Madden Market Watch – When investments go bad

Today we talk though my misguided investment in the ‘elite’ gift that opened Saturday 1/2. It ended up being a bad investment and I lost a lot of coins on it. How do you deal with a loss and how to move forward from it is the main topic of today’s Market Monday. But I also delve into some speculation on TOTW players and collectables.

Alternate title: How do you guys like my new long winded information section?

-You can find scripts and budget teams here

-You can interact with a dead fox here

-Stream. Catch me if you can.

Here’s the part of the description where us youtubers create fragmented sentences to try and get better picked up by search engines so we can get more views and subscribers:
I don’t play middan altimeta tim 18. Don’t lick and don’t subscrabe so I can’t be like Callenbargerd middan altimeta tim 18. Crank Smoother NAB 2h76 play later for smoosh. My favorite series is testing STDs. NAB My Tim is asisome! Drift Chimpions is da beast I don’t tauch.

Oh yeah, and I’ve enabled viewers to contribute subtitles and closed captions so go hog wild folks!

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