One-on-One interview with ThatDudeSly

A one on one conversation with YouTube Madden sensation ThatDudeSly. We talk about a whole range of topics. The different segments are linked below. If you are only going to watch one part, watch starting at 9:28 through the part where Sly says that YouTube saved him from having to have multiple women in his bed all of the time.

ThatDudeSly’s YouTube:
ThatDudeSly’s Twitch:
ThatDudeSly’s scammer video we mentioned:

Skip to the part you want:
0:00 – Introduction
0:22 – ThatDudeSly’s Twitch Drama
5:24 – Drama with Embrythegh0st
7:56 – Why did Sly decide to get into Youtube
8:44 – Sly is top 200 on the PS4 leaderboards
9:18 – Sly’s favorite part of Youtube
9:28 – How Youtube saved Sly
10:53 – Sly regrets having 2 or 3 girls in his bed
12:06 – Is Sly turning Youtube into a full time career?
13:25 – Why did Sly start trying to catch scammers?
14:17 – ThatDudeSly’s imposter
14:53 – Does EA care about Scammers?
17:44 – What’s Sly’s favorite Scammer reaction?
18:13 – How did Sly grow his YouTube channel so fast in the last month or so?
20:48 – Madden 16 thoughts
21:27 – How long has Sly been playing Madden?
22:39 – Cheese in Madden and being the best player possible without it
24:45 – Sly’s money play, the wheel route out of trips
26:55 – What is Sly’s biggest wish for Madden 16
28:55 – Will Sly get Joe Montana 16?
29:46 – What’s Sly’s squad look like this year?
30:43 – Sly’s observation on the best Auction house players
31:14 – Does Sly believe in the equalizer?
32:55 – Sly’s stockpile of elite badges and speculation from a month ago
34:15 – What are Sly’s thoughts on the newly released CW and ULs?
35:20 – Taylor Mays and users on Defense
36:30 – Does Sly user corners?
37:25 – Talk about that weirdo GutFoxx
38:22 – Voiceovers vs. Commentary

My thoughts on recently released players in Madden Ultimate Team 15

Video on my thoughts on recently released players in Madden Ultimate Team 15. Those players are:
Plaxico Burress Ultimate Legend 99 overall
Antonio Cromartie Ultimate Legend Boss 99 overall
Antonio Cromartie Ultimate Legend 99 overall
24 hours Movers Frank Gore 98 overall
Movers Mike Wallace 95 overall
Movers Rahim Moore 93 overall
Movers Brooks Reed 90 overall
Combine Warrior Brandin Cooks 97 overall