One-on-One interview with ThatDudeSly

A one on one conversation with YouTube Madden sensation ThatDudeSly. We talk about a whole range of topics. The different segments are linked below. If you are only going to watch one part, watch starting at 9:28 through the part where Sly says that YouTube saved him from having to have multiple women in his bed all of the time.

ThatDudeSly’s YouTube:
ThatDudeSly’s Twitch:
ThatDudeSly’s scammer video we mentioned:

Skip to the part you want:
0:00 – Introduction
0:22 – ThatDudeSly’s Twitch Drama
5:24 – Drama with Embrythegh0st
7:56 – Why did Sly decide to get into Youtube
8:44 – Sly is top 200 on the PS4 leaderboards
9:18 – Sly’s favorite part of Youtube
9:28 – How Youtube saved Sly
10:53 – Sly regrets having 2 or 3 girls in his bed
12:06 – Is Sly turning Youtube into a full time career?
13:25 – Why did Sly start trying to catch scammers?
14:17 – ThatDudeSly’s imposter
14:53 – Does EA care about Scammers?
17:44 – What’s Sly’s favorite Scammer reaction?
18:13 – How did Sly grow his YouTube channel so fast in the last month or so?
20:48 – Madden 16 thoughts
21:27 – How long has Sly been playing Madden?
22:39 – Cheese in Madden and being the best player possible without it
24:45 – Sly’s money play, the wheel route out of trips
26:55 – What is Sly’s biggest wish for Madden 16
28:55 – Will Sly get Joe Montana 16?
29:46 – What’s Sly’s squad look like this year?
30:43 – Sly’s observation on the best Auction house players
31:14 – Does Sly believe in the equalizer?
32:55 – Sly’s stockpile of elite badges and speculation from a month ago
34:15 – What are Sly’s thoughts on the newly released CW and ULs?
35:20 – Taylor Mays and users on Defense
36:30 – Does Sly user corners?
37:25 – Talk about that weirdo GutFoxx
38:22 – Voiceovers vs. Commentary

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