MUT Men 172 – Disconnects, Reroll sets, and all things coming for your neck




new meta
-marcus allen



power ups

theme diamonds
-cards Tex would like to see


packs – same price, less stuff?

skill gap

Tex’s hair cut

gamechanger packs

legend predictions

most important attributes

coins for packs

MUT Men 171 – The Return? Kind of, Maybe.


Foxx and Texas return for Madden 20. It’s live now on twitch so that’ll be an adjustment and we’re not sure if it’ll go on long. Anyways, we talk about Madden 20 and MUT rewards being stupid, EA Access failing for Xbox, gameplay and MUT impressions, the Meta, Power-Ups not being in sets, packs, solos, levels, UI, Xfactors, alt currency, MUT Master and more!

Some of the X-Factor Abilities for Madden 20

Gambler – Aaron Rodgers
Bazooka – Patrick Mahomes
Fearless – Philip Rivers, Drew Brees
Pro Reads – Tom Brady
Blitz Radar – Russell Wilson
Jared Goff and Dak don’t have one
First One free – Melvin Gordon III, Todd Gurley, Saquon, Zeke
Satellite – Alvin Kamara
Juke Box – Tarik Cohen
Double Me – DeAndre Hopkins, JuJu, Kelce, Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Adam Thielen, Mike Evans
Double-Move Elite – Davante Adams
Slot-O-Matic – Keenan Allen
Rac ‘Em Up – Antonio Brown, George Kittle
Tyreek Hill doesn’t have one
Max Security – Zach Ertz
no o-linemen ones
Fearmonger – JJ Watt, Von Miller, Aaron Donald, Fletcher Cox
Unstoppable Force – Calais Campbell, Myles Garrett, Geno Atkins, Cameron Jordan, Khalil Mack, DeMarcus Lawrence
Tackle Supreme – Jadeveon Clowney, C.J. Mosley
Run Stopper – Jurrell Casey
Reach Elite – Danielle Hunter, Ryan Kerrigan
Strip Specialist – T.J. Watt
Unfakeable – Leighton Vander Esch
Shutdown – Luke Kuechly, Bobby Wagner
Pick Artist – Xavien Howard, Kyle Fuller
Shutdown – Jalen Ramsey, Stephon Gilmore, Chris Harris Jr, Bryon Jones
Acrobat – Denzel Ward
Zoned Out – Darius Slay Jr
Enforcer – Jamal Adams, Landon Collins
Reinforcement – Derwin James, Harrison Smith
Zone Hawk – Eddie Jackson
no kicker/punter ones

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #170 – YaBoySavage on Madden 20 and what went wrong with Madden 19


Gutfoxx is joined by YaBoySavage and we go through a large amount of topics that are topical in Madden right now from the beta to how EA gave it out and their rules around it, the movement of players next year and if fun should be the top need, how well they can improve year to year, patches and if players should be responsible for adapting to the game and much more.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #168 – Gutfoxx and Texas on The Problems They Haven’t Addressed Yet For Madden 20


Foxx and Tex talk through the Madden 20 gameplay reveal from trick plays to RPO’s and our thoughts on where they could get broken at and talking about the things we want to hear that EA didn’t address. We then talk about Fan Appreciation Packs including JuJu and the solos and if the packs lived up to their reputation.

The MUT Men Podcast #164 – Ckbirds on Madden 20, NFL Draft Content and the MUT Offseason


Foxx and Tex are joined by Ckbirds to discuss a wide variety of topics from the draft content to a light MUT offseason to Madden 20 and it’s RPO’s, Face of the Franchise, Cover athlete and the Superstar Abilities. We then wrap up with NFL draft talk along with a Game of Thrones discussion.