Investments – On Madden Number 4

I said I wasn’t investing in anything this past Market Monday. I was called foolish to avoid motivators as last year they went up after packs went away. Well as we’ve seen with investing in this and last year’s MUT, if people call something an investment, EA steps in and rectifies it.

Now, an unrelated subject.

Since day one I and many others have said that power ups are a bad idea. This exchange with Cuadz on the MUT sub hits the point:


But people are addicted to the high overalls and red chems that come along with locking in a card to your roster permanently. You lose a tremendous amount of coins and respect from others doing power ups but the draw is still there. Much like smoking.

Back to point, motivator cards were released last Friday.

EA initially announced they’re not going to allow people to do power ups on the motivator cards since the packs won’t be available all year. Aka the packs are “limited” to a short time frame of availability. Seems like EA is trying to save us from ourselves and their misguided sets. Not allowing MUTers the opportunity to waste a million coins plus powering up Von Miller among others was on one hand kind to the community, on the other cruel. People make irrational decisions with their favorite players, emotions get the best of us. So even though I had no dog in the fight, I had no power ups that could have gone higher with motivators, I seized the opening along with many others to criticize EA for creating a reason to exclude motivators from the power up promo. They made a similar and in the end successful attempt to exclude Black Friday cards from power up sets with them being “numbered” and their sets being only available for a limited time.

I fought on behalf of the emotional and irrational. This is a game after all and bad decisions by the community are a part of this game. Not everything has to be min-maxed and their crappy power up promo is a decision tree they need to allow people to continue to climb.

On the other side, more coin oriented people saw “limited” and their eyes lit up with dreams of yesteryear where once the packs disappeared, the motivator cards went up in price, allowing for an easy profit.

So on Wednesday, December 13th in The Year of Our Lord 2017, a post was made by Kraelo on Muthead about a set being added to the game to allow us to get motivator cards outside of packs.

This post, telling us that we’ll have another, permanent way of getting motivators relieved the tension around the power up promo and allowed them to now longer be “limited.”

It reminded me of a lesson we learned on Scrubs, good news for one person can mean bad news for another.

The fandom for power ups rejoiced with this new info and investors lost their pants. Darkened by the black on white Helvetica font of Muthead and Kraelo’s commitment to a lasting motivator set. Alas we hear another chapter in the continuing sob story for Vinnie the Mini Venture Capitalist in MUT. The lesson once again becomes don’t buy based on last year and don’t play Three-card Monte with EA. They’ve always got the queen up their sleeve and you’re betting on the wrong card.

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