THE MUT MEN MADDEN PODCAST #102! MUT Draft Updates, Exploits, Combine and Q&A


Today Tex and Gutfoxx talk about MUT Drafts finally being updated, NFL Replay promo, our wishlist for 19, exploits that are exploding online in 18, the combine promo, what happened to the MUT 13 devs, MUT vs. Diamond Dynasty and have the listener Q&A at the end. Let us know your questions for next week in the comments!

MUT Men Episode 93 – Madden Podcast – ChewbaccaLemma Gets Banned for Sniping and Slump on No Money Spent


Tex and Gutfoxx are joined by the guys from the Muthead podcast, ChewbaccaLemma and Slump to discuss Chewy’s auction house ban, The communities outrage at EA, our final ratings on the Christmas promo, the upcoming playoff and TOTY promos, EA’s server issues, Tex’s Power Up Theory and the Last TOTW of the year and if the program was a black hole.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #90 – Eric Rayweather on Custom Audibles, Motivators and Competitive Madden


Gutfoxx and Texas are joined by Eric Rayweather to discuss Madden Youtube, Clickbait, The newest patch including Custom Audibles, Working with EA on content, Protests at the next Competitive Madden tourney, Microtransactions, if MUT is too expensive, Motivators, The Madden Community, People quitting, Card Art, The Christmas Promo and if Thresholds ruined Madden 18.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #87 – RBT on the EA Protests, Madden on Youtube and if Madden 18 is fun


RBT joins Texas and Gutfoxx to discuss the Youtube game and where RBT sees it headed, the Thanksgiving MUT promo, EA protests, Black Friday, the new patch and the Madden Meta with the run game and Barry Sanders, if Madden 18 is actually fun and why EA is so secretive around thresholds and pack odds.

The MUT Men Madden Podcast #85 with Rex Dickson! New Feature Coming to Madden Soon!


0:38 Will xbox one players be able to play against xbox one x players?
1:24 Penalties in squads and not on MUT h2h before recent patch
4:21 When will we get the 4th quarter of the Most Feared promo?
5:04 Are you in charge of the MUT staff?
6:49 Coaching adjustments
9:01 Blog for traits, stats and thresholds
12:54 Why aren’t there stats over 99
16:35 Removing thresholds
19:25 Which stats have thresholds
20:05 Animations at thresholds
22:50 Are zones playing too well in comparison to the launch ratings
25:55 Increasing thresholds throughout the year
29:52 Is madden playing as the best madden ever as far as gameplay
31:03 Will NCAA come back?
32:00 Moving madden launch up to July
34:49 Back to full staff after frostbite and longshot
36:38 How much of the team is working on madden 19
39:44 What is the biggest issue with gameplay
53:55 Return on investment with competitive with regards to total views
59:15 MUT teams used in tournaments
1:00:35 Does Matt Marcou report to Rex
1:01:35 Subscription model for all EA games
1:07:50 Justifying Longshot
1:10:10 Which direction is EA going with madden
1:12:30 Why wasn’t Longshot outsourced
1:14:20 Community engagement and twitch drops
1:16:40 Aggressive catch being removed
1:19:30 Changing the meta
1:23:30 Removing problem plays
1:26:30 Adaptive AI
1:34:05 Shading in zone coverage
1:40:15 New celebrations
1:42:00 Weekly title updates
1:46:10 Road map for updates
1:48:10 What is a sandwich
1:49:20 NFL license issues with things in Madden
1:51:20 Madden on PC again?
1:52:20 Thoughts on target passing

The MUT Men Podcast #83 – Problem Wright on Competitive Madden and it’s Future


Tex and Gutfoxx are joined by the GOAT Problem Wright to discuss Competitive Madden and it’s future, what can EA do better about it, if there is a skill gap in Madden, DC as a competitive mode, His disadvantage streaming before tournaments, if glitches are okay to be used by competitive players, what needs to be patched and much more