Embrythegh0st interview on Madden Ultimate team 15 and 16

This video is an interview with Embrythegh0st. We talk about everything from his rep issue with Xbox to how to stop plays on the field to his thoughts on Madden 15 and 16. We run through a little bit of his gameplay at 17:35 and learn how he got so good at the game at 39:33. See below if you want to skip to certain different sections.

Embrythegh0st’s youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLp4vo0-l8KrIWAxXM0c8lw
His One million coin giveaway:

Madden sections in description-
0:00 – Intro BS with just me that you’re unfortunately listening to now.
0:30 – Embry talks about his history in madden
7:39 – One million coin giveaway
9:40 – Rep issue with Embry and Xbox’s rep system
17:35 – Embry game play and how to stop face catching
18:58 – How to stop lob streaks
19:44 – Swat vs. Catch on lob streaks
20:53 – How to stop roll out QBs with duel edge heat
22:11 – How to deal with roll out QBs when the TE blocks down
22:55 – Improvised screens and regular screens with drags
24:14 – A and B gap blitzes and how to defend them
26:49 – Recent under center exploit
28:06 – Why cross drags is an amazing play
28:18 – How to stop the PA End around
30:37 – How Embry users a play on defense
33:08 – Embry’s thoughts on Madden 16’s cover athlete choice
35:04 – Embry’s thoughts on the potential new passing system in Madden 16
36:50 – Embry’s overall opinion on Madden 15
38:01 – Embry’s observation that each receiver had their own canned catching animations
39:33 – How much time in practice mode did Embry put in?
40:15 – Embry’s favorite MUT promo this year

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