The MUT Men Podcast #198 – A Steelers Fan & MUT Content Creator with 4.2 Million Followers on Tiktok

Today we have Matt Petitto on who’s come into huge success on tiktok and I pick his brain about that because most every content creator I know has made their start on Youtube or Twitch. We talk about the new media, huge talk about the Steelers at the start and then obviously MUT stuff like what’s wrong this year and if Refs on the field are the biggest needs.

The new squad leaves no survivors – Head to Head gameplay madden ultimate team 16

Today we show off the new squad in action. Here’s yesterday’s video for the players:

Alternative title: Where is my mind? Oh yeah, focused on Calvin’s behind as he streaks down the sideline. Maybe my opponent should have had his mind on the same topic.

Alternative title #2: Screens, Screens everywhere and no submarine to attach them to.