Mut Monitor 11-16-16 – Madden Ultimate Team Weekly News

Apologies for any misspellings/bad grammar as this is the script I wrote for the video.

Alternate playbooks are coming in tweet from guru

RTTP dropped.

Chem Solos for Antonio Brown and Jadeveon Clowney

Tier 2 of elite chems came out this week so players with the elite chems shot up in price. On a day to day basis it’s looking like chemistries are getting more and more important.

Getting Season 1 competitive rewards shortly – although I’ve said that for 2 weeks so we’ll see. Maybe they’ll time it with Thanksgiving.

Last year we got the Thanksgiving promo 8 days before Thanksgiving. That date this year is the 16th, or Wednesday. So look for that promo this week.

Ocho Cinco aka Chad Johnson is coming to MUT. He tweeted and put on Instagram that EA was taking his likeness. So we can expect to see him soon in MUT.

Jason Kelce came to the game and has a new chemistry “Identified” which allows you to see who your opponent is usering. Many top end players have said that it’s a waste since they can tell already but from using it, and I don’t consider myself a top end player, but having it on is a huge help, on a similar level as conductor chemistry in my opinion. Kelce I believe is the best offensive linemen in the game and will be until a new one comes out with a similar identified chemistry.

Most Beard promo –

A miniature size promo with some special packs but no master set. But it’s okay because we follow the Khalisi and have no masters.

Overall I like the theme promo. Any suggestions for more themes? How about an all-steelers promo? From bronzes to elites, brand new Steelers players with Master Troy Polumalu. They can call it Pig Iron to Steel Splendor.

Team Hero’s and milestones. It’s looking like EA is following the lead of October and the first two weekend milestones for each month will turn our NAT elite Team Hero’s into sellable players with Milestones. Something to look out for investing in the future. But that’s more market Monday stuff.

Mid-Season Master is Josh Norman. Looks like he’s going for a pretty penny. It’s weird that EA didn’t require any head to head for him like they did MUT Master.

Badge Monster Rashad Jones

Legends Donovan McNabb and Ted Hendricks – MUT Guru had a tweet saying people were telling him McNabb was a trash legend. Even after retirement McNabb still gets booed.

And speculation that isn’t fully confirmed but Hot Hands might work if you user lock Urlacher at the start of the play on offense if you sub him in at TE.

The QB studder glitch is confirmed from Rex to be patched

RTTP dropped. 100+ alternate chemistry players, new chemistry reward Carson Wentz.

New Tuesday night Hero’s for playing draft champions. Specifically ranked draft champions. If you 6-0 or 6-1 you get an Elite TND Badge. 6 of those and you get an auctionable player. New ones were released today including David Johnson, Chris Harris Jr. Ron Parker, Jordan Reed, Zach Brown and Justin Pugh. Usually these players are overpriced for their production. So if you pull one I’d sell it and pick up a cheaper alternate unless you are in love with the player.

Football outsiders coming Friday are:

CB Marcus Peters (FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS HERO): Game-winning forced fumble plus 4 passes defensed.

P Johnny Hekker, LARM: 7 punts for average of 51.7 gross yards and 50.3 net yards.

MLB Gerald Hodges, SF: Interception plus 4 run tackles of 2 yards or less.

RE Cameron Jordan NO: Led Saints with 9 combined tackles, including a sack and 2 run TFL, and 3 QB knockdowns.

RG Brandon Scherff, WAS: Washington RB gained 80 yards on 14 carries to the right side, with 64 percent success rate against a top-10 run defense.

EA also put a new pack in the store which guaranteed an 86 overall Aaron Rodgers with vertical chem to help you get your chemistry up. Is this a one time thing or can we start to expect EA to sell special promo packs that guarantee one player. I don’t have a problem with it. Seems better than the gamble we currently have with packs since we know what we’re getting.

We received new competitive players that take 110 to 120 badges, Both Tyrann Mathieu and Sammy Watkins.

And the upgrades to the NFL Veterans set but this set has been a disappointment this year.

We also got new flashbacks, signature players, football outsiders midseason rookies, just an overall explosion of new content.


TOTW Elites get two Chems starting today.

LE’s get a ‘Double’ Chem.

Elites Two Chems (one elite, one base)

Golds an Elite Chem.

Hero is 93 Dez Bryant – A lot of people have said his stats are underwhelming. I’m one of them, but a lot of other people also said it

Eric Berry (Defensive Hero) – BCA Berry made a ton of plays for me. And he’s cheap now. This Berry is a slight upgrade but it’s worth is up to you.

Marcus Mariota (Offensive Hero) – A great card if you don’t throw the ball deep or run play action

Doug Baldwin – One of the better cards out this week. All around solid contributor. 88 speed and access, 91 route running, 66 run block with 89 and 90 spec and CIT. Just a jack of all trades.

Alec Ogletree A decent user. Otherwise I don’t love the low zone and play rec.

Ryan Mathews – Not much to love here. You can like a lot, but no love. Nothing stands out except his good stiff arm.

Darian Stewart – 86 seems too slow to play Free Safety

Preston Smith – Meh

Cameron Brate – Tall, but on the low end of speed and run block so I don’t love him

C.J. Prosise – His Silver was a budget baller. His gold has good speed but his elusiveness and trucking are too low.

Tony Lippett – Tall at 6’2, 88 speed and 88 zone. Not bad for a budget CB

Top Reddit posts of the week:

-bennettjd13 puts together a spreadsheet of what it takes to complete chemistry master. I suggest having a group of friends help by trading back and forth but if that’s not possible, the spreadsheet will be a valuable resource for you.

-ATL_Energy puts together a nice little investigative piece on when he thinks the RTTP and Thanksgiving promo drop

-NuckElBerg does a great job breaking down a day ahead of time what players are need to get the elite chems shown for the upcoming solos that I’m sure a bunch of you spent time to do.

-A nice little post about some perspective with the rush of new content that we were complaining about the slow months in MUT. I kind of liked it as it allowed us to get our bearing on the game before overwhelming us.

-Showing off an almost perfectly upgraded Antonio Brown. 98 route running on that beast.

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