What I think is Wrong with Madden 19’s Gameplay

From this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezCSQlONmik


The issues with Madden 19’s gameplay

People aren’t punished by bad decisions enough. Too often do I see a defender swat a catchable pass or passes into coverage being caught or harmlessly falling to the ground

High point passes are too powerful

Force defenders don’t work upfield enough against outside runs. They get hooked too much against stretch

Blocking still has a lot of issues. Guys run right by targets all the time. WR’s miss blocks frequently and are downfield doing nothing. Users can do a 360 semi-circle and get out of a guard hitting them.

Double teams are beat too easily in comparison to a 1 on 1 win chance on the pass

WR scramble drill isn’t great – they frequently don’t go to the green areas of the field

Shading doesn’t work well or intuitively

-highlighting a player doesn’t work

If we know a play is being run, we don’t always have the tools to stop it outside of usering. Zones can’t cover some routes and often times those routes beat man coverage too.

-Crossers for example.

Zones are still spot drop and don’t recognize players running near them very well

Zones don’t react to to playmaker

Spins don’t fumble on big hits. Last year the cut stick was the counter to the spin, that doesn’t work to cause fumbles in 19.

Linebacker pursuit on runs and recognizing runs

ID the mike doesn’t work like intended. We were sold that it should block the guy you ID

but it doesn’t work like that, you oftentimes need to identify others in order to pick up

Blitzes. Like pick up looping linebackers by ID’ing the DT. -I’ve seen some solutions that ID the mike should ID who the RB needs to pick up

Deion Sanders and other low hit power guys can hit stick tight ends and send them backwards

Weight doesn’t seem to matter much

Players don’t animate and go for balls over their head, they just stand there and watch as it sails right past them. More of an issue with CPU players now, users animate more since it was patched.

It feels like we have a lack of controls on animations. For example, after you get the break sack RNG, your QB just seems to stand still a lot of times and wait for a second hit.

-after an interception your WR stands still and holds his head.

-The swat doesn’t seem to work as well this year and agg catches have started to happen

more, that’s fine if you want an NFL simulator but you’ve told us you want a competitive

game with no aggressive catches. Let us know the direction forward for the game

The interception camera is bad and you trip too much after INTs

Certain red chems like unfakeable and and footsteps don’t seem to work consistently. And it feels like the Red chems aren’t very well balanced as there are some that provide a lot of value like playmaker and deep route running and absolutely change the meta and it feels like the defense wasn’t given the tools to counteract those when they were put in the game

The Meta gets stale and needs to be looked at frequently. Currently NE offense dominates. I think it needs to be a balanced product between formations and playbooks. If something starts to dominate high end play or play in general, EA needs to address the meta as fast as companies like Epic does with Fortnite

Desynces are still an issue and I disconnect from games where I’m not dropping any frames

Deep zones don’t play passes near them like a streak right at a safety will a lot of times have them standing still.

Zones sometimes break away from passes but that’s more of an issue with lower zone guys. Still looks unnatural like C route breaks from last year

There is still a lot of confusion in the community what many stats do and if some stats even work

-A “ratings bible” would be nice. I would be willing to sit down with someone from the team for an afternoon and knock it out if needed.

Screens leave a lot to be desired this year. Only a few select ones truly work.

Too easy to have kick return touchdowns

Spin is too powerful, give us more left stick control to miss tackles and take away the heat seaker. If dudes miss, they miss. Square us up or pay the price

2 thoughts on “What I think is Wrong with Madden 19’s Gameplay

  1. Hello, love the work you are doing and I would love to have a print out of your New England Patriots Ebook Guide 19 by email. Thanks


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