Interview with the_wop and UltimateTeam – Madden Ultimate Team 16

Interview series is back! Today I interview the_wop and UltimateTeam from the MUT subreddit. We go through many subjects. Luckily I wrote most of them in the timestamps. Read below if you’d like to skip to certain sections or don’t and watch it all like a real human bean.

the_wop stream:

0:47 – Start of interview, Their Madden history
5:12 – Their spirit animals and choice of doritos
7:11 – On subject to Madden 16 and how we like it
10:29 – Aggressive catching and how to counter it
11:52 – percentage they run man vs. zone
13:00 – Flats are dead
13:22 – Rundown of each of their squads and players they did and didn’t like
17:56 – Nano blitzes and how to beat them ft. Mike Scrape 3
21:32 – Do they blitz more or sit back in coverage more?
23:13 – How to defeat quarter man-press blitz with snap motion
25:49 – Thoughts on /r/maddenultimateteam
29:09 – Does Wop have any plans for giveaways in the future?
30:28 – What do they think of Volhar
32:04 – Thoughts on the Auction House
33:13 – How Ultimate Team makes money on the market
35:33 – Bundles every day in Madden 16 and their effect on the market
39:36 – Why doesn’t EA let us buy coins directly from them?
42:28 – Favorite plays on offense
53:16 – How is Herman Moore working out for Wop?
54:10 – Shoutouts from Ultimateteam
58:59 – Shoutouts from The_Wop

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