The MUT Men Podcast #137 – YaBoySavage on How Chumps Can Win in Madden 19 and Speculation on Most Feared Part 2


Gutfoxx and Tex are joined by YaBoySavage to discuss Madden 19’s gameplay and why he’s pleased with it right now even though it doesn’t have enough depth and doesn’t represent how schemes or players would play on the field. We also speculate on Most Feared part 2, chems this year, the meta and more.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #135 – Zirksee on if Madden 19 is a Good Game and the Most Feared Promo


Gutfoxx and Tex go over a wide variety of topics including Zirksee’s thoughts on 19 and if he likes it, MUT Heroes, training points, 99 zone not being glitchy, season rewards and double XP week, Most Feared coming and what we’d like to see between that and Thanksgiving, limited time Brees, the updates to Weekend League wins and why 10 minute videos are so important.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #132 – Wheelz on the Patch, TOTW Changes, Creators CFM and More


Tex and Gutfoxx are joined by Wheelz to talk about his passion for Madden 19 and why he doesn’t love it as much as past Maddens. We talk about the promos, TOTW Changes, why the Creators CFM folded, his controversy with a professional Madden player playing his weekend league games for him and thoughts on improvements for Madden 19

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #131 – MUT Leaks on Madden Bots, Broken Red Abilities, Solo Battles and Madden Code


Gutfoxx and Texas talk to MUT Leaks about a wide variety of topics including the bots that are starting to take over the game on all systems, the broken red chems and the ones to avoid until they patch them, strength, weight and run blocking, solo battles and the player getting nerfed vs the computer, the code that he’s seen and exposed to the community including the discrepancy we’ve seen in patches and the notes, the legends that he’s leaked and more.