Madden Ultimate Team Timeline – MUT Market Report

One note, I have listed last years dates. This year is 6 days later, so January 20th last year was a Tuesday, it corresponds to January 26th this year. Or this upcoming Tuesday.

January 20th – Team of the Year – 20 players 94 to 97 overall. These players caused the great January crash. Well, these players and the fact at this point is when they started having bundles every day. (which is a change from this year because we’ve had daily bundles since the beginning) This was the biggest market crash of the year. Quality players at every position released and they weren’t all that difficult to come by.

January 26th – Superbowl content. 8 players 97 to 99. 6 from 92 to 95. These players kept the market down hard on the day of release. For example, on January 6th, Ahman Greene’s Ultimate Feast price was 250,000 coins. On January 27th, it 107,000 coins. So Greene’s stock sunk 57% in 3 weeks.

Feb 1 – Superbowl

Feb 2 – Market inflates tremendously due to superbowl coin ups. Remember this date. Or don’t and subscribe to this channel because I will remind you. Ahman green popped 50% the day after the Superbowl before sinking back down to previous levels the following Saturday.

Feb 3rd through 6th –NFL Honors cards were released. 7 players 97 to 99

The next week is what I call the weekly replacement week. They replaced all in season weekly releases like TOTW and Football outsiders with new promotions.

Feb 7th – Ultimate Legends – Mike Vick and Mike Webster. 99 overall. One 24 hr boss card. weekly. Market crashed to pull packs for Vick. Plus Lombardi bundle that guaranteed 1 mystery ticket, crashing that market too.

-And because of the Ultimate Legend Vick, Elite badges skyrocketed. They might be a solid investment right now or in the coming weeks.

Feb 8th – All Rookie Team. 4 players 88 to 93 overall. Weekly.

Feb 9th – Position Heroes. 2 99 overall players. Weekly

Feb 11th – Final Editions. Weekly.

Feb 12th – Combine Warrior Released weekly. One player with good speed, height, measurables.

Feb 13th – Mutseason update – Gauntlet, Team Trophy sets to unlock 99 Barry, Ultimate Master set released to reward Kam Chancellor and Byron Maxwell. More flashback, SV and M25 released. May have caused inflation due to the gauntlet being an easy-ish way to unlock coins.

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