The MUT Monitor 12-20-16

If you follow me on twitter you probably know about this since I went on a bit of a rant after asking Matt Marcou about it, but you can no longer block someone in order not to match up against them on Xbox. So if you get disconnect glitched, swerved or if he takes 1 and a half hours to finish the game because he’s messing with you, you still might get matched up against them in the future.

This all happened because Joke on twitter, who also defends swerve glitching as a legitimate strategy, was complaining about being blocked by guys on the leaderboard. So instead of fixing that issue that affects the 200 people that care about competitive Madden, Matt Marcou and EA made their game a worse experience online by nuking the whole system. His response:

Swerving is annoying (to some), but I would call it an abuse of the system to block someone for swerving. We police other glitches. @Gutfoxx

So another thread I saw underneath his announcement on the player blocking feature people mentioned someone disconnect glitching them. His response: silence, not policing.

I found out after the fact that he doesn’t play Madden at all. This is the type of person Madden employs to affect our online experience. I’d say I expect more out of the company but at this point I’m left speechless.

Christmas promo

Solos we’ll be getting through the whole thing. It was shown during the promo video that we’ll be getting three sets of 8 solos then 1 set of 10 challenges against “Super Teams” which I’m sure everyone is looking forward to. Last year there was a game against Santa and his elves and it was pretty funny.

OOP – As speculated, you can now have two of the same players on your roster as long as they are on different sides of the ball.

Deion Sanders (master) CB

Terrelle Pryor Sr (LTD)

Paul Krause

Tyrann Mathieu

Ben Roethlisberger

Landon Collins

Dontari Poe

Kyle Long

Donald Penn

Tavon Austin

Shaq Thompson

Doug Baldwin

Eric Ebron

Keenan Allen

Ryan Tannehill

Tim Hightower

Jason Peters

Gold OOP Players

Ghosts of Madden –

Deion Sanders (master) WR

Champ Bailey (past)

Marvin Harrison (past)

Justin Houston (past) limited time

Jevon Kearse (past)

Jeremy Shockey (past)

Adrian Peterson (present)

Ndamukong Suh (present)

Lavonte David (present)

Matthew Stafford (present)

Corey Coleman (future)

Jalen Ramsey (future)

Leonard Floyd (future)

Jared Goff (future)

You can get Ghosts of Madden with any 50 Frozen Moments collectibles. They can also be found in packs directly.

96 OVR Ghost Master Deion Sanders- any 5 Ghost player items and all 10 Frozen Moments collectibles.

Gifts – We have Urlacher, gamechagner packs and tickets.

-EA is looking for some new quality assurance people in the new year. And lord knows they need the extra help with the errors they’ve had.

Limited time players. We know a Strong Safety Mike Evans is still to come. We got Terrelle Pryor and Justin Houston first.

Dorito codes – Marshawn Lynch coming to the game. 3121349422 you can redeem them on your console.

EA left the limited time legends in packs after the weekend. Press F to pay respects to my Chad Johnson price.

EA messing up the solo challenges. It went from Arctic pack to frost pack and then back. 

There was an auction house glitch Thursday night on Xbox One that limited the sell off and subsequent buying of players. People weren’t getting cards they bought so EA shut off access to selling but by Friday morning and promo launch it was back up and running well. I hope you didn’t get screwed by it at all.

Legends Chad “ochocinco” Johnson and the one everyone forgot John “Why won’t anyone remember me” Something. Review on my channel on Chad Johnson. In short I did not like the card.

Reddit posts of the week:

MUThead links of the week:

-all gifts revealed on mobile, it’s what we’re getting on console we just need to match them up.

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