Custom Audibles in MUT 18 – On Madden – Weekday Blog #1

Today I’m starting the blog back up. It was never consistent but I used to actually write on it. Lately it’s been a repository for Mut Men episodes and the occasional one off script for a video.

But the overall focus of this blog is just daily thoughts on Madden or whatever strikes me as something I want to talk about that day. It’ll only be weekdays and I won’t be editing it much so forgive the grammatical and spelling errors when they arise.

I hope a good name for the blog will come with time. For now we’ll call it On Madden.

Alright, lets talk about the talk of the town, the latest patch and specifically custom audibles. We have players sounding off in both directions with good points on each side. Youtubers generally fall on the side of entertaining gameplay whereas competitive players want gameplay that helps them and their style win. They want a skill gap that separates them from the legion of more casual players.

I myself put out youtube videos so you can imagine where I’m coming from. I think enjoyable gameplay should trump just about every other decision in this game.

As to custom audibles, will they help the spammers of wham, stretch, toss and dive out of singleback deuce close and tight slots? Yes, but it’ll also help the people that pick plays and adjust rationally like real football player to beat coverages. Get it in your head, you’re going to get spammed by those plays mentioned above in addition to Gun Bunch with or without custom audibles. The best competitive Madden players run less than 6 plays on offense and 2 plays on defense 90% of the time.

The spammers are going to spam without regard for audibles, competitive or not.

The main lovers of custom audibles are competitive guys who argue this makes more of a skill gap. I’ve seen this argued over and over, but just because a change in the game makes your game better, it doesn’t mean it makes the game better. There is a knowledge skill gap that you’re forgetting about, knowing what your opponents can audible to when they come out in one formation and switch to another was a skill gap. With custom audibles that part of the game goes away. So let’s not act like this is a holy grail and it’s going to separate the chaff from the wheat more than what we had already.

Custom audible knowledge, much like meta and formation knowledge will be made widely available quickly after the patch and this weekend’s competitive tournament. The spamming will continue with more effectiveness on offense because I don’t believe custom audibles on defense will make that big of a difference. Most completive guys change their defense with adjustments and not audibles. So in the end this is a buff to offense, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as defense has been the name of the game since the first patch where they up’d zone coverage.

To make a comparable feature on defense you’d need something like “custom adjustments” where you’d be able to input your adjustments pregame and with the tap of a button the game sets it up for you automatically instead of having to repeat the same 10 button presses every play on defense.

So, do I think custom audibles will make the game worse? No, the game is still going to be the same half dozen plays we already see until Rex and company can better balance the game.

And that’s what’s missing from MUT, balance.

One thought on “Custom Audibles in MUT 18 – On Madden – Weekday Blog #1

  1. I fundamentally agree with this, I think it’s a nice feature, and definitely a much needed buff to passing attacks, but I’m just kind of bummed they didn’t nerf the 1945 NFL, modern High school football pitch/toss meta. You’ve alluded to this, but they seem to pay attention to the wants of the competitive players to the detriment of everybody else, who, in MUT’s case, aren’t “casuals.”


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