppies and hand grenades.


Larry Webster 63 overall, 86 speed, 84 agility, 90 accel, 83 finesse move. Low on the strength so he won’t be great against the run.

Arik Armstead would be a good backup here to protect against the run. 91 block shed with an 85 strength. And I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you all to backup your hard drives.


Can’t do too much better than Cam Thomas for silver players. 94 strength, 85 block shed out of a 64 overall. Haven’t seen such a nice package since Adriana Lima broke on the scene.


You want strength and blockshed here. Powermoves are a plus to get some QB pressure along with awareness and play rec to see the screens coming.

There are two types of DT, a 3-4/nose tackle, who lines up nearest the center, and a 3 technique, who lines up outside the guard and should be better at pass rushing.

For the 3-4/nose tackle, it all depends on how much you value speed out of your DT. I don’t value it much, but I think it is a little necessary to possibly stop screen passes. But here’s the thing with these players, I doubt any Silver DT is recognizing a screen pass. So I will take little concern with it until I see from the game tape that my DTs could have made plays with a little more speed, be it QB pressures or just missing an RB on a blockshed.

So, I’m going to start the year with Terrence Cody, 70 overall, as my nose tackle. He’s the slowest thing outside of time in chemistry class at 45 speed, but he has 97 strength and 89 block shed at 349 pounds. He will demand a double team up the middle on runs, allowing my LBs to get free. He won’t be great on powers or counters, but DTs aren’t really making plays on those.

If my Cody is too slow, mama’s gonna buy a Torell Troup, 320 pound with 94 strength and 94 blockshed and 66 speed. If your Torell doesn’t shine, mama’s gonna buy a Jesse Williams, 70 overall.  94 strength, 86 blockshed with 79 accel and 74 speed.

But as for the 3 technique, I’d ideally like a guy who can disrupt screen passes. And as I said, there aren’t really those guys in the silver DT market. Either because they are too slow or too dumb. The closest you’ll get is 71 overall Ryan Pickett, 85 play rec, 86 awareness, 88 strength and 80 blockshed. He’s only got 60 speed and 71 acceleration. Basically a poor man’s wilfork. So try Pickett and see if he works against those screens, otherwise, I’d put Cody or Troup at your nose and Jesse Williams at your 3 technique.


We need to talk about Nate Askew. You know earlier when I said Taylor Mays should be your user. Well….Nate Askew is 57 overall, 6’4 92 speed, 86 agility, 95 acceleration, 75 hit power, 71 catch, 65 spec catch. He’s the linebacker version of Taylor Mays. Get him for special teams at least. Otherwise, he’s a godly user linebacker if you don’t feel comfortable usering your SS. He’s a better user than Ryan Shazier and bar none, the best user LB to start the game.

But other than that, in a 3-4, you want your OLBs to rush the passer, contain the passer and hold up in the run game. They might drop a little, like a small deuce, but mostly, they are rushing the passer.

In a 4-3, you want your non-usered LBs to be smart and play against the pass and run well.

We’ll start with 3-4 OLBs. Finesse move was generally held to be better than power move in 15. Time will tell as we move along to 16.

But if you run the 3-4 and want finesse moves, take a look at starting the year with Dee Ford as your LOLB and Corey Lemonier as your ROLB.

Dee has 86 speed, 87 strength, 86 agility, 86 accel, 88 finesse moves, 88 pursuit. Lemonier has 86 speed, 92 acceleration, 92 hit power, 87 finesse moves, and 86 pursuit. They should be able to provide some heat from the outside.

And Dee Ford and Corey Lemonier both match up well vs the 4-3 ends I mentioned earlier. I might give them a shot at DE in a 4-3.

But if you are okay with power moves, a true stud ROLB in a 3-4 or a 4-3 DE spot will be Cornelius Washington 68 overall. 88 speed, 93 strength, 91 acceleration, 88 powermoves, 79 blockshed. His agility is a little low and his intelligence stats aren’t great. But he’ll be a stud setting the edge and rushing the passer.

But, for my 4-3 OLBs,

ROLB Jonathan Casillas 71 overall is pretty smart and pretty fast. 86 speed, 85 agility, 87 accel, 76 aware, 88 pursuit, 83 zone coverage and 80 play rec

LOLB is looking kind of weak for 4-3 OLBs. It might have to be the position I user. But it’s looking like Emmanuel Lamur might be the guy that I stick there if I don’t user the position. 70 overall, 84 speed, 90 acceleration, 73 aware, 82 pursuit, 74 play rec, 75 zone,

MLB – Obviously a lot of talk has been about Shazier and his ability to be usered, but we found a different one. I’m talking Askew. He has less hit power, but more speed and accel, 3 inches and is much better at catching. So if we don’t get gold shazier, and put a silver stud here, you’re not going to have to view Askew poorly.

Jamar Chaney – 79 play rec, 88 accel, 83 speed, 75 aware, 84 pursuit. Not great, but the MLB mainly needs to be around the ball on runs, and this guy accomplishes that. Would like a higher block shed than 72, but I’ll have to see if it negatively effects him badly getting blocked a lot.

Kick/Punt returner. Need high speed and kick return. Best silver guy is Trindon Holliday. Try and get to the edge with your lead blocker sealing it off.

So we just went through this, but my ideal lineups are:

Silver 4-3

LE: Cornelius Washington

RE: Dee Ford

DT: 3 tech: Ryan Pickett (Jesse Williams)

NT: Terrence Cody

ROLB: Jonathan Casillas

MLB: Jamar Chaney (Nate Askew)

LOLB: Emmanuel Lamur

CB 1: Keith McGIll

CB 2: Tharold Simon

CB 3: DJ Moore (sub out if you notice speed killing you)

CB 4: Tracy Porter

CB 5: Onterio McCalebb

FS 1: Usama Young

FS 2: Cooper Taylor

SS 1: Taylor Mays (Jimmy Wilson if user Askew)


LE: Cam Thomas

RE: Arthur Jones

DT: Terrence Cody

ROLB: Cornelius Washington

MLB: Jamar Chaney

MLB: Nate Askew

LOLB: Dee Ford

CB 1: Keith McGIll

CB 2: Tharold Simon

CB 3: DJ Moore (sub out if you notice speed killing you)

CB 4: Tracy Porter

CB 5: Onterio McCalebb

FS 1: Usama Young

FS 2: Cooper Taylor

SS 1: Taylor Mays (Jimmy Wilson if user Askew)

Alright, let me know if you have any disagreements.

Thanks for watching,

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See you tomorrow

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