Amari Cooper 91 overall review ~ Journey 2 Reward ~ MUT 16

Amari Cooper’s 91 overall card review – The Journey 2 solo’s reward

sponsor: surprise guests. The last sir prize I got ended up causing a confusing time in my life.

This dude is the journey 2 reward and should be the first major purchase for any team looking to compete. More important than a QB, HB or defensive player is a cheap, reliable and speedy WR. (foxy gut) They usually only come in 2 of those 3 categories. To find one in all three really makes a difference for your offense. If this guy was rated 95 overall I wouldn’t question it. (foxy gut)

Cost: 37k on the xbox one


Physical – 6’1 211 pounds (foxy gut)

95 speed – This is what really makes this card special. There are only 5 elite cards faster than this one. One of them is 2 million coins, 3 of the others are over 100k and the other is Tavon Austin’s 86 overall who is only good with the ball in his hands and not so great when it is coming at them. Amari Cooper is the cheapest elite WR you’ll get over 91 speed with the exception of Martavis Bryant’s 85 card with 93 speed.

91 accel – Now this is a little low and he’ll take time to get moving like I do in the morning but 91 is nothing embarrassingly slow like my reactions to an insult. (foxy gut)

96 agility – This is for moving side to side like a politician, perfect for changing direction like Shia LaBeouf’s career. This combines with the juke and spin to make him hard to take down and allows for better control with the thumb sticks.

90 jumping – We’ll get to this more when we talk about spec catch and his weakness on jump balls. (no, talk about it now, you always procrastinate, like that one time you didn’t wash your cloths so you had to wear mine) But dat silk on my skin doe. Okay we can talk about it now. Well, jump balls aren’t his greatest asset. But height doesn’t seem to play as big a factor in it this year but for some animations jumping definitely does. Relatively low jumping when compared to other elite WRs and a short stature and spec catch means you need another card like either of Martavis Bryant’s TOTW cards if you’re looking for that type of role. (oh, and why do you never roll play with me? I asked you to be the bad boy once and you pushed milk off the table and started crying) That’s what bad boys do.


95 catch – Catching happens when no one is around the player. (you’re the only player that nobodies is around) At 95 catch you won’t have any issue with drops.

96 catch in traffic – This is so money( how money is it?) It’s so money I could finally buy liquor in bottles bigger than my hand. (How money is it?) It’s so money I can finally pay off your pimp. (How money is it?) It’s so money I can buy vegetables with all the extra money. I won’t but I could.

93 spec catch – This goes with his lack of jump and height. He’s not a receiver you send into the corner of the end zone for a jump ball. But he’ll still get some animations, not all of them lion king quality like Fitz’s 94 overall.

94 route running – His route running combined with the speed will get separation like my father from this family. (what are you talking about, your father isn’t separated from this family, he just told you to leave the house, you were 38 and still living there) Corner, C-routes, posts to beat man, he can do them. Wonderful route running and speed makes him John Wayne Gacy. A man killer

90 release – Pretty good but he’ll get jammed for a little while by top tier CBs and my grandmas’ bumble berry breakfast jam toast. When I’ve played against Amari he was able to break the press on my Jonathan Joseph and DC Pat Pete and beat them deep for a TD a couple times. Both with a +5 to press with 90 man defense style. (90 style, that’s why you play video games, to escape from your lack of style)

75 awareness – He won’t turn his head early in the play. Just like I won’t turn my head up from my phone when listening to foxy gut ramble about her day. Just like I won’t take my lips off that glass of whiskey when you are telling me about yours. Gulp, gulp

Running with the ball

90 elusiveness

91 ball carrier vision

92 spin

94 juke move- Great all around, he’s no Tavon Austin but can shed a tackle from a DB nicely. He breaks tackles like foxy gut breaks hearts.

Run blocking:

60 run block

60 impact block – Not a great run blocker but will shut down and lock up DRC and other low blockshed cbs

His biggest limitation is his lack of height, jumping and spec catch ability. That just isn’t the strength of his game. But overall he’s phenomenal for a short to medium passing game and can burn some of the slower and even some of the faster DBs on streaks. (He’s very well rounded with his only weakness the jump ball.

For his price, I give this card a 9.8 out of 10)

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Thanks for watching guy

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