The MUT Men Madden Podcast #104 – EA Producer Jake Stein to discuss MUT 18


Timestamps courtesy of Lobodomy88 from the MUT Sub!

3:45 NAT rewards, why do we have them and why is there so many of them?
9:30 Is Ultimate Master NTL NAT or not?
11:30 How come there wasn’t exchange sets for high tier NAT cards in the beginning of Madden 18?
15:40 Power ups, only in Madden 18 or are they coming back in Madden 19?
17:20 Master cards like OBJ and Khalil Mack, how come they didnt get an upgrade like Sean Taylor?
19:30 Players with power ups, should they get a master/LTD card?
21:13 Are we gonna get packs that contains players like ToTW Kuechly?
22:15 “Power ups are like milestones but even wider” Does Jake agree with what he tweeted at the beginning of Madden 18?
26:30 Boss Battle player on the AH, what’s up with that?
28:12 Draft Champions, Salary Cap, MUT Squads – Can we expect another game mode next year?
30:08 New player experience in MUT, can it get better? (First five online games)
33:52 Weekend League rewards
38:25 Pack value
42:40 Why is every pack so expensive? (from Scomo and GS)
44:27 Why don’t we have the classic uniforms in MUT?
47:10 MUT Drafts, what was the hold up?
51:10 Can the community give feedback about hiring more people to work on Madden?
52:35 Why do we have to pay for DC this year?
57:17 Removing the free MUT draft
58:40 Drafting two QBs in MUT Draft
1:01:01 Thresholds talk
1:03:55 Stats on cards,overall and salary cap
1:09:05 80/62 cap on two players with the same overall, chem and abilty
1:10:22 Bring back Schefter Stats program
1:11:11 More thresholds talk
1:16:45 Why did elite cards start at 80 overall?
1:18:35 Madden 18 chemistries, step back from 17?
1:21:40 Chemistries moving forward
1:24:50 Red chems/stats
1:26:40 Are we going to see new cards with red chems like Under Pressure or Footsteps?
1:31:30 Why are most promos the same thing?
1:35:40 More promo talk/LTD cards/numbers on cards
1:44:35 Objectives in MUT
1:50:15 Passing/rushing yards for Ultimate Master
1:53:50 Double yards in H2H instead of double xp in solos?
1:56:00 MUT Master collectible
1:58:30 Reddit/Muthead Ultimate Ticket player?
1:59:00 Are we ever gonna get stats tracked in MUT?
1:59:40 Mid-Season Master, MUT Master/Ultimate Master grind
2:04:10 Are there any audiences that haven’t been pleased?
2:05:30 Any programs that were a miss this year?
2:09:00 Kickers and punters in MUT
2:10:56 New mode suggestion that Fortnite stole
2:13:30 Weekend league with restrictions possible?
2:15:55 MUT Squads potential changes to make it more like 2k or NHL?
2:18:51 Pleased with the changes to the trade block? Is it going away in 19?
2:19:48 Why don’t MUT drafts or Salary Cap count towards Ultimate Master wins?
2:22:25 Why don’t we get as many daily updates in 18 as it feels we did in 16?
2:26:05 A teaser for the Easter Promo
2:29:41 How does EA initiate new employees? Shout out to MoonlightSwami
2:30:40 Questions from Twitter

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #103 – Guest Gutfoxx to discuss Ultimate Master, The Draft Champions Update and More!


Gutfoxx and Texas discuss Ultimate Master and how it’s not hitting the perfect market, not enough solos in MUT 18, Draft Champions updates, EA watching us engage in content, Power up Osemele going to his original power up team as expected, the coming promos, Using Ed Reed and Randy Moss to stop the complaints in the community, Wishlist for Madden 19 and questions from the comment section.

THE MUT MEN MADDEN PODCAST #102! MUT Draft Updates, Exploits, Combine and Q&A


Today Tex and Gutfoxx talk about MUT Drafts finally being updated, NFL Replay promo, our wishlist for 19, exploits that are exploding online in 18, the combine promo, what happened to the MUT 13 devs, MUT vs. Diamond Dynasty and have the listener Q&A at the end. Let us know your questions for next week in the comments!

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #100! Madden’s Lead Gameplay Designer Clint Oldenburg


Texas and Gutfoxx are joined by lead designer Clint Oldenburg to talk the following topics: 1:00 Clint’s background 2:20 Stats and traits 3:30 What is each trait’s impact on gameplay 10:10 Defensive line jumping on balanced coaching adjustment 13:15 Coaching adjustments in Madden 19 15:40 Salary Cap having its own play style 17:00 Tuning adjustments in patches or not 18:50 Simulation mode working as designed? 20:00 Why are compressed sets better than spread in Madden 23:40 Awareness in offensive linemen and zones 27:15 Thresholds 31:15 Tuning the game based on analytics or feedback 34:00 Ability chemistries 40:00 Thresholds in cfm 41:35 Roadmap for future updates 41:50 Playmaker overpowered 43:50 Is there DDA or equalizer 44:10 Ratings giving an ability in the future 45:10 Nano detection 46:40 Animation hate 49:30 When will they update Draft Champions

The MUT Men Podcast #99 – Spoto – Replay Promo, Boss Battles, Ultimate Legends and Competitive Madden


Gutfoxx and Tex are joined by Spoto to talk about a large variety of topics including the recent MUT content from the Replay promo, the Boss Battles, Ultimate Legends, Ability chems, MUT Drafts, EA making up overalls, potential position heros, Competitive Madden and the changes needed for players, competitive players buying coins, Spoto’s scheme and audience questions.