MUT 16 vs 15 prices, BCA promo expectations – MUT Market #3

Today we go through the strategy on whether to sell your team for the BCA promo and if it’ll be effective with the prices on these cards already so low compared to MUT 15.

Will the market react? Yes. Will it be worth it to sell my team? Are you okay with taking a week break from MUT?

2 thoughts on “MUT 16 vs 15 prices, BCA promo expectations – MUT Market #3

  1. Great video, it’s just hard when you don’t pay for coins! You don’t know who they will come out with but I do know they will be expensive ! At this point I might save my team and sell who I need to get the one or two people I like from the BCA promo


    1. Yeah, they’ll be expensive for sure. The good ones always seem to be. But you’re right, we know some positions will go down heavily with the new player, but we’re basically playing roulette when we try to guess which ones. I think your method is a good one. Don’t disrupt your team too much because there are still games to play.


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