The MUT Men Podcast #62 with EA’s Jake Stein – The Trade Block is back in 18!


Today TheTexasBoy91 and I sit down to talk with Madden Developer Jake Stein to discuss a wide range of topics.

1:12 Jake’s background
5:05 EA’s organizational structure and who’s responsible for what
10:35 Why are sets like quicksells such a coin sink?
11:52 Rewards in M18 and where they are at for content right now
17:30 Patches in Madden 18
22:20 Solos in Madden 18
28:40 Randy Moss glitch
32:08 MUT Squads/Team Play
33:06 WR/DB interactions in Team Play (MUT Squads)
35:22 Pre-play Adjustments in Team Play
38:10 Penalty to people who quit on a MUT Squad game?
39:01 Preventing grieving in MUT Squads and 2 v 3 in MUT Squads
43:22 The Trade block in Madden 18
45:40 Factions or guilds in Team Play? Leaderboards or MUT Squads being competitive?j
49:41 M25 Team Play with Regs got old playing with the same 2 teams?
52:05 Rewards in Team Play
53:08 Exclusive content in MUT Squads?
54:48 Are MUT Rewards continuing into 18?
55:34 Potential for weekend leagues in MUT 18? Blitz events evolving?
102:58 Balancing rewards between H2H and Solos per hour put in
108:38 “What if you could choose your reward and didn’t have to deal with sets?”
109:20 Why is FIFA much harsher on coin sellers than the Madden dev team?
1:11:52 What’s been your favorite part of any MUT?
1:14:24 Why doesn’t the overall number on a card match the salary cap number?
1:16:08 +1 Bae is dead
1:17:57 Texas asking for less content…filthy casuals
1:22:52 Are Flashbacks going to actually flashback to a player’s proper ratings of that year?
1:28:16 Why are programs being launched on Thursday now?
1:32:33 Does EA struggle with pleasing people that accomplish content too fast?
1:34:25 Login rewards – Here to stay for 18?
1:39:57 Besides Team Play, what’s the one thing Jake is most excited for in Madden 18?
1:44:13 Biggest Challenge for MUT going forward
1:49:17 Catering to the casual audience
1:53:40 Draft champions being updated more in 18
1:55:24 Madden 18 Story mode incorporated into MUT 18 at all?
1:56:50 Binder limits in Madden 18
1:59:08 The New Player Experience in MUT and online matchmaking
2:06:57 Chemistries in Madden 18 and Milestones
2:09:24 Pack Redemptions in pro packs in Madden 18?
2:09:39 Pro packs and pulling higher overall cards
2:10:07 Will we be able to buy bundles with coins going forward?
2:10:30 Flash sales? Will we see more of them going forward?
2:10:42 VIP Sets like VIP Solos going forward?
2:11:33 MUT Master Tom Brady?

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