My Opinion on What We’ve Seen So Far From Madden 18

GOAT edition
-EA has proven themselves over and over again that they will literally do almost anything to suck more money from our pockets. The fact that they will delay the game 3 days for anyone who doesn’t order the version that’s 20 dollars more expensive goes to show that they don’t care about us as people, they see us as a bully sees a small kid with lunch money. I talked about this in my daily login rewards video, they don’t practice responsible development. They aren’t kind to us as consumers of their product. At every opportunity they have, they show us they just want to turn us upside down and shake vigorously.

And when you look at these double release dates and try and justify it, I can’t see it. It’s not like our extra 20 dollars makes them work harder to get the game done 3 days sooner. It’s already out. Games normally release on a Tuesday, you’re saying I pay $60 for this game and I get it on a Friday, 3 days after the ones paying $80? Thanks EA. Cool move bro.

They came out with their quarterly earnings a little while back and said their digital sales are at around an 85% profit margin. They aren’t  going to use our money to hire more developers or make their game better. It’s all about stockholder value to them and not to value to us as consumers. I’ve said this before, the staff on the ground developing these games EA puts out really do care about it. But EA’s upper management team has to be filled from brim to bottom with assholes. They couldn’t care less about us as consumers.

Competitive, Sim and Arcade modes
I am overall a fan of this move. I’ve said in the past how I supported different sliders for the Salary Cap mode.

What I don’t like is that Rex Dickson has said that MUT will be in the competitive settings. I don’t know exactly what those settings are but I will say MUT players are not competitive Madden players. Do not lose sight of that please. It’s caused issues for us this year because they don’t think off the majority of the player base when they make changes. Biggest issue was the removal of the block feature in online play. That’s fine so guys can’t use the block feature to avoid matching in salary cap but it hurt us regular players who don’t want to deal with the guys field goal blocking when it was an issue or the disconnect glitches or the swervers and more.

So the fact that they are lumping MUT H2H settings with salary cap gives me pause, I had hoped they’d be seperated but we’ll see what it is before rushing to judgement there.

My other big worry is that when you aim to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Create a great game and don’t worry about pleasing everyone because you won’t.
But the issue here is that we know you have enough trouble patching and balancing your game as is. Why make it three times harder? Slight changes can cause huge balance issues for certain plays or play styles. Since there are 3 settings, if you only hear 1/3 of the players complaining and the rest saying it’s fine, what do you think’s gonna happen? Gameplay balance is something that is incredibly important to the community. We all hate it when a guy spams a play that’s really hard to stop. PLEASE FOCUS ON PLAY BALANCE THIS YEAR.
But back to competitive settings and salary cap, I did a video on the 7 type of Madden players, Spike was only 1 of them. I’ll link it in the description, please watch the video.

Salary cap players are competitive players. These are your spikes. I’m glad they are getting setting for them but again, don’t forget about us regular joes.

Based on 16 and 17, EA seems to think draft champions is for competitive players. But if you’re going to create competitive settings in 18 that reduces randomness, there should not be the added randomness of a draft put into competitive gameplay.

Moving on, I like what you’re doing taking out the swerve in 18 but I felt Madden 17 started with too strong of a focus on the run game.

Please make the fun part of the game the correct strategy to win. Passing and usering on defense is fun in my opinion. The people who run the ball a lot think winning is fun because running the rock is effecitve, and you can’t hate on them for it. Make passing the correct strategy to win. I love what you’re doing making it easier to stop hard to block pressure. Keep that up. In my opinion I love what you’ve done to man coverage. When man coverage is really good, it’s degenerative and leads to a boring game where the only thing that matters is my player rolling an animation better than your player. That is not strategy.

I do think heavy pass defenses need to be punished by a running game. Give -30 blockshed or something to players if they come out in a formation with 6 DBs. I don’t care if it’s obnoxious. Linemen should be rolling over DBs.

I haven’t seen anything related to matchmaking for 18 and that is too bad. You guys fucked up big time in 17 on the new player experience in MUT.

I did a video on this, the new player experience in MUT 17. I don’t know EA’s corporate strategy when it comes to recruiting and retaining players, but I had a 65 overall squad, in my first game I matched against a base elite squad. He wasn’t the greatest player so I assumed that was fine matchmaking if not a little off. But in my second game on a new account, with essentially a starter squad, matched up against a guy with a top 3 of 98 overalls who sent edge pressure at me. This is terrible matchmaking for new players.

I suggest going back to Madden 16’s matchmaking with one change, once a player reaches a level, they can’t demote below it to beat up on easier competition. Now you might say, this will increase the people at all madden 1 st string! I would counter that the way to fix that is to change the amount of levels needed to reach the top of the ladder or increase the requirements to move up to the top and do a seasonal reset like DC and SC.

When you compare my experience starting a new account in 16 to 17, the difference is striking. You had a good thing and you ruined it. Please go back.

Positional advantage
I am mildly excited about this if it’s just your number 1 follows their number 1 around the field. If it’s more than that like Rex is hinting at on twitter, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. This is something that was removed from the game in the past. Hopefully this returns along with formation subs from the main menus.

They fixed WRs not looking for the ball. Tip Drill will be nice on them. We’ll see how they do abilities next year because Tip Drill on a WR will be pretty nice. Sorry, UT Watkins creator, you are one year too early on it.

Tom Brady is the cover athlete
I’ve never really cared as long as the disk inside had solid gameplay. Hopefully the disc inside robot Tom Brady doesn’t break this year from the madden curse.

Team play
-If they pull this off well and there aren’t as many problems with it like Madden 25. I.E. randomly disconnecting people then I think it’s gonna be a blast. I don’t know if it’s ready for competitive Madden yet but I do think there is a ton of fun to be had here. It’d be cool if we could use MUT teams for Team Play.

-well put together, I did a breakdown of it. I’ll link it in the description.

-Story Mode
I’m not sure I’ll be very big into this but I know a ton of people will be so nice work EA. Hope the story is compelling and you bring tears to the eyes of many.

Pass to a specific spot on the field
This is really neat. I’m a big fan of change. I don’t know how they’re going to work this so I will withhold opinion on it until I use it. I wonder if they’ll be legacy QB controls alongside this or not.

When you try something amazing and it fails, we’ll forgive you. I know a lot of suits and higher ups fear challenging players more than boring them. The safe route doesn’t get anyone fired, until it gets everyone fired. I think we’ll respect the attempt at awesomeness and stick around to see what else you have in store for us. But when you bore us, we’ll hate you and stop playing. MUT 17 is the epitome of boring with the lack of fresh content. So the fact that they are changing up gameplay a bit with this and hopefully bringing some new stuff into MUT means they are trying to change and challenge us and therefore excite us.

Unfortunately nothing MUT related has been released yet except a blurb about it being really neat or something. Usually not until July or August do we hear much.

Look to EA play June 10th-12th for more details

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