The new squad leaves no survivors – Head to Head gameplay madden ultimate team 16

Today we show off the new squad in action. Here’s yesterday’s video for the players:

Alternative title: Where is my mind? Oh yeah, focused on Calvin’s behind as he streaks down the sideline. Maybe my opponent should have had his mind on the same topic.

Alternative title #2: Screens, Screens everywhere and no submarine to attach them to.



Thursday is the official Silver Stud day so we can’t leave you without an overdose of it! I’ve been going hard and heavy on the studs. Watch as I take my budget ballers on a crash course against teams that may have me beat in talent, but not in heart.



Interview with the_wop and UltimateTeam – Madden Ultimate Team 16

Interview series is back! Today I interview the_wop and UltimateTeam from the MUT subreddit. We go through many subjects. Luckily I wrote most of them in the timestamps. Read below if you’d like to skip to certain sections or don’t and watch it all like a real human bean.

the_wop stream:

0:47 – Start of interview, Their Madden history
5:12 – Their spirit animals and choice of doritos
7:11 – On subject to Madden 16 and how we like it
10:29 – Aggressive catching and how to counter it
11:52 – percentage they run man vs. zone
13:00 – Flats are dead
13:22 – Rundown of each of their squads and players they did and didn’t like
17:56 – Nano blitzes and how to beat them ft. Mike Scrape 3
21:32 – Do they blitz more or sit back in coverage more?
23:13 – How to defeat quarter man-press blitz with snap motion
25:49 – Thoughts on /r/maddenultimateteam
29:09 – Does Wop have any plans for giveaways in the future?
30:28 – What do they think of Volhar
32:04 – Thoughts on the Auction House
33:13 – How Ultimate Team makes money on the market
35:33 – Bundles every day in Madden 16 and their effect on the market
39:36 – Why doesn’t EA let us buy coins directly from them?
42:28 – Favorite plays on offense
53:16 – How is Herman Moore working out for Wop?
54:10 – Shoutouts from Ultimateteam
58:59 – Shoutouts from The_Wop