The MUT Men Madden Podcast #100! Madden’s Lead Gameplay Designer Clint Oldenburg


Texas and Gutfoxx are joined by lead designer Clint Oldenburg to talk the following topics: 1:00 Clint’s background 2:20 Stats and traits 3:30 What is each trait’s impact on gameplay 10:10 Defensive line jumping on balanced coaching adjustment 13:15 Coaching adjustments in Madden 19 15:40 Salary Cap having its own play style 17:00 Tuning adjustments in patches or not 18:50 Simulation mode working as designed? 20:00 Why are compressed sets better than spread in Madden 23:40 Awareness in offensive linemen and zones 27:15 Thresholds 31:15 Tuning the game based on analytics or feedback 34:00 Ability chemistries 40:00 Thresholds in cfm 41:35 Roadmap for future updates 41:50 Playmaker overpowered 43:50 Is there DDA or equalizer 44:10 Ratings giving an ability in the future 45:10 Nano detection 46:40 Animation hate 49:30 When will they update Draft Champions

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