The List of Every Madden Youtuber

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Name  Subscribers  Specialty
Chris Smoove  3,300,620  Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k, others. Bundle Openings
QJB  993,457  Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k, others. Bundle Openings
LostNUnbound 771,284  Mostly 2k Now, Madden Challenges, Gameplay, youtube collaborations
Lazarbeam 743,927  Madden Challenges, Gameplay, Other Random Games
Antodaboss 719,253  Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k, GTA. Vlogs
IMAV  612,297  Let’s Play – Various. Vlogs on many topics with family.
EA Sports 547,278  EA promotional videos
ToKe 491,730  Let’s Play – Madden and Sports Games. Bundle Openings.
Cookieboy17 474,660  Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k. Bundle Openings. Budget team
Cullenburger 428,485  Let’s Play – Madden, NBA 2k. Bundle Openings
YoBoy Pizza 360,099  Madden and real life Challenges, Madden Franchise, What ifs
TD Presents 349,424  Youtuber Collabs – Guess Whos. Bundle Openings. Gameplay.
KayKayEs 258,197  Let’s Play Madden, Pack Openings, What ifs, Challenges, Collabs
MrGoldenMut 176,390  Let’s Play – Madden. Bundle Openings. Madden News. Highest ovr team poss
TDBarrett 144,795  Let’s Play Madden, Challenges, Vlogs
Dcoop 127,008  Let’s Play – Madden. Bundle Openings
Wyza 118,657  WWE, Let’s Play Madden Franchise and UT. Doesn’t upload much Madden anymore
theflightmike 103,748  Let’s play Madden, Bundle Opening, 2k, other games
RBT 84,197  Let’s Play Madden, What ifs, Squad builders, Drafts, CFM
ThatWalker 79,553  Let’s Play Madden, Draft champions, Challenges, Collabs, Squad Builder
Xryan915 62,886  Pack N Play, Market/coin making talk, Pack Openings, Card Impressions
Kouppa 60,399  Let’s Play Madden
maddendaily 56,493  Gameplay tips, Let’s play, Bundle Openings,
TheTexasBoy91 53,830  Team Builders, Market talk, Tips, Bundle Openings, Card Impressions
SportsGamersOnline 50,613  Let’s Play Madden, Tips, 2k, MLB The Show and News
Lunden 47,374  Pack Openings, MUT News, Not active
VictionaryHD 43,503  Challenges, Bundle Openings, Let’s Play, Madden News.
iJoshify 43,177  Let’s play Madden, Squad builders, games, pack openings, challenges
Kliquid 43,139  Pink Slips, Bundle Openings, Budget Team Tips, Card Impressions
MaddenAllStars 40,036  Tips
Miguel “Gator” Lozada 39,110  Pack Openings
MikeMAACC 37,500  Let’s Play Madden, What ifs, Squad builders, Drafts
thecrayonsmelt 30,439  Pack Openings, Gameplay, Draft Champions Drafts, Pack and Go, Player impressions
Jmellflo 29,457  Let’s Play Madden, Wagers, Trash Talk Games, Tips
ThatDudeSly 26,500  Let’s Play, Pack Openings, Madden News, Drama, COD and other games
Savage Madden 25,705  Let’s Play Madden, What ifs, tips, pack openings, drafts
zfarls 25,195  Madden Tips, News,  Card first looks
Wheelz 24,946  Let’s Play Madden, News, Predictions and Pack Pulls
What The Moose 23,794  Let’s Play Madden, Madden News, Pack Pulls, budget squads
Gmiasworld 22,789  Let’s play, Madden News,
Bengal 19,918  Let’s Play Madden, CFM Squad Builders, News, Pack Openings
MaddenTalk247 19,856  Wagers, Trash Talk Games
2Nice 19,587  Let’s Play, Bundle Openings (Not very active anymore)
GamingPowerHouse 18,734  Let’s Play Madden, Wagers
peter Jags 18,221  Pack Openings, Let’s Play, Game Predictions (not active anymore)
Madden School 18,131  Gameplay Tips
4wardProgressMadden 14,293  Madden Tips
S1L3NT Gaming 13,959  Pack Openings, Draft Champions Draft. Not active anymore
ShopmasterTV 13,494  Let’s Play Madden CFM, other games
themaddenlab 13,344  Gameplay Tips-Not very active
Jeromepkr 10,858  Let’s Play Madden, franchise re-builds, DC, CFM
Sgibs 10,816  Tips, Player Reviews
Dmoney 10,728  Nano set ups, tips, glitches and gameplay
Madden Moneyshot 10,120  Tips
ChewbaccaLemma 9,186  Sniping, Wagers, Let’s play Madden
TheChickfilacowz 9,176  Let’s Play, Bundle Openings. Not active anymore
ReigningRavens 1 8,166  Live streamer
TekRaj Gaming 7,753  Let’s Play Madden, Player Reviews, Packs Openings
TT23 7,294  Let’s Play Madden, Snipes, Wagers
ProblemWright 6,436  Let’s Play Madden, player reviews
Knasty3890 6,252  Pack Openings, Market, Madden News
Tino 5,619  MUT Player Reviews
Gutfoxx 5,540  Does guy stuff with friends
MrZeddie15 4,218  Let’s play Madden, Touney games, Tips
Jay Oh 3,867  Let’s play Madden, Bundle Openings, Other games
Scomo 3,429  Let’s Play Madden, collabs, Pack Openings, Vlogs
ny_kia31  3,383  Let’s play Madden, Tips, CFM, live stream games and madden discussion
dre plays 3,374  Let’s Play Madden, Bundle Openings, Not very active
Official Stiff 2,780  Bundle Openings, Wagers, Vlogs
Somerandomcracka 2,459  Let’s Play Madden, What ifs, drafts
Madden Help 2,085  Tips
Ish de’la Ish 2,067  Let’s Play Madden, Tips/ebooks, Bundle Opening, Player Reviews
JRTrax 1,710  Let’s Play Madden, CFM, Other games
Jay Himself 1,653  Let’s Play Madden
JC MUT 1,627  Let’s play Madden, Pack Openings
Zirksee 1,494  Let’s play Madden, News, Collabs
embrythegh0st 1,476  Top Ten Compilations, Madden Gameplay, Bundle Openings
WWCD Gaming 721 Let’s Play Madden, Pack Pulls, Predicitons and Madden News
ebert42 682  Auction house sniping
GURU GAMES 625  EA’s community guy does videos
Kraelos Krew 623  Bundle Openings
Logic Games 362  Let’s Play Madden, News, Pack Pulls, Vlogs
Rexder 349  (Spanish) Let’s Play Madden, Pack Openings, News
Mayne Gaming 170  Let’s play Madden, Pack Pulls, Market
Idolwild 121  Player Reviews, Tips
xH3AdL1N3rx 55   Let’s Play Madden, Pack Pulls

Gone but not forgotten – Dropped due to lack of uploads or change in channel direction. (subscriber numbers may be out of date)

Adicards 48,574  Let’s Play Fifa and Madden. No longer Active
PrimaGamesVideo 40,035  Madden Tips. No longer Active but archive of good content
Routecombo 8,484  Inactive
nanorossi 113  Madden news of the week, Past Madden greats, No longer very active
Maddenmastermind 81,139  Let’s Play – Madden. Not active anymore.
MakeItWayne 35,006  Let’s play Madden, Gauntlet, Madden Challenges (MLB Mostly now)
Visiondary 1,006  Let’s Play Madden, Pack Pulls. Not Active
DJRobbyRob 20,168  Vlog Channel now-Bundle Openings, Draft Champions Drafts
big j gleez 12,788  Mostly Mortal Kombat now. Madden tips. Hasn’t posted Madden in quite some time though. >1 month
evanf1997 1,127  Let’s Play Madden, Card reviews, Coin tips. Not active
Me llamo bear 144  Madden Testing. Not active in Madden 17
iflash3 108  Madden Gameplay, Call of Duty, Not active in Madden 17

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