Tilt and emotion in Madden and run and shoot playbook

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Going on tilt in Madden 15

-What is tilting – When you let your emotions get the better of you and you adapt a less than optimal game strategy going forward. Whether it be hail mary’s or heavy blitz’ that your opponent can take advantage of

-When you start taking unnecessary risks, you are on tilt. Your offense isn’t nearly as good.

-after TDs, I find myself throwing deep to get it back quickly, don’t do this. Opponents expect it.

-If you score BS touchdown, expect your opponent to go deep quickly.

-Another tip, after a turnover, I like to go deep or for the end zone to try and put my opponent on tilt

Tilt is especially bad if I play a guy running a glitch and they end up winning.

-That’s my trigger.

Recognize your tilt trigger.

-Often if you come into the game with stress already, then one unlucky play, and it will happen, will send you into tilt

-recognize these will happen

-Don’t get angry at fumbles. They happen, they are random, it’s like a bad beat in poker. There’s nothing you can do except move onto the next hand.

-trash talkers

-If you lose a bad game. Stop playing for a little bit, maybe 15, 30 minutes. Go do something else if you are getting emotionally involved.

-If you do plan on playing again right away, think of every game as separate. So what happened last game never happened. Your past results have no bearing on your future results

-If you end up losing a few and get demoted, think about what happened and what you could do better in the future. Maybe go to practice mode against the play that’s beating you.

-If you are on tilt, never send a nasty message to your opponent. The best you are going to get is no response. Most likely though, whatever they respond with will only enrage you further.

I’ve noticed in myself as the more I play and have a gameplan, the less I go on tilt. But then again, the better you are, the more you win and the less tilt comes into play. So that’s a bad tip, like, get a haircut from your kid. He knows how to use scissors

What do you find as your tilt trigger in Madden? What sets you over the edge?

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