The MUT Men Madden Podcast #168 – Gutfoxx and Texas on The Problems They Haven’t Addressed Yet For Madden 20


Foxx and Tex talk through the Madden 20 gameplay reveal from trick plays to RPO’s and our thoughts on where they could get broken at and talking about the things we want to hear that EA didn’t address. We then talk about Fan Appreciation Packs including JuJu and the solos and if the packs lived up to their reputation.

The MUT Men Podcast #164 – Ckbirds on Madden 20, NFL Draft Content and the MUT Offseason


Foxx and Tex are joined by Ckbirds to discuss a wide variety of topics from the draft content to a light MUT offseason to Madden 20 and it’s RPO’s, Face of the Franchise, Cover athlete and the Superstar Abilities. We then wrap up with NFL draft talk along with a Game of Thrones discussion.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #162 – EA Kraelo on Tier 4 Eggs, Over 100 Stats, Pack Trash and more!


Gutfoxx and Texas talk are joined by Kraelo to discuss a wide variety of issues including the changes to the gamechanger program, EA’s thoughts on theme teams, ultimate master, pack trash and token sets, twitch drops for muthead, which player population gets catered to the most for content, the communication of EA and how it can improve, his honest thoughts on Madden 19, his favorite Madden, Rex’s comments on programmer turnover, over 100 stats, position hero promo, power up items and how long they take to make, daily content and a little GOT talk near the end.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #161 with Mike Maac! Easter and Draft Promos, House Rules, Creator Code and GTs!


Gutfoxx and Texas have Mike Maac on to discuss the Easter promo, the NFL draft promo, house rules this week and what he likes in them overall, how the game plays on All-Madden vs. All-Pro online, the creator code he wants for Madden 20 and Mike’s opinion on MLB The Show 19.

The MUT Men Podcast #160 – Frostbite issues, Guru, NFL Draft content and More!


Tex and Gutfoxx discuss a wide variety of issues from Guru and the marketing people at EA being laid off, the Frostbite engine being a bad engine to code on, house rules and the annoying Elo that goes along with it, NFL Draft content, alt currency, Easter on the way, when are golden tickets coming, Series 6 and over 100 stats still not being in the game causing issues.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #159 – K-Aus on Madden Controversies, Run/Pass Glitch and House Rules!


Today we have K-Aus on the podcast to talk through the controversies he’s been involved with in the competitive community, the run/pass glitch, series 6, the broken gameplay and the patches that aren’t doing enough, the game and it not evolving enough over the years, the house rules and the Gronk reward, thresholds, fun vs. competitive and what’s better for Madden’s future, what we want to see for Madden 20, EA firing people in their marketing department, the state of MCS and what K-Aus wants to see going forward with it and we wrap with some talk comparing MLB The Show to Madden.

The MUT Men Podcast 158 – Eric Rayweather on Madden 19’s gameplay, MUT content, Youtube and twitch scenes

Gut and Tex are joined by Eric Rayweather to talk about gameplay issues, the youtube game, twitch and how EA should promote the game better, the stretching out of content in MUTSeason, the house rules, ULs, MVPs, Series Update, Madden 20 leaks, gamechangers and their role forward, Apex vs. Madden and the monetization of them both and card art motivating our purchases.