Make that market coin in MUT 16 with position heroes


Today we are going to talk through making some coins off the position hero market shifting through it’s launch week and who I think the best players are to speculate on going forward.

And I’m sorry for the length ahead of time but there is a lot of information to get you all so you can both understand how we are making coins as well as the cheat sheet since I’ve already done the research.

Sponsor: Trying to scrounge you up some coins before Golden tickets hit in 2 to 3 weeks. Need mad pro pack stacks.

So a few weeks ago I talked through a strategy on how to make coins on position heroes involving a twitter account that was leaking information

Unfortunately for us that has been shut down.

But today’s video is how to make money on the sets without speculation or prior knowledge.

First of all, make sure you’re up when the server changes over. Take a look at the set. Find the most rare player in the set. It’ll be a 74 overall gold or the highest rated card, in that order. Buy whatever that card is. Even if it gets to 100k. And really it doesn’t even matter if you are on when it switches over as our money is made through the week.

The collectable is really expensive at the beginning, and this is the key to success, people calculate what it costs to do the set and price accordingly. Well lucky for us the collectable goes down in price dramatically through the week. But when something falls in a set, something else goes up in price.

So, let’s talk about the Position Heroes so far

TE –  (released 2-14) Go and look at muthead. RTTP Delanie Walker 89 overall peaked on the Saturday feb 20, the Saturday following his PH release. Second highest rated card didn’t move much at all through the week. A dud investment.

LOLB (2-14) Price spiked on Justin Houston 89 overall then went down some before hitting it’s peak the weekend following his set. It’s lower now than it’s peak, last weekend.

And if you look at the other cards required for the LOLB set, Ryan Kerrigan spike the day/morning of the release and has only gone down back to his pre-PH set price. A bust for our method.

And especially with the solos that give out free players, I don’t see the low overall elites/golds being worth our time. Best I guess is if you have them sell within the first 30 minutes of server changeover or whenever EA posts their blog.

FB – (2-21)

CB (2-21) – Hard to draw conclusions on these sets because of the 74 overall gold in the CB set and the wonkiness of the Full Back class. But looking at Phillip Gaines, he was 100k+ through the first day before getting to 300k by that night. He then went down in price for a couple days before spiking back up the next weekend. It’s due to more people being on and doings set during the weekend.

WR – (2-28) Funny thing happened today with the WR’s. We were expecting 74’s or 89 overalls to be in the set as the rare cards. But EA curved us with the 90 overall Antonio Brown and no 74s. So the 89 Dez and 89 RTTP Maclin which are both in the set and thought to have been a good investment haven’t really moved much. Dez is up a little but Maclin has flatlined. Dude’s dead.

I’d sell your lower overall base elite WR’s and CB’s as soon as possible for those that invested into them.

The money shot here seems to be that 90 overall Antonio Brown. His buy now price is 98k as of this recording. I expect it to be 150 next Saturday after the collectables flood packs through this week. Again, take all my advice with a grain of salt. If you lose your shirt I’m not buying you a new one.

He’s only going up in price and by next weekend you will all see a return on investment. Like a high end prostitute, it takes quite a bit of currency to get into him, but the payoff will be worth it.

FS (2-28) Also released today and same goes for Weddle as Brown

So who are the candidates to buy and hold? And all of these are very risky bets. If the 74 overall golds get added back, this is pointless speculation. But with the highest risks come the highest rewards.

So as we’ve seen the most rare or highest overalls get the biggest bump in coin value. As expected in any market. So, let’s go through the highest overalls from the base set or Road to the Playoffs to try and determine which cards are winners. I will post this information on my website so you can all reference it at any time. I’ll link it in the description.

QB Rodgers 91 38k, Brady 90 38k, No 89 overall QB (up in the air, money on Brady)

HB Lynch 90 40k, Le’Veon Bell 89 35k, DeMarco Murray 89 26k, (tough to call, money on Bell)

WR – Calvin Johnson – 89, (2 months est. hold time)

LT – Joe Thomas 90 70k, (Good bet)

LG – Evan Mathis 89 – 40k (Best bet)

C Rodney Hudson 89 RTTP 70k, Nick Mangold 89 35k (IDK, money on Mangold)

RG – Marshal Yanda 90 62k

RT – Sebastian Vollmer 89 54k (another best one)

LE – JJ Watt 91 68k, 91 Campbell RTTP 91 41k, Cameron Wake 88 6k (I don’t know, I’d guess Campbell)

RE – RTTP Ansah 89 83k, Robert Quinn 88 8k (Ansah is the Answer)

DT – Ndamukong Suh 89 40k (good bet to be a winner)

MLB – RTTP Shazier 89 42k, Luke Kuechly 89 52k (50/50 too tough to call)

ROLB – Terrell Suggs 88 9k (Only low priced potential high rewards choice, I’d say our speculation winner) (Could also mean the return of a 74 gold for this set since no real “rare” cards, Shaun Phillips 74 overall sitting at about 6.5k could pay off handsomely. Mike Neal 73 overall but 11k could be a winner too)

CB – Richard Sherman 89 73k, (2 months est. hold time)

SS – RTTP Chung 89 12k, Kam Chancellor 90 71k, (I don’t think it’ll be Kam. So process of elimination means Chung)

And once again take all of these guess with a grain of salt. All we can do is diversify our investments and hope the wins are greater than the losses.

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