The MUT Men Madden Podcast #115 – MUT 19 Issues That Are Easy to See, Loyalty Promo and EA’s Communication Problem


Texas and Gutfoxx talk about the Loyalty Exchange Set and why it’s a hidden example of how EA refuses to properly communicate with it’s community, the best Golden Tickets, What’s Remaining in Madden 18, the MUT 19 Blog and the issues with it, talk about Ye, Tex at EA Play and Questions from the Audience.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #114 – MrHurriicane on Madden 19 Franchise Mode!


Gutfoxx and Tex¬†are joined by MrHurriicane to talk through his history in Madden being one of the OG Franchise youtubers and how he sees the mode evolving in the future and if he’s hopeful of changes to come. We talk through ability chems, the news that’s out there about 19, if EA were to monetize franchise and if he would like it.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast 113 – Gray Promo and Madden 19 Leaks


Texas and Gutfoxx talk about loot boxes and if it is gambling and if it really matters, EA putting the reins in on competitive guy’s revenue streams, if we want chems in madden 19, Fan Appreciation weekend, WTF is Gray-est promo, Golden Tickets coming, Madden 19 leaks including changes to the way the game is played, muthead’s golden ticket, the remaining ULs and questions from the comment section.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #112 – Madden Mobile Slay on Mobile Content vs. Console Content and GT Kaepernick Controversy


Gutfoxx and Tex are joined by Madden Mobile Slay to discuss him and his Madden of choice, Mobile. Why does it seem like Mobile has more promos and the devs seem to work harder than console? We talk about the Golden Ticket Colin Kaepernick situation and EA’s inability to put him in the game, the badge monsters released a few months late, we rank the golden tickets that have been shown to be created on twitter, reddit and muthead and talk about some Madden 19 info that has leaked out.