Antonio Brown, Todd Gurley NFL Honors and Tony Romo, Santana Moss Seasons Vets First Impressions

Ratings scale with price unless their performance justifies their outrageous price like Bo Jackson.

Strong Buy – Top Recommendation. A game changer or budget beast


Hold – Try out and see if the card works for you before deciding whether to sell


Strong Sell – Sell immediately upon pull and don’t look back.


Antonio Brown – 96 overall Wide Receiver – NFL Honors Fantasy Player of the Year

As a Steelers fan I want to like this card. As a human garbanzo bean I need to recognize value. A limited edition 96 overall with average speed and small stature will not carry you to the promised land of Branson Missouri. A player that set records for performance from Pro Football Focus is as disrespected with this card as Cam has been on the internet the last few days.

I’d love to love his route running and catch in traffic but this isn’t Madden 15, high route running is much more commonplace this year. There were 26 total WRs through the entire year in 15 that had route running above a 96. We have 19 already. If you don’t know why 96 is so special, now you do.

But he’s Antonio so if you pull, try him for a few games and decide for yourself. I’d have a different opinion if he had a higher run block or it was 96 speed instead of 94.

Recommendation: Sell

Jonathan Babineaux – 94 overall Defensive Tackle – Season Veteran

6’2 300 pound 3 tech in a 4-3. No coin value. He’s not worthless like my opinions, just none have sold on the market yet to get a proper coin value. 92 blockshed sucks like face huggers. 95 finesse move is okay. I haven’t tested it, but during my Trucking vs Elusiveness testing I accidently gave 1 RB 95 elusiveness instead of 99. The hit sticks this RB was constantly taking was throwing my results off that I had to go back and test why this guy was so bad compared to the others. He was so bad, how bad was he, he was so bad Michael Cera and Jonah Hill created a movie about it. When I saw the 95 I was like okay….why was the difference between 95 and 99 so dramatic though? I now feel like every point between 95 and 99 is worth its weight in gold.

So having a 95 finesse move looks pretty good. But I think if you want a 3 tech that can rush the passer get a 3-4 DE and move them there. No price on this card so I can’t compare but I bet he ends up in the 150k range. I suggest getting TOTW JJ Watt and his 99 powermove priced at 155k on the Xbox One and use him. He’s a beast there, especially with his 96 blockshed.

Recommendation: Strong Sell

Tony Romo – 94 Overall Quarterback – Season Veteran

His injury stat is a little high at 90. It should be the same number as the number of people who are actually in jury’s, 12.

But injury doesn’t matter much in MUT. Especially since you can cheat it at the QB position by not having a backup. His 96 throw power is essential to any QB now. I’m a fan of his accuracy stats across the board. 95 short and long are nice but he’s no Miss Cleo the Medium with his 93 accuracy there.

Don’t expect to scramble much with his low speed and throw on the run. 89 play action is meh too.

Recommendation: Hold to see prices. Stats aren’t out of this world but solid overall. Will be good only if priced right.

Jason Peters – 95 Overall Left Tackle – Season Veteran

Another release another solid left tackle. Oh how are we surprised? Did EA make Tetris? Because we need a straight piece here like we need right tackles but EA only gives us left tackels and zig zaggers. And before you know it we have a full screen and no long straight lines to clear.

But onto the card. Holy stats batman this card is crazy! Compares very favorably to all left tackles out there. Highest run block at LT in the game and a 98 pass block means you shouldn’t be feeling heat like a bad bank robber. 89 awareness is pretty damn good. I don’t have anything bad to say about this card. He’s tied with Munoz as my number 1 left tackle in the game.

Recommendation: Strong buy

Santana Moss – 95 Overall WR – Season Veteran

Are you kidding me?!? This card is crazy. MUCH better than the Antonio Brown card we received with the honors program today. 97 speed with 96 route running, 97 agility and 98 spec catch?!? Elite, Elite, Elite. 99 elusiveness?!? Drags and screens. 99 spin move, 98 juke. Unbelievable. 63 run block?!? Okay, did Santana create this card?

The negatives to this card are 90 catch in traffic and 87 release. Also, He probably doesn’t have the hidden traits that someone like Antonio Brown has. So that could hinder this card potentially but that’s speculation. It’s all outdone by speed. Speed is the most OP stat in the game and Moss has the top number at the moment.

Against zone, any route will work with 96 route running and 97 speed, from slants to streaks. He’ll get separation like a pirate and their leg. Against a cover 2 man with help over the top, you’ve got drags and man beaters for days. Santana has seen things you people wouldn’t believe.  Attack safeties on fire off the shoulder of Orion. Watched C-routes glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those defenses will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

Recommendation: Strongest buy possible

Todd Gurley – 95 Overall HB – NFL Honors Rookie of the Year Offense

Solid card. 95 Speed and 97 trucking. Overall a bit disappointing though. It’s like when you’ve been waiting for something for so long and finally get it, you’re let down a little because it isn’t as good as you thought it would be. Last time that happened to me was with my waifu.

Gurley’s cards this year have always outperformed their overall rating. This is due in large part to their low awareness rating. Unfortunately this one’s awareness was bumped significantly (16 points) from his 88 football outsiders card.

And being a limited edition 24 hour card means he has to be something special to live up to his price. And while this card is very good, I don’t think you’ll have the same wow factor that you had with the lower priced cards because his performance to price ratio isn’t anywhere near what you saw from him in the past.

I’ve seen a lot of people compare this card to Doug Martin’s 94 TOTY card. While it’s easy to see all the categories in Doug’s favor, the important stats still make Gurley much better. +8 in truck and +1 in elusiveness and speed are card defining. Martin has the advantages in stuff that doesn’t matter like jumping, stamina, injury, awareness, catching and run blocking stats. While there are some key differences, let’s not pretend like Doug’s a better card. You can definitely make the case based on price difference but +8 in truck is so significant that these two aren’t in the same category.

But compare Gurley to Emmitt Smith or Terrell Davis’ 98 overall card. Gurley is only 1 less in almost every important category and even a few cats are better than Davis. Although no cat is better than my pus…let’s move on.

On the other hand, sorry for rambling with the comparisons so long but there are so many good RBs out there. Compare him to Walter P and you’ll see very similar cards. Walter P goes for 150k. With so many good RBs, an expensive one that isn’t Bo with his 97 speed becomes really hard to recommend.

Recommendation: Sell. But see what he settles for by the end of the day once most of them are pulled. He could be a good pickup at the right price but I would only get him if you like the player in real life.

Eric Weddle – 96 overall Free Safety – Seasons Veteran

I really love the play rec, pursuit and zone coverage combo. The 90 speed turns me off like short sleeves on a woman. I’m sorry, there’s such a thing as too much skin. Unless she’s 280. She ain’t a lady…

Unfortunately, 90 speed scares me like mice. Just yesterday a motioned out Bo Jackson on a streak up the seams beat a Ty Law on press and a 94 speed Sean Taylor deep in cover 2 for a touchdown. I can’t accept a 90 speed Free Safety for who I expect to be able to cover sideline to sideline in a 1 deep or 3 deep zone. He’s my centerfielder. I need Andrew McCutchen not David Ortiz out there.

It’s just frustrating how much speed matters in this game where in the real NFL players would know to expect the deep ball out of someone with 97 speed running straight ahead.

Recommendation: Sell

That’s all of the players released today. Let me know if you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your metaphors make me wince, like I caught my foreskin in my zipper. Seriously, relax with the efforts to be clever. Analytics are good though, thanks.


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