Christmas Promo Eve – On Madden Number 5

While not as storied as traditional Christmas Eve, Christmas Promo Eve should have MUT players almost as excited as the real thing. But are we?

I hope we get card teasers tonight to hype us a bit for the content coming tomorrow.

Here’s the blog EA put out this morning.

Now I’m not going to put out a blog breaking down the blog but as I see it at this moment, without concrete overalls and the actual card teasers, there’s not a whole lot of hype in the community.

And the lack of coming content hype is an ongoing issue for EA in 18. They put out these legends of the game and expect us to write our stories around them. Do you see the way FIFA and NBA2K do pack openings? EA gives us a card and has us generate the hype for them, they can’t even take the time or effort to change the color on the explosion or do highlights of the player like Madden Mobile.

And to be fair to EA we do a decent job at hyping ourselves up from youtubers to tweets with exclamation points talking about playing with our favorite players. EA seems overly reliant on the NFL and our connection to it to sell their game. EA without the NFL’s history would have them unable to rely on a fairly shallow game mode to fund all their pet projects like NBA live.

Anyways, if we don’t get more hype tonight I suggest buying your team tomorrow at 11 a.m. Eastern since based on the blog it does look like we’re getting a lot of content, just not marketed very well.

Short blog today but 2 videos and a stream tonight along with a stream tomorrow with the promo. Hope to see you guys in there.

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