The MUT Men Madden Podcast #85 with Rex Dickson! New Feature Coming to Madden Soon!


0:38 Will xbox one players be able to play against xbox one x players?
1:24 Penalties in squads and not on MUT h2h before recent patch
4:21 When will we get the 4th quarter of the Most Feared promo?
5:04 Are you in charge of the MUT staff?
6:49 Coaching adjustments
9:01 Blog for traits, stats and thresholds
12:54 Why aren’t there stats over 99
16:35 Removing thresholds
19:25 Which stats have thresholds
20:05 Animations at thresholds
22:50 Are zones playing too well in comparison to the launch ratings
25:55 Increasing thresholds throughout the year
29:52 Is madden playing as the best madden ever as far as gameplay
31:03 Will NCAA come back?
32:00 Moving madden launch up to July
34:49 Back to full staff after frostbite and longshot
36:38 How much of the team is working on madden 19
39:44 What is the biggest issue with gameplay
53:55 Return on investment with competitive with regards to total views
59:15 MUT teams used in tournaments
1:00:35 Does Matt Marcou report to Rex
1:01:35 Subscription model for all EA games
1:07:50 Justifying Longshot
1:10:10 Which direction is EA going with madden
1:12:30 Why wasn’t Longshot outsourced
1:14:20 Community engagement and twitch drops
1:16:40 Aggressive catch being removed
1:19:30 Changing the meta
1:23:30 Removing problem plays
1:26:30 Adaptive AI
1:34:05 Shading in zone coverage
1:40:15 New celebrations
1:42:00 Weekly title updates
1:46:10 Road map for updates
1:48:10 What is a sandwich
1:49:20 NFL license issues with things in Madden
1:51:20 Madden on PC again?
1:52:20 Thoughts on target passing

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