97 Overall Anthony Munoz – Player Review MUT 16

Red arrow on him. He should be easy to spot this whole time as he has the red star under him. He’s wearing number 78.

sponsor: reviewing o-linemen. I know not many people search google for o-line reviews or necessarily want them, but fat dudes need loving too. We can’t ignore the big uglys like society does.

Considered one of the greatest offensive linemen in league history, Anthony Munoz played college football at USC and was drafted 3rd overall by the Cincinnati Bengals. Playing in two super bowls for the Bengals he lost both of them narrowly to the mighty niners.

He played in the league for 13 seasons, 11 of them as a pro-bowler, 9 AP First team all-pros, 3 offensive linemen of the year and many other various awards like being on the NFL’s 75th anniversary all-time team.




AGILITY 68 -On the lower end for the high end tackles. Fortunately tackles don’t need mobility as much as guards do for screens and pulls.

STRENGTH 97 -As good as you are going to see. Unfortunately mine and others testing found strength to be inconclusive like my last psych eval when testing whether it helped blocking.

JUMPING 33 – This is hilarious. This must be a misprint but a tackle don’t jump so what do I care. I guess just for the soul of the card. But 33 means he shouldn’t be your first call when your car breaks down because he can’t jump for shit.

STAMINA 90 – Good enough. I don’t run hurry up so my o-linemen don’t get fatigued. But 90 is really good. In fact he’ll be out on the field longer than my arm will shovel cheetos into my mouth

AWARENESS 90 – Upper echelon. Linemen are judged mightily on these next few stats. 90 awareness is great. He should be able to find blockers like Brady finds Gronk.

IMPACT 92 – Tackles won’t be in the open field much but when he is hunting down linebackers you can be assured he’ll put a hurting on them.

PASS BLOCK 99 – What else can be said. Perfect I guess. That could be said.

RUN BLOCK 95 – I have this boosted with my ground pound style and I suggest you do too. Having a solid run blocking o-line is very important. And with the plus 5 to run block because my style is over 90, Munoz then goes up to a 100 run block. Just outstanding, he Runs Blocks better than Jay-Z.

Going for about 250k on the xbox one.

Comparables – 96 overall Willie Roaf is a better pass blocker, they both have 99 pass block but munoz has -3 speed, -1acceleration and -7 agility. Although his 90 awareness is 2 more than Willie’s.

94 overall Orlando Pace is similar to Roaf when comparing, He’s got better mobility than Munoz but his pass block, run block and awareness is worse.

And another with 93 Jared Veldheer, Munoz is worse in the mobility department but significantly better in the main o-linemen stats of awareness, run block, pass block and impact block.

93 overall Walter Jones is a poor mans Munoz. They have similar stats across the board it’s just that Jones’ are a little worse in just about everything.

He is the best offensive linemen in the game right now and due to being a set legend he isn’t too pricey. If you have the coins to spend big on your o-line, make this guy your first priority. Locking down the left side is the most important spot on the offensive line.

But he’s still pricey which hurts his overall grade a little. I give this card a 9.4 out of 10.

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