Campus Heroes Elites and Legends reviews/first looks

Strong Buy – Top Recommendation. A game changer or budget beast


Hold – Try out and see if the card works for you before deciding whether to sell


Strong Sell – Sell immediately upon pull and don’t look back.


But I wrote this Friday night before I was pulled away and didn’t post it until now for some reason. So sorry for the late upload.

Due to the legends sets I have feeling these players will all be absurdly overpriced at a minimum of around 50k unless the bundles are crazy good. So that is going to hurt their ratings as all stats are relative to price.

Devon Still – 88 overall DT

Slow with below average block shedding. 95 power moves are okay but DTs need to stop the run first and foremost.

Recommendation: Strong Sell

Brandon Spikes – 88 overall MLB

Speed kills and an MLB with 88 speed kills the card. 85 acceleration, 85 play rec, 89 blockshedding are all too low for his overall and price

Recommendation: Strong Sell

Jermichael Finley – 89 overall TE

I see nothing to love like other people’s children. Low route running, average speed, bad catch in traffic, not great at run blocking, do I have to continue to trash the card or do you get it? This is firmly in the “bicycle spokes noise maker” tier of cards.

Recommendation: Strong Sell

Prince Amukamara – 89 overall CB

He’s a man coverage corner with 93 speed. Meh. If it was 95 you’d have a man coverage superstar. Unfortunately his superstar is not reserved for the Hollywood walk of fame but the gutfoxx walk of shame. Which is 10 tacos at taco bell then holding your pants as you waddle to the bathroom.

He is so close to greatness but a really bad zone corner with the low play rec. Fortunately his blockshed is average so there is value there. But with all the speedy WR’s these days it’s just tough to field a 93 speed corner in man coverage to take advantage of his 96 rating there.

Recommendation: Sell

Trae Waynes – 90 overall CB

96 speed. It’s Waynes World! Party time! Excellent! The most OP stat in the game and Waynes has a good amount of it. Schwing.

Okay, enough with the Waynes World. Waynes has low blockshed so watch for tosses his way. Definitely not a Nickel or Dime corner unless you know they are passing. Surprisingly low agility and man coverage for his speed doesn’t help along with his low play rec, catching and tackling stats. Overall he’s pretty well balanced for his speed. He’s like the girls I dated in college, fast but containing a surprising number of warts.

Recommendation – Hold

Manti Te’o – 91 overall MLB

85 speed with 86 blockshed is unacceptable for an MLB. He’s a two way player, bad both against the runs wide and up the middle. Pursuit at 97 might help but his play rec at 90 won’t have him taking a quick first step like a recovering alcoholic.

Recommendation – Strong Sell

Carlos Hyde – 91 overall HB

Low end speed but good trucking. Not worth 60-70k that he’s going for unfortunately. Doesn’t have an elite skill that you look for in a budget back but he can pick up a few yards for you falling forward with that 96 trucking.

Recommendation – Sell

David DeCastro – 92 overall RG

Dang. My favorite O-lineman on my favorite team. Not a wonderful card though. 80 awareness all but kills it. Depending on your scheme if it is pass heavy he can be a solid producer at RG. But on pulls and screens he’ll be as confused as I am seeing vegetables on my plate. Out of anything, awareness needs to be a minimum of 85 for me to trust the guy to find the right block. There might be a break point around there like 96 is for route running.

Recommendation – Sell

Devin Hester – 93 overall WR

We are not worthy. GOAT kick returner until the end of MUT. Streak, drag, slant cheese. Switch routes are love, switch routes are life. 98 speed, 99 accel, 100 kick return, 97 agility, 98 spin, 99 juke and 98 elusiveness.

But don’t expect an amazing reliable every down WR. He’s a guy I’d put as my kick returner and 6th WR and sub in when I have the need, the need for speed. Streaks surprise and PA WR In 1 play TD.

Recommendation: Strong Buy

Blake Bortles – 93 overall QB

A very cromulant player going for far too much. With the competition at QB so high in MUT, there is no reason to pay an exorbitant sum for a solid QB unless you are a fan of the man. Unfortunately, sets ruin another good card.

But he’s got a solid mix of stats as a semi-mobile, strong armed decently accurate passer.

Recommendation: Sell

Taylor Mays – 94 overall SS

He’s nothing without the player’s brain behind him. The bad: 82 Zone Coverage, 79 Play Rec, 56 catch in traffic and 79 block shedding. The good: SPEED FOR DAYS. Sandra Bullock is driving the bus here though. Better take the wheel if you want to harness this wild stallion. 98 hit power with 95 speed, 97 accel, 96 jump on a 6’3 inch frame. A user beast at Strong safety. If you don’t user that position, it might be worth it to stay away as the mental stats just aren’t there for Taylor.

Recommendation – Buy

Mike Evans – 94 overall SS

6’5 with 98 spec catch. Ooooh boy, this gonna be good. 93 speed is a little low but 97 jump makes him an aggressive catch nightmare. Don’t love the 89 route running but just send this beast straight down the field throw the ball high and watch him work.

He’s also got quite good run block for a WR. He should be lined up across from many Marshalls and provide a potent ground and pound and chuck it deep duo. But Mike is definitely an outside WR. I wouldn’t put him at the slot due to his low route running and shiftiness.

Recommendation – Buy

Eddie Lacy – 95 overall HB

Carrying at 92 is low for a guy that’s going to take the amount of punishment he’s going to take for your team. I figure Eddie is used to taking things so his carry rating would be higher. But he’s tied for the 3rd best trucking rating in the game at 98. He’s actually got pretty nice stick moves for a bigger, slower guy. 96 spin and 94 juke are very nice. His 98 stiff arm is a cherry on top of the Lacy Sundae.

But this card has minimal improvements from his 93 so whether he’s worth it is up to you. He’s mostly got +1 across the board moving from his 93 to 95. A solid slower catching back that can do some nice work.

Recommendation – Sell

Chris Long – 96 overall LE

He’s a tweener in MUT. 85 speed isn’t enough to chase down the hyper mobile QBs we have now and 93 blockshed is a little low for a 3-4 DE. He might have value in a mixed scheme as someone you can set and forget like gargoyles below cloud-level but I don’t think he provides enough value as a 4-3 Left End that 96 or 99 Von doesn’t. And JJ Watt far surpasses him in the 3-4.

Recommendation: Sell

Percy Harvin – 96 overall WR

This is the WR you want to have their hands on the ball. He’s the hottest girl in your high school, that’s how much you want him holding your balls. 95 speed, 98 accell, 99 agility, 99 elusiveness, 99 carrier vision, 96 spin, 97 juke. He’s gonna break a lot of ankles. His route running is 95. At 96 I’d be freaking out.

But overall a solid WR that will do a lot of damage in a quick throwing offense. Not great 90 catch in traffic and a 94 spec catch means he’ll get good animations but it isn’t unusual for WRs to have that rating now.

Recommendation: Hold

Darren McFadden – 97 overall HB

97 speed and 99 acceleration! 90 truck with 95 elusiveness. Very solid combo. I like how they stuck to real life and gave him bad carrier vision, especially after that short video of him missing a wide open hole. 95 carrying isn’t amazing but it’s solid. I think a lot of people will like this card.

Unfortunately his price is a little high at the moment but it should soon shoot down like a duck over Louisiana when another amazing bundle/promo or RB comes out.

Recommendation: Hold, sell if you want the ridiculous amount of coins he’s going for

Peter Boulware – 97 overall lolb

Not the guy you want to see when you open the campus heroes set pack. Peter Boulware goes for the least coins for good reason. Too slow for a top end edge rusher, too low of zone for a top end 4-3 LOLB. A tweener with no home. 97 finesse moves is as unacceptable as his 90 blockshed. In a world without LT and Von he’d be great. In this world he’s bad.

Recommendation: Strong sell

Tyrann Mathieu – 98 overall CB (kind of wish he was a FS though)

96 speed, 98 acceleration, 97 agility. 97 zone coverage, 94 play rec, 95 man coverage. Whoa. That’s all I need to say. Now let me just take a look at his price…Ah shit.

Great stats on the card. Blockshed is lower than I’d like for a nickel or dime and he’s shorter than I’d like for an outside corner. Regardless, he’ll play both well for you. If he doesn’t, please let me know as I might have to give this guy a try.

Recommendation: Hold price is too high at the moment.

Michael Crabtree – 99 overall WR

Another they gave 95 route running to. Can’t they just make my day and give him 96, punk? This is a very nice balance of stats that’ll perform wonders for you. But you know that. I wouldn’t say he’s an “upper-tier” 99 like Boss Mick Vick is for his position. None have been posted on the AH so I assume he’s quite rare indeed and will go for a pretty penny when he finally does list. I’d rather have Odell’s 99 though.

Recommendation: Sell as all these legends are way too high priced.

Tim Tebow – 99 overall QB

Jesus in human form. If Jesus couldn’t throw medium for some reason. He’s solid. A tank running down the field and chucking the rock. I love this card and can’t rationally rate it.

Recommendation: Repent


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