The MUT Men Madden Podcast #104 – EA Producer Jake Stein to discuss MUT 18


Timestamps courtesy of Lobodomy88 from the MUT Sub!

3:45 NAT rewards, why do we have them and why is there so many of them?
9:30 Is Ultimate Master NTL NAT or not?
11:30 How come there wasn’t exchange sets for high tier NAT cards in the beginning of Madden 18?
15:40 Power ups, only in Madden 18 or are they coming back in Madden 19?
17:20 Master cards like OBJ and Khalil Mack, how come they didnt get an upgrade like Sean Taylor?
19:30 Players with power ups, should they get a master/LTD card?
21:13 Are we gonna get packs that contains players like ToTW Kuechly?
22:15 “Power ups are like milestones but even wider” Does Jake agree with what he tweeted at the beginning of Madden 18?
26:30 Boss Battle player on the AH, what’s up with that?
28:12 Draft Champions, Salary Cap, MUT Squads – Can we expect another game mode next year?
30:08 New player experience in MUT, can it get better? (First five online games)
33:52 Weekend League rewards
38:25 Pack value
42:40 Why is every pack so expensive? (from Scomo and GS)
44:27 Why don’t we have the classic uniforms in MUT?
47:10 MUT Drafts, what was the hold up?
51:10 Can the community give feedback about hiring more people to work on Madden?
52:35 Why do we have to pay for DC this year?
57:17 Removing the free MUT draft
58:40 Drafting two QBs in MUT Draft
1:01:01 Thresholds talk
1:03:55 Stats on cards,overall and salary cap
1:09:05 80/62 cap on two players with the same overall, chem and abilty
1:10:22 Bring back Schefter Stats program
1:11:11 More thresholds talk
1:16:45 Why did elite cards start at 80 overall?
1:18:35 Madden 18 chemistries, step back from 17?
1:21:40 Chemistries moving forward
1:24:50 Red chems/stats
1:26:40 Are we going to see new cards with red chems like Under Pressure or Footsteps?
1:31:30 Why are most promos the same thing?
1:35:40 More promo talk/LTD cards/numbers on cards
1:44:35 Objectives in MUT
1:50:15 Passing/rushing yards for Ultimate Master
1:53:50 Double yards in H2H instead of double xp in solos?
1:56:00 MUT Master collectible
1:58:30 Reddit/Muthead Ultimate Ticket player?
1:59:00 Are we ever gonna get stats tracked in MUT?
1:59:40 Mid-Season Master, MUT Master/Ultimate Master grind
2:04:10 Are there any audiences that haven’t been pleased?
2:05:30 Any programs that were a miss this year?
2:09:00 Kickers and punters in MUT
2:10:56 New mode suggestion that Fortnite stole
2:13:30 Weekend league with restrictions possible?
2:15:55 MUT Squads potential changes to make it more like 2k or NHL?
2:18:51 Pleased with the changes to the trade block? Is it going away in 19?
2:19:48 Why don’t MUT drafts or Salary Cap count towards Ultimate Master wins?
2:22:25 Why don’t we get as many daily updates in 18 as it feels we did in 16?
2:26:05 A teaser for the Easter Promo
2:29:41 How does EA initiate new employees? Shout out to MoonlightSwami
2:30:40 Questions from Twitter

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