The MUT Men Madden Podcast #147 – Boogey on the playoff promo and zero chill reactions!


Gutfoxx and Texas are joined by Boogeyonline to go through a variety of topics including our thoughts on zero chill and it’s highs and lows along with some of the recent community drama, football outsiders, the coming playoff promo, if Michael Vick was a good idea this early, was snow a good idea, what’s the deal with elite badges going forward, will there be a new patch soon and the ideal promo taking from those past.

The MUT Men Podcast #146 – Christmas Promo, Snow, XL Presents, Ghosts, Reroll sets, end game cards and what’s coming next?


Tex and Gutfoxx go through everything Zero chill including the presents, if our opinion on snow has changed, the gifts, recycled legends, the pros and cons of the promo, how has it been so far, how many end game cards do we have now, sets, top non-madden youtubers and much more!

The MUT Men Podcast #145 – Bengal on Presents, Zero Chill, Franchise and more!


Foxx and Tex are joined by Bengal on the podcast to talk about Zero Chill and presents along with ghosts, out of position, franchise mode and the issues with it, the glitch that happened Tuesday, Series 4 and if it was any good along with TOTW not happening for the next couple of weeks, the meta of Madden and NCAA football.

The MUT Men Podcast #143 – MikeMaacc on Zero Chill and the End of Weekly Content


Foxx and Tex are joined by Mike Maacc to discuss a wide variety of topics in the Madden world including how he likes the game this year, the end of weekly content including flashbacks, heavyweights, veterans and rising stars, what he expects for the zero chill promo, the change to TOTW, we question where motivators are and our feelings on Hall of Fame players now being limited time legends and EA not getting more of them.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #142 – Blitz recap, Motivators and the coming Christmas promo


Tex and Foxx talk through the Blitz promo likes/dislikes and everything that went down during the weekend from packs to recycled legends, solos and sets. Was it a good thing to know things early? How’s this game going to look in April with stats already at 99 on a few cards, when will the Christmas promo come? How do the football outsiders look and motivators on the horizon.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #141 – Thanksgiving Promo wrap up, TOTW updates, Blitz Promo on it’s way


Gutfoxx and Texas discuss the new patch in Madden 19 and give 3 things we liked about it and 3 things we didn’t like including squads duos, we give a rating to the Thanksgiving promo and talk about it’s pros and cons, the TOTW bundle offering good value for once, what to expect from the blitz promo in packs and solos along with if anyone actually enjoys solo battles, if sets need to be better and wrap it up with what we’re thankful for this year.

The MUT Men Podcast #140 – Scomo on the Title Updates, Running Backs, EA selling Coins, NBA2k vs. Madden


Tex and Gutfoxx are joined by Scomo to talk about Scomo’s overall impression of Madden 19 and how the EA devs can make it better including cards, packs, sets and more along with title updates, the Thanksgiving promo, Sweetness and the RB market, EA selling coins, Team of the Week Changes that are needed, do we have too few legends and why is he grinding competitive 2k over competitive Madden?

The MUT Men Madden Podcast # 139 – MillsgamingTV on Gamechangers and EA’s trouble fixing issues


Gutfoxx and Tex are joined by MillsGamingTV to talk through a variety of issues including gamechangers and the feedback they provide EA and if they don’t provide good enough feedback due to being yes-men, how Mills manages his role as a community feedback guy for multiple games, how MLB The Show compares to Madden, Series 3 changes and the ruining of the token sets, Football Outsiders not having the right training points, legend packs getting a coin option and more!