Randall Cunningham 96 Overall Player review


96 overall Ultimate Freeze Randall Cunningham review

Sponsor: The pig that escaped my farm the other day. No matter how hard I tried to capture it it always got away. What a cunning ham.

Overall I liked using Cunningham. He’s a solid mobile QB. Lets dive a little deeper in the stats here.

QB stats –

THROW POWER: 96 – He throws as well as I beat my mea…ki…beat my drum. But really, 96 is pretty good but 95 seems to be the minimum for what you want from a QB nowadays. But I would say with the exception of 1 occasion where I thought TOTW Stafford could make the throw he couldn’t, his throw power was good enough.

Throw Release – It seemed he had a pretty quick release from my feel of it. I didn’t test him in my QB throw release testing I did earlier this year but he definitely seemed to get the ball out of his hand faster than TOTW Stafford does.

THROW ACCURACY SHORT: 92 – Oftentimes I’ve seen this screw me on drags and flat routes where the receiver stumbles like it’s mardi gras because Cunningham can’t hit him in stride.

THROW ACCURACY MED: 88 – This low accuracy will have you cursing him at times. Say you make a perfect read but Cunningham misses the throw. To have the card let you down is never a good feeling. It’s the reason why Madden can be so frustrating at times. The RNG of whether something falls into your favor. An 88 mid throw accuracy is why this card is 300k and not 1 million. If this was 94 he’d be 1 million coins.  Unfortunately with short and deep accuracy being low you can manage around it by molding your playstyle. You can’t get around this rating like 4 people talking together and walking slowly on a sidewalk.

THROW ACCURACY DEEP: 94 – This is the Randy Moss rating. Cunningham’s career was in the toilet before the 98 season. When the Vikes drafted Moss, Cunningham was coming off 3 straight seasons of passer ratings under 75. His first year with Moss, 106 and leading the league.

THROW ON RUN: 96 – Ooh baby. As negative as I was with the mid-throw accuracy this stat gives me some moments where I’m like, I should not have been accurate with that pass. He’s in a full sprint and hits Hines Ward who toe taps to stay in bounds with a defender in man coverage dragging on him. Cunningham butters the bread outside of the pocket.

PLAY ACTION: 84 – He’s not Arnold Swartzenager, He won’t freeze the opponents in place. Don’t expect much here.


SPEED: 90 –Very solid scrambling speed. Will escape the pocket nicely for you if that’s your game. Like money escapes my pocket looking at new bundles in MUT.

ACCELERATION: 88 – I do not like this at all. I prefer my QBs to have higher acceleration because they rarely have time to hit their top speed and getting the runs that they do require more of the short burst than the long run.

STRENGTH: 69 – irrelevant like the criticism against Bill Cosby

AGILITY: 93 – He cuts well like my emotions are when people ask about my shoes


CARRYING: 72 – This hurts more than “what are those” You can’t trust him taking a hit like you can’t trust Tony Parker around your wife.


ELUSIVENESS: 90 – I hope these stats never have to play into account. Because as I just mentioned his carrying will dole out fumbles like I give lice to my coworkers.



JUKE MOVE: 93 – At least are solid for when you are in the open field and need to beat one guy for the first down. Personally I still slide because a well timed hit stick can defeat a juke and spin.

He isn’t Rick Astley, he will let you down at times. But a solid running QB for those that like that playstyle. He’ll pick up first downs for you efficiently but he’ll miss throws from time to time.

He wasn’t perfect for my playstyle. For 300k he should really be amazing when TOTW Stafford is half that.

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