The MUT Men Podcast 158 – Eric Rayweather on Madden 19’s gameplay, MUT content, Youtube and twitch scenes

Gut and Tex are joined by Eric Rayweather to talk about gameplay issues, the youtube game, twitch and how EA should promote the game better, the stretching out of content in MUTSeason, the house rules, ULs, MVPs, Series Update, Madden 20 leaks, gamechangers and their role forward, Apex vs. Madden and the monetization of them both and card art motivating our purchases.

The MUT Men Podcast #156 – Victionary on a diet that will kill him, Madden 19, House Rules and #mutseason


Tex and Foxx are joined by Victionary to discuss his unusual diet for March, his thoughts on Madden 19 and MUT 19 along with his favorite Madden of all time, we talk through house rules and why they aren’t very inventive, the offseason and if MUT has grown stale, the next promos and EA’s patches targeting Foxx’s content.

The MUT Men Podcast #155 – A bad Patch of Madden gives us a sour taste in our mouth


Gutfoxx and Texas are joined by Mattstergamer to go over where the game is right now and if we should cut the developers any slack when assigning blame, we talk about the combine promo and if we like the content stretched out over the week, competitive Madden, the glitched set in the combine promo, the duo squads events and if we like CPU grinds and if we’re okay with stats over 100 in Madden.

The MUT Men Podcast 154 – Madden Mobile’s dramatic downturn and what it means for MUT


Tex and Foxx have Madden Mobile Slay on the podcast to talk through his experience this past year with Madden Overdrive and why it’s fallen from graces both in the players and in content creator’s eyes. We talk about alternative currencies and their effect on Mobile, why FIFA mobile is doing so well, if MUT on console should go free to play along with events and team builders in MUT. Also, sorry for the audio issues near the end of the cast, the recordings got a little weird and off time for some reason.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #151 – MUTLeaks on the new App and just how bad it is, Super Bowl Promo and More!


Gutfoxx and Texas are joined by MUTLeaks to discuss the issues that he sees with the new app already and how he already got an account banned on it. We talk about the Super Bowl Promo and the currency and how it’s fairing so far along with them not letting us pull for limited time cards with the currency unlike the Zero Chill promo. We also talk about the bans from this weekend from the reward glitch and how leaks are coming for MUTLeaks.