Robert Griffin III 4th of July Madden 15 Player Review

4th of July Robert Griffin III review

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RG3 has shown to be an average, injury prone QB in the NFL. His play over the last two years has been frustrating for fans of the Redskins and the NFL as a whole. His parents are in the military so he received this patriotic 4th of July card.

I’m not a fan of the developers for making mobile QBs so overpowered in this game. I just want a realistic NFL where standing in the pocket is more effective than running around like a wild horse behind the line of scrimmage.

So, I am going to take this anger out on RG3’s MUT card. I’m sorry Robert, you should turn this off right now.

On to RG3’s history, he was born in who cares Japan. Went to college at Baylor and left the city with plenty of unsolved murders when he was drafted 2nd overall in the 2012 NFL draft.

RG3’s outdated views on race mixing made him the perfect choice for the Redskins, the last team to integrate in the NFL and the reigning racist team name champion of the world.

Did you know the Redskins were the first NFL team to have a fight song and a marching band? The song was written somewhere between 1937 and 1938, it was originally titled Hail to the White-master-skins and their band’s name was the Hail Hitler’s, but after the German’s lost the Second World War, the Redskins owner at the time, George Preston Marshall, was quoted as saying, “Darn, I thought we had that one” So they changed the song’s name to “Hail to the Redskins” because it matched their team name and hailing RedSkins is much better than trailing them. The path they leave is laden with tears.

RG3 is so boring, you fall asleep anytime someone says his full name. The people who were paying attention at the beginning of this video are now just waking up.

But In short, RG3 will never be the man his mother is.

In game Stats

97 Speed

100 acceleration

96 agility

Easily upper tier elite running stats here. He can escape the pocket faster than he can beat homeless people for fun

88 awareness – I’d have put it at 50. I’ve heard you can explain things to RG3, but you can’t make him understand them. His brain’s as dry as bread left on the counter for a week.

91 elusiveness – He’s like the lion in Milwaukee, quite elusive. But eventually, he’ll get hit.

94 ball carrier vision

93 juke move

96 spin move – He was an egg once and he spins like it. Pretty good here.

82 carrying – Like a toad, ugly and venomous. He’ll drop the ball if hit sticked like the police dropped the ball on that rape investigation

100 throw power – There isn’t anything more that you want from a card. Except to be based on real life accomplishments.

97 throw short – Very good. Will rarely miss short like he misses games in real life

94 throw medium – I don’t love it like he loves Lolita for the imagery

93 throw deep – This throw deep accuracy had me throwing pics at the rate RG3 takes upskirt pictures of children in public

98 throw on the run which is about as useful shoes on monkeys. As I said before I’m not a huge believer in throw on the run. Try and set your feet before throwing.

93 play action – This noted scientologist sympathizer isn’t fooling anyone with the throw on the run or his peudo-chrisitian schtick.

I don’t like this card. It’s undeserved for the player that got it. But for the card, it’s an effective roll out QB, he’s as cheesy as they come. His strength isn’t in the pocket, it’s outside of it.

strength’s, weaknesses

His comparables

But being serious, RG3 still has an opportunity to be a quality QB in the NFL, and I really hope he does. He’s a good person and he could be an exciting player for years to come and we all pray that he avoids injuries going forward. I hope next year when I do his review I can say that his 99 overall card was fully earned. We will see

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